Rate Sheet

UITS Communications Services

Basic Bundle Services

No monthly charge for these services. Installation charges apply to new service requests and will be billed by UITS.

UniCom (Lync) Enterprise Voice

Establish new service

USB Headset (wired)$52 + labor
USB Telephone$95 + labor
USB Headset (wireless Evolve 65)$128 + labor
USB Headset (wireless Plantronics SAVI-8240M-UC)$162 + labor
UniCom (Lync) Additional hardware devices

Customer pick-up only

USB Headset (wired)$52
USB Telephone$95
USB Headset (wireless Evolve 65)$128
USB Headset (wireless Plantronics SAVI-8240M-UC)$162
Unicom (Lync) New Number
No equipment$29
FAX Telephone Line
New telephone line at customer location$132
Conversion from existing FAX line to FAX service
New FAX line using hosted FAX service$29
Data Circuits
2 Wire Data CircuitsInstallation charges for time and materials
4 Wire Data CircuitsInstallation charges for time and materials
Telephone Repair

Charges may be applicable for lost, stolen, vandalized and customer-provided equipment

Long Distance (Domestic LD included in Basic Bundle)

Anywhere in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A La Carte Services (billed by UITS)

Voice/Data Jack$115/hour plus materials
PureConnect (powered by CIC)
Contact Center/Attendant$80.75/month
Basic Station Licenses (BSL)$4.92/month
Contact Center Level 1/Media 1$7.67/month
Contact Center Level 2/Media 2$15.83/month
Contact Center Level 3/Media 3$21.67/month
International Long Distance, Long Distance Calling Cards, Toll Free Inbound Service

Call (812) 855-2111, option 2 for rates

Cellular equipment

Call (812) 855-2111, option 2 for rates


IPN Alpha, IPN Numeric, American Messaging Alpha and Numeric. Price includes insurance.


Intelligent Infrastructure Services

Virtual System Rental

II-Enterprise - Standard Virtual System
Each CPU$45/vCPU/year
Each GB of Memory$15/GB/year

Disk Storage

Fiber Channel Attached Disk (SAN)
Available to Virtual System Rentals only

Data Backup

Data retention charge for storing
Available to Virtual System Rentals only

Server Co-location

Enterprise Pod$4,908/year
Research Pod$3,132/year

IU Internal Research Technologies Services

Colocation Pricing - System Administration Services and Hardware

Colocation Service build plus non-standard services with customer-driven software requirements. System administrator supported. Customer has exclusive access to the node(s). Guaranteed four-year lifespan.
System Administration Services and Technical Support Fee
(3 hours/month for 1-3 servers, 6 hours/month for 4-6 servers, etc.)
$80 / hr
One-time Capital Purchase
The High Performance Systems group will assist with configuring and quoting a capital purchase to satisfy your Colocation Service requirements. Please send email to hps-admin@iu.edu for more information.
Other system administration
Replicated Research Storage (Geode Project Space)$0.20 GB/year
Slate Project Space$5.12 TB/month for space beyond 15TB
Scholarly Data Archive Storage$0.02/GB/yr

Research Technologies Consulting Rates

High Performance Application Optimization$84/hour
National Center for Genome Analysis Support$84/hour
Biomedical Applications Development$84/hour
Computational Grid Development$84/hour
Stat/Math Center Consulting$84/hour
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Support$84/hour
Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) Support$84/hour

Learn more about Research Technologies

Other Services

Rates for the following UITS services will be made available through other bulletins. You may secure rates by contacting the managers or centers for each service as follows:

Biomedical and Health Research ServicesJoe Butler812-855-4361jfbutler@iu.edu
Classroom Technology ServicesMark Russell317-274-2017marusse@iu.edu
Education Certification (EdCert)IT Community Partnerships812-856-8487talk2uits@iu.edu
IT Training workshops & servicesUITS IT Training812-855-7383
Research Technologies Consulting RatesScott Michael812-856-0197scamicha@iu.edu
Server Co-Location AgreementJamie Mobley812-855-8968jpmobley@iu.edu
UITS Communications ServicesUITS CPI812-856-2287telecom@iu.edu