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Accounts & email

Specialized accounts

If your department at IU needs a specialized system account, UITS can help. We can also provide accounts for people affiliated with IU who are not students, faculty, or staff.

Creating a website for your department or organization

Sitehosting is IU's central web server solution for core and gateway university websites and thousands of other websites related to official IU business. If you’d like to create a website for your organizational unit, approved professional organization, or registered student group, you can request a Sitehosting account. If you already have an IU Sitehosting account, find out about managing a Sitehosting account on the Enterprise Web Technical Services site.

  • Conference account

    Attending a conference at IU? You may qualify for this temporary account.

  • IU retiree account

    Retirees from IU can retain access to some accounts and resources.

  • IU affiliate account

    You may qualify for an affiliate account if you are a contractor or Manpower employee affiliated with IU.

  • Guest account

    You’ll get limited access to certain online applications and services with an IU guest account.

  • Departmental LAN accounts

    To request an account on a departmental LAN, contact your network administrator.