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In addition to supporting the multifaceted technology environment at Indiana University, UITS is always seeking out and implementing the latest technology, applications, and solutions for IU faculty, staff, researchers, and students.

Innovation in everything

IU’s vision for excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and lifelong learning is a driving force behind our commitment to innovation. At UITS, we recognize that technology is constantly evolving and advancing, and it’s critical for us to keep pace, analyzing and adopting new resources and tools that will benefit all of our constituents.

Innovative Teaching & Learning

As the needs of IU students evolve, UITS is always working with IU faculty and staff to facilitate new approaches to teaching and learning.

The Mosaic Initiative at IU supports innovative classroom design, research, and active learning in all IU classrooms. Through interactive tours, faculty workshops, classroom observations and in-classroom consultations, the program encourages engagement and conversation about how learning spaces and technology impact teaching.

The rising cost of textbooks drove IU and UITS to develop a digital content solution that offered more affordable, accessible learning materials. Through direct partnerships with a growing number of publishers, IU eTexts has become a cost-effective alternative to traditional print textbooks.

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Microsoft Office 365

UITS is implementing the full Microsoft Office 365 suite of productivity applications for IU faculty, staff, and students, empowering people at each IU campus to connect and collaborate. With more than 20 innovative applications for creating, storing, and sharing documents, building presentations, managing projects, and meeting, Office 365 will allow you to work anywhere at any time.

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