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Storage at IU

Learn about IU’s storage options with Microsoft and Google that allow you to share, store, and collaborate. Scroll further for more information about research data storage.

NOTE: Currently, the creation of Google Shared Drives is restricted to the following options:

  • to simplify the process of migrating institutional data to Microsoft Teams
  • for users who want to pay for storage in Google

Existing shared drives will continue to work normally. For more, see About storage in Google at IU.

Storage options

Choosing where to store your files depends on whether they are individual or institutional files.

Individual files

Individual files are specific to you such as family photos, your resume, or personal tax documents. IU faculty, staff, and students can store individual files in Microsoft OneDrive at IU or Google at IU My Drive.

  • Microsoft: Best for storing, sharing, and collaborating on Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) when you desire integration with Exchange email, calendars, and chat. A Canvas integration is available.
  • Google: Best for storing, sharing, and collaborating on Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. A Canvas integration is available.

Institutional files

If you were to separate from IU and no one else could access these files, would it cause problems for your department, collaborators, or others within the university? If so, they're most likely institutional (work) files. If any of the files are classified as Public data, University-Internal data, Restricted data (such as grades), or Critical data (such as PHI) data, they would also be classified as institutional. Examples include most research data, course files (lesson plans, syllabi, etc.), training manuals, files associated with IU committees, labs, and student groups.

IU faculty, staff, and students can use Microsoft storage for institutional files to share and collaborate with others. Storage locations for institutional files include:
  • Microsoft Teams at IU
  • Microsoft at IU Secure Storage (for sensitive data)

Each has features that make it best suited to certain uses, and the IU Knowledge Base offers a handy table for comparison. Use the Request institutional storage form which instantly creates a new storage location that has the needed security attributes and appropriate people/accounts have the access needed.

Getting started with institutional storage

  • Institutional files must be housed in institutional storage such as Microsoft Teams for a number of reasons. If you transfer positions or leave IU, it allows your colleagues continued file access (since it is not tied to an individual employee account).

    Using the request form to create your new Teams:

    • provides customized IU security settings
    • helps prevent accidental oversharing of files
    • provides the IU tool called “Manage your storage

    Check with your IT Pro to see if they have already requested institutional storage for your department.

    Note: If you choose, you may also request institutional storage for sensitive data that only you should access, such as course grades (if you aren’t storing them in Canvas).

    Request new institutional storage

Find the research data storage you need

  • Researchers at IU have access to multiple options to store, share, and collaborate on files on IU research computing resources. UITS Research Technologies manages a suite systems with features to accommodate your unique needs.

    Learn more about research storage

Community of Practice

Join the Storage Community of Practice where users can share best practices for storing and sharing documents, and for UITS experts and service administrators to give regular presentations about features. To join the mailing list, send a blank email to

Find more help

Learn more about specific types of data storage at IU and get the help you need.