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Box is a no-cost cloud storage and collaboration environment available to students, faculty, and staff.

Box is not acceptable for any institutional data classified as "critical."
Please review the approved data types and Enterprise Box acceptable use responsibilities for more information.

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When you log into Box, you’ll be prompted to test drive the all new Box user interface.

Don't see the prompt?
Visit instead.

New features
The new Box experience features:

  • a cleaner look
  • faster uploads
  • keywordless search
  • copy-paste of files and folders
  • the ability to reset your home page to display just your favorite files and folders

On the horizon
Until the end of the spring semester, users will have the opportunity to try out the new Box look, switching back and forth when they choose. Once you’ve taken it for a spin, we have a feeling you’ll never want to go back.

For more information, see the Knowledge Base article About the new Box user interface.

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Following is a list of enterprise Box help available at IU.

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