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Immersive Showcase Classroom

An active learning space that encourages students to use mobile devices in conjunction with team-based learning activities to solve challenging problems and engage in hands-on collaboration

Location: University Hall, AD1000 (IUPUI)

In the news

IUPUI launches high-tech Immersive Showcase Classroom
A new, technology-rich Immersive Showcase Classroom unveiled at IUPUI is helping faculty create an innovative educational experience for students. Learn more >>

A new alternative

IUPUI's Immersive Showcase Classroom is in a class all its own. This alternative to the traditional learning space supports many types of collaborative instruction, including team-based and problem-based learning.

Key features

Interactive touch video wall

This 2x4 video wall uses Mersive Solstice software to foster collaboration, decision making, and content sharing via any mobile device.


  • Students can instantly connect to, share, and control the display
  • Instructors can interact with and share content
  • Simultaneous image annotation and sharing
  • Secondary 70” interactive panel for instructor or breakout use

Student collaboration areas

These areas encourage group brainstorming with strategically placed glass whiteboards. After students collaborate, they can take pictures with their mobile devices and share them wirelessly on the video wall.

Request assignment to the Collaborative Learning Studio

Classes that meet combinations of the following criteria will receive priority:

  • Clear plans for implementing collaborative, active learning approaches as central components of the course
  • Agreement to attend a course development workshop and/or work with a Center for Teaching and Learning consultant
  • Agreement to participate in research about the effectiveness of these spaces for enhancing active learning and student success

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