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Technology for Teaching

At IU, technology empowers instructors and staff to teach, collaborate, and connect. Whether you're teaching face-to-face, across long distances, or for blended modalities, IU has the technology you need to do your best work.
Detail of technology at presenter’s lectern in a classroom of students.

Technology and support for any course

As you plan or adapt your learning objectives and classroom activities, UITS has a wide variety of technology and services to support you. You can find the full list at Teaching.IU. These tools can help you plan and deliver interactive course content, manage assignments and feedback, assess learning, and access your most critical apps from any device or location. Technology for teaching ensures that meaningful instruction and collaboration can happen no matter where you are located.

Faculty also have access to expert consulting on technology for teaching through their campus teaching and learning center. Available on every IU campus, the centers offer personalized support as you plan or adapt your curriculum to meet the changing needs of our community.

Help with teaching technologies

If you need teaching or pedagogical help, please contact your campus Teaching Center.

Technical support

If you need technical help, please contact your local IT Professional (IT Pro) or your campus Support Center. Phone, email, and chat support is available 24/7.

  • Learning spaces

    Discover a wide array of purpose-built active learning classrooms for classes of any size or subject.

  • IUanyWare

    Run IU-licensed software from any personal device, no matter where you are.

  • Instruction and assessment tools

    Facilitate and assess learning using tools like Canvas, Zoom, and more.

  • Collaboration tools

    Whether you’re teaching in the classroom or online, UITS has collaboration tools to help.

  • IU eTexts

    Choose affordable, accessible content for your courses with this powerful instructional tool.

  • Keep teaching

    Find resources for taking your teaching online in the event of unexpected circumstances or prolonged campus or building closures.

  • Teaching.IU

    Discover technologies for teaching and learning, communities of educators and other resources available to all instructors.

Find the help you need

Get support for technology you use in teaching