Security First

Training to help you keep systems and services secure

Security First provides training opportunities and resources to support IT Pros who maintain multiple departmental or campus systems at IU.

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Use of Administrative Accounts
Topic: Access & Authentication

Learn the policies and best practices for securely managing use of administrative accounts

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Security First is aimed at supporting IT Pros at IU as they implement security requirements and best practices.

Going forward, the site will feature frequent updates with new video tutorials, resources, and information related to IT security at IU.

Partnering offices and groups

Security First works hand-in-hand with other IU security groups and services. Together we've provided a comprehensive listing of practices and resources that comply with critical governing policies and standards.

Partners include:

  • University Information Security Office (UISO)
  • University Information Policy Office (UIPO)
  • University Information Technology Services (UITS)
  • IT Community Partnerships
  • IU Knowledge Base
  • UITS IT Training
  • IU Office of the Treasurer

Security First for everyone

Most practices on this site apply to IT Pros who own or maintain IU systems.

Not you? See general security guidelines on the Knowledge Base, or review policies and ways to protect your data in our security & policies guide.

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