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Hardware at IU

Find the hardware you need to support your work or education at Indiana University.

Hardware for students, faculty, and staff

Indiana University provides exclusive hardware deals, discounts, and data center services to support your work. Instead of purchasing the hardware you need individually, you can explore a wide variety of hardware provided to you through the university at no additional cost. Through UITS, you can also get specialized support to help you make the most of both the hardware and software solutions available to you.

Talk with an IT expert

Phone: Find the number for your campus Support Center
(Available 24/7 for emergencies)

Typically, onsite support is available 8am-5pm. Hours vary by location, campus, and need.

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IU Computer Guide

Explore all of the exclusive hardware deals available across Indiana University. Find hardware by vendor, by monitoring system, and learn about minimum requirements for hardware.

Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations (DCOPS) at IU manages all university data centers that enable your most critical technology and applications. DCOPS also works closely with Support Centers and Network Operations Centers to swiftly respond to outages and support requests.

Find the help you need

Support staff at UITS are here to help you succeed with IU-provided hardware.

  • Get specialized IT help or general information about UITS services from your campus support center.

  • Search for more information about any UITS service on the Knowledge Base.