Create custom portfolios for displaying, sharing, and discussing accomplishments and strategies in learning.

Availability: Currently, Taskstream is licensed at IUPUI, the IU regional campuses, and the IU Bloomington School of Education.

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What is Taskstream?

Taskstream is a cloud-based, electronic portfolio platform that helps users assess learning outcomes and promotes better developmental learning. The platform offers two distinct portfolio types:

  • Web folio: a website about a person, group, or organization that typically highlights accomplishments
  • Directed Response Folio (DRF): a customizable framework within a course or academic program designed to help collect, organize, and assess student submissions and learning outcomes

Integration with Canvas and Oncourse

Taskstream can be added to the navigation menu of any Canvas or Oncourse course, facilitating seamless, single sign-on.

Getting help with Taskstream

Faculty and staff

  • Business hours: Contact your campus teaching and learning center
  • After hours: Contact the UITS Support Center or Taskstream
  • Students

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