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Accounts & email

All IU students, faculty, and staff have access to IU email and account services. From basic computing accounts to research and specialized system accounts, UITS is here to serve your technology needs.

Logging in

When you create your first university computing account at IU, you’ll set up your electronic identity, which consists of an IU username and an IU passphrase. In addition to your passphrase, IU requires an additional layer of security with Two-Step Login (Duo) when you log in to almost all technology services at IU. Note: IU Guest accounts do not require Two-Step Login.

Need help with Two-Step Login? Visit the Knowledge Base.

  • Microsoft Exchange email for students, faculty, and staff

    IU students, faculty, full- and part-time staff members, and affiliates use Microsoft Exchange accounts.

  • Research systems accounts

    IU faculty, staff, and students can request access to IU’s research systems and services, such as computational systems and research storage accounts.

  • Individual home page accounts

    Current IU faculty, staff, and students are eligible to create individual web pages using the Pages web hosting service. These individual accounts are intended for professional, research, instructional, or academic web content.

  • Specialized accounts

    Sitehosting is IU's central web server solution for core and gateway university websites. Groups, departments, and organizations can also establish their own network accounts.

  • Google at IU

    Access apps including Drive, Docs, Sites, Slides, Sheets, Jamboard, Chat, and Meet with your Google at IU account.  

  • Microsoft 365

    IU students, faculty, and staff can access Microsoft 365 files in Microsoft Teams at IU and Microsoft OneDrive at IU.

  • Accounts for groups

    Active IU faculty and staff members own group or departmental computing accounts or accounts for student organizations.

Find the help you need

Have a question about email and technology accounts? We’re here to help.