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Box cloud storage retirement coming spring 2021. Migration of IU's Box data began in June 2020. 

Note: Box migrations began June 1. All Box data that has not been migrated will convert to read-only in March 2021. For more information about other cloud storage options, visit

Box is not acceptable for any institutional data classified as "critical."

Please review the approved data types and Enterprise Box acceptable use responsibilities for more information.

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Box cloud storage will be retired at Indiana University in spring 2021. Migration of IU's Box data began in June 2020. For details about cloud storage options at IU, see Storage @ IU.

After your files are migrated from Box, the Box versions become read-only. Migrations will be finished by March 2021, and access to Box will be terminated in May 2021.

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For instructions for common tasks in Box, see Box Community, including the following resources for specific topics.

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