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Accounts & email

Google at IU

Access Google Apps including Drive, Docs, Sites, Slides, Sheets, Jamboard, Chat, and Meet with your Google at IU account. These apps are part of the G Suite for Education available at no additional fee to IU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates.
NOTE: Changes to Google Services

Starting May 17, 2022, Exchange Online will be the official university email for all IU students. Gmail at IU will be retired. Find out about changes to student email at IU.

Currently, the creation of Google Shared Drives is restricted to the following options:

  • to simplify the process of migrating institutional data to Microsoft Teams
  • for users who want to pay for storage in Google

Existing shared drives will continue to work normally. For more, see About storage in Google at IU.

Accessing Google at IU apps

Log in to, visit app-specific pages, or log into Google mobile devices and apps using your IU email address, IU username and passphrase.

Note: Always use your Google at IU account for Indiana University coursework and other university business. Personal (free) non-IU Google accounts are not approved for institutional data.

  • Google Contacts

    Create an online address book that can integrate with other Google at IU apps.

  • Google Meet

    Hold video calls with up to 150 participants.

  • Blogger

    Create your own blog and share it with select people or make it public.

  • Google at IU My Drive

    Share files and collaborate from any device using Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Drawings.

  • Google Groups

    Create a group forum or mailing list or manage access to other Google resources.

  • Google Sites

    Build simple websites quickly and easily.

  • Google Calendar

    Create a private calendar or share it with others to coordinate schedules and track events.

  • FeedBurner

    This RSS aggregator helps you stay on top of the latest info from your favorite websites, blogs, and podcasts.

  • Google Jamboard

    Whiteboard and collaborate with classmates and colleagues

  • Google Chat

    Take advantage of direct messaging and collaboration.

  • YouTube

    Post videos to your own prebuilt YouTube channel with Google at IU. Note: IU's Kaltura video service provides better security for videos, provides user-specific analytics (within Canvas courses), and makes captioning more seamless.

Safeguarding IU data

Except for certain exceptions when using Google at IU Secure Storage, Google at IU is not acceptable for any institutional data classified as "critical." It is your responsibility to safeguard institutional data. When you log in, you attest to your knowledge of the data policy and its recommended usage at IU.