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Accounts & email

Group accounts

If you have an individual computing account at IU, you can request additional group accounts related to teaching, research, or work at the university to help facilitate collaboration.

Creating and accessing a group account

It’s easy to set up a group account. Simply submit a request for a group username, wait for approval, and then create the group’s first accounts, such as an email, Google, or research system account. Find out more about setting up a group account

Transferring account ownership

All group or departmental accounts must have owners who are active faculty or staff members. To ensure the continuity of group accounts, find out how you can transfer ownership of a group account.

Best practices for group accounts

Wondering how to streamline the log-in process for group accounts? Find out how to request “full access” from your IT Pro for a group Outlook account, voice mail, and other services.

See recommendations for group accounts