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About IU Sitehosting

IU Sitehosting, the replacement for Webserve, is a web hosting service that allows the IU community to publish content for purposes related to the university's mission of education, research, and public service.

Webserve is scheduled for retirement and is being replaced by IU Sitehosting. All sites hosted on Webserve must be migrated to IU Sitehosting by December 23, 2019 or content may become inaccessible.

Important dates

  • November 12, 2019, 1-5pm: A Webserve to IU Sitehosting online support session will be held at iu.zoom.us/s/842985658
  • December 23, 2019: The use of PHP installed on Webserve will end. As a result, web requests to use PHP on Webserve will result in an internal server error.
  • March 20, 2020: All web serving from Webserve will end. Account owners that still have accounts on Webserve will be able to log on to their account until April 3, 2020.

Key topics

Data management at IU

As with Webserve, IU Sitehosting is cleared for the storage and processing of restricted data or lower. Account owners who wish to process data with higher classifications should work with data stewards and Sitehost administrators (via Web Services Support) to obtain authorization.

From the Knowledge Base


  • sct2@iu.edu
  • 812-856-SCT2 (7282) option 4 or
  • 317-278-SCT2 (7282) option 4