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Getting started


If you are a new faculty member at IU or you’d like a reminder regarding the IT services and support available to you, we have collected the tools, resources, and information you need to know.
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Help with teaching technologies

If you need teaching or pedagogical help, please contact your campus Teaching Center.

Technical support

If you need technical help, please contact your local IT Professional (IT Pro) or your campus Support Center. Phone, email, and chat support is available 24/7.

Phone: Check the number for your campus Support Center

Get connected

  • Computing accounts

    Use the Account Management Service to create and manage their computing accounts and passphrases.

  • Microsoft Exchange

    Set up your IU email on your computer and mobile device.

  • One.IU

    Take care of administrative tasks and access university services.

  • Wi-Fi

    The secure wireless network for all of IU is eduroam.

Teaching resources

  • Accessibility

    Find software, hardware, and consulting services for accessible learning.

  • Software

    Use IUanyWare to stream or IUware to download IU-licensed software at no additional cost.

  • Teaching at IU

    Find university-wide resources and communities of educators.

  • Technology for teaching

    Explore UITS technology and resources for teaching in-person, hybrid, and online courses.

Technology for Research

Learn more about the tools UITS Research Technologies provides to drive discovery at IU and beyond. Get more information on high-performance computing and storage, research software, visualization and digitization systems, and data storage, sharing, and archiving. Research Technologies offers consulting and grant support to help you determine the best computing and data storage options for your work.


Build your tech skills and better prepare students for coursework with workshops and tutorials from UITS IT Training.


  • Duo mobile app

    Set up Two-Step Login for your mobile devices.

  • IU Notify emergency alerts

    IU Notify will alert you in the event of a campus emergency. Set up how you receive notifications via call, text, or email, or in any combination.

  • Protect your mobile device

    Use a passcode on your mobile device, set it to lock after inactivity, watch out for phishing, and report any suspicious email. The IU Security Center has tools to keep your accounts safe.