Salesforce @ IU

Supporting staff productivity and constituent engagement by delivering technology solutions that foster communication and collaboration.

Our goals

Improve Salesforce adoption and customer success

Facilitate collaboration by sharing information so teams can help and support each other

Make it easier for staff to manage relationships and interactions to provide great service 

Make information that's needed to make data driven decisions easily accessible

Facilitate awesome experiences

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a set of cloud based applications that allow us to connect with people in new ways using email, social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Salesforce is a CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) platform that can provide a unified view of prospective students, parents, enrolled students, faculty, staff, and any individual who may interact with or have a realtionship with Indiana University.

Salesforce enables us to enhance the experience of everyone we engage with and manage our relationships with them in more meaningful and positive ways.

What is a platform?

Salesforce differs from traditional systems used by Indiana University, it isn't a single system that attempts to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of functionality,  instead it provides a foundational core that allows the flexibility to implement additional applications and customized designs as needed to provide best in class capabilities for our users.

Why use Salesforce?

You should use Salesforce if you want to:

  • Significantly improve the experiences people have with Indiana University
  • Build better relationships with your constituents
  • Automate and optimize business processes and workflows
  • Easily identify your best prospects
  • Target communication to meet each constituent’s needs
  • Have better visibility of your pipeline
  • See what prospects are doing in real time
  • Gain improved insight into your team’s daily activities
  • Make it easier for team members to manage constituent relationships