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Research system accounts

If you are an IU faculty or staff member, IU student, or a sponsored affiliated researcher, you can request access to IU’s research systems and services, including computational systems and research storage accounts.

Requesting an account

If you are working on a research project that requires supercomputing or data storage, UITS can provide the access you need.

  • Slate

    A centralized, high-performance Lustre file system designed for the persistent storage of scholarly data to meet the needs of data-intensive workflows and analytics running on IU’s research supercomputers.

  • Big Red 200

    IU's newest research supercomputer, a Cray Shasta supercomputer designed to support scientific and medical research, and advanced research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

  • The Scholarly Data Archive (SDA)

    A distributed storage service co-located at IU data centers in Bloomington and Indianapolis that provides extensive capacity for storing and accessing research data. Offers large-scale archival or near-line data storage.

  • Quartz

    Designed to deliver large amounts of processing capacity over long periods of time, Quartz provides the advanced supercomputing performance needed to run high-end, data-intensive applications that are critical to scientific discovery and innovation.

  • The Research Database Complex (RDC)

    Supports research-related MySQL databases and data-intensive applications that require databases.

  • Carbonate

    IU’s large-memory computer cluster designed to support data-intensive computing. Well suited for genome assembly software, large-scale phylogenetic software, and other genome analysis applications.

  • Big Red 3

    Cray XC40 supercomputer with extreme processing capability and high-bandwidth network topology. Ideal for large-scale, compute-intensive applications.