IT Tactical Plan

Mapping action items for IT @ IU

For more than 20 years, the people of University Information Technology Services have strived to provide high quality, cost-effective, and evolving IT services to meet the needs of a dynamic, multi-campus university. This work continues in close partnership with many IT professionals, faculty, and administrative partners across IU. This 2020 IT Tactical Plan provides an evolving roster of goals and action items to evolve IT services through 2021.

The work for this plan commenced within days of starting IU’s third century.  Within weeks, the university, state, nation, and world were thrust into a global pandemic that has changed our lives at an unprecedented pace. Even through all of this, Indiana University pressed ahead with remarkable resiliency and with greater reliance on its substantial IT capabilities than ever before.

It is in this context that this IT Tactical plan was also completed. It provides a roadmap of our many efforts to yet again proactively reshape IT services for one of the nation’s leading research universities and for our students, faculty, and staff across the state and world.