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Research software and solutions

At UITS Research Technologies, we provide numerous digital data collections and online services for researchers, consult on data services, and . We also distribute open- source applications to enable scientific research at IU and throughout the U.S.

Help with research technology

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Consulting for high-performance file systems

Support for data management, data transfer, ePHI data storage, and best storage practices using the DC-WAN, Slate, and Slate Project file systems

Consulting for research data management

Research data and metadata management tools, workflows, best practices, and consulting on RT, IU, and cloud storage resources

Consulting for storage on Geode and SDA

Support for data management, data transfer, ePHI data storage, and best practices for storage in Geode and the SDA

Consulting for statistical and numerical software

Provides help for using statistical or mathematical applications at IU

Programming support

Help with migrating, optimizing, and parallelizing advanced scientific code

Consulting for ePHI and HIPAA

Consulting and software development for the implementation of research workflows that use ePHI

Consulting for scalable compute archives

Architecture frameworks to integrate applications and pipelines with user interfaces and IU cyberinfrastructure


REDCap extension for transforming and moving data to external systems and formats

Consulting for genomics and bioinformatics software

Support for the bioinformatics and genome analysis software available on IU's research computing systems

Consulting for GIS and remote sensing software and cloud services

Support for geospatial research, instruction, and administration at IU, including curation of Indiana GIS datasets

Request software on IUanyWare

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List of software on IUanyWare

Software accessible through IUanyWare

List of software on IU's supercomputers

High performance computing software available on IU's supercomputers

Software for research analytics

Obtain statistical, mathematical, or geospatial software packages

Request high performance computing software

Request software on any of IU's supercomputers for any field of science

Software via the National Center for Genome Analysis Support

Genomics and bioinformatic software