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Powered by, IU Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) empowers you to communicate and interact with internal and external audiences, streamline marketing and communication processes, and track every touchpoint with people in your target audience. With CRM, you can get a full-spectrum understanding of each constituent as you manage your relationships with applicants, students, parents, alumni, colleagues, researchers, donors, or other clients.

CRM Options

This option is for IU employees wanting to send mass email internally or externally and includes: 

  • Sophisticated email design and creation 
  • IU branded email templates 
  • List and subscription management 

Core CRM Package 

Choose this package if your IU unit, office, or department manages relationships with external audiences. It includes: 

  • Contact and unit relationship management 
  • 1:1 interaction and conversation management 
  • Salesforce reports, dashboards, and other standard features 

Undergrad Admissions 

This option is for central and departmental undergraduate recruiters and administrators. It features: 

  • Robust admissions data model 
  • 1:1 interaction management 
  • Event management 
  • Web form builder 

Graduate Recruiting Package 

If you are a graduate program recruiter, this option is ideal. It provides: 

  • Robust admissions model  
  • 1:1 interaction management 
  • Ad-hoc cohorting 

IU Human Resources 

For central human resources employees only, this option includes: 

  • Employee service case management 
  • askHR@IU integration 
  • Center of Expertise case routing and management 
  • Service center agent console 

Note: If you don’t see an option that fits your department’s needs, tell us what you’d like to build in your adoption request and we will work with you to find a solution.

Getting started

If your business unit is interested in CRM, consider which option will best fit your needs and then submit an adoption request. The IU CRM Initiative team will contact you to find out more about your project and explain the adoption process. If currently deployed CRM options fit your needs, the process is simple and costs nothing. If we need to expand IU CRM to meet your goals, we will help assess the scope of your project and guide you through the process.

CRM project processes

As our enterprise CRM platform continuously expands, any enhancement or change to the platform that includes configurations, data expansions/integrations, or the integration of new products/apps must be approved and prioritized. There are two types of CRM enhancement projects.

Major projects

When CRM enhancements for a scoped and chartered project require significant time and/or resources, they are major projects.

Minor projects

Enhancements that can be completed with minimal effort are classified as minor projects.

IU CRM user training

Get the training and technical background you need to confidently use IU CRM’s Salesforce tools. You can attend training once you have an active Salesforce user account and your business unit has adopted IU CRM.

Benefits of using Salesforce

With IU CRM, there is one source for all interaction data, resulting in more intelligent engagement with IU constituents throughout the university. As more and more IU divisions and teams adopt CRM, we are able to give you and any other IU point of contact a 360-degree view of each person with whom the university communicates and then serve those constituents in a better, more meaningful way.

IU CRM empowers staff members, reduces organizational barriers, improves services, and makes it easier to communicate and market effectively. And in many cases, it’s available at no extra cost to your department thanks to IU’s Salesforce ELA.*

*If a new project request expands on currently deployed capabilities or requires outside consulting or extra product/license costs, an estimate will be provided.