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Technology for Research

At UITS Research Technologies, we want to help you do things better, faster, bigger, and bolder. We specialize in consulting, storage, research software, data visualization, and training to help open new possibilities and empower you to achieve your goals.
Scientists working on a lab. One of them looking through the microscope.

Powering IU research

Whether you work in the arts, sciences or somewhere in between, we have the tools, services, and support applications to help you bring your research, scholarly endeavors, and creative activities to life.

Learn how to use IU’s technology for your research

Need assistance getting started? Register for our Supercomputing for Everyone series trainings. Or explore the Education, Outreach, and Training section of this site or discover the services offered by Research Technologies.

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Key areas of expertise

Explore the tools, services, and support applications available to you as a faculty member or researcher, or as an external researcher collaborating with someone at the university.

  • High-performance computing and storage

    Put the power of IU’s supercomputers and computing clusters to work, enabling fast calculations, advanced simulations, and massive secure storage.

  • Visualization and digitization systems

    Find stunning new ways to analyze, model, and present your work with interactive models, virtual and augmented reality, advanced digital arts and media, and secure data analysis.

  • Research software and solutions

    Get the tools you need for analytics and big data research, including stat/numerical and open-source software.

  • Education, outreach, and training

    Want to learn more about IU’s technology for research? Need facilities information for a grant proposal? Start here.