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Whether you need computing resources, a new account, access to a system, training, tools, or other technical assistance, UITS can help. Explore our wide range of services to find what you need.

  • Accessibility

    Find out more about accessibility and assistive technology services.
  • Accounts & email

    Get access to basic computing, email accounts, research system accounts, and specialized system accounts.
  • Wi-Fi & networks

    Stay connected with high-speed wireless internet, wired connections, VPN, or specialized networks.
  • Health Technology Services

    If you work in IU Health Sciences or are a health sciences student, Health Technology Services provides IT support and services for you.
  • Hardware

    Discover exclusive hardware deals, discounts, and data center services available through UITS.
  • Intelligent infrastructure

    Access on-site and off-site storage and virtualization services to host your most innovative applications and improve your data and IT asset security.
  • Software & platforms

    Access an extensive array of software services and platforms at a reduced rate or no additional cost.
  • Technology for teaching

    Access tools and resources for online assessment and instruction, collaboration, and innovative classroom presentations.
  • Computer labs & printing

    Get work done at Student Technology Centers (STCs) or academic department computer labs and print from any device.
  • Technology for Research

    Access the tools, service, and support you need to conduct research, analyze, store, and visualize data.