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Technology for research

High-performance computing and storage

As a faculty member at IU, you have access to robust, reliable supercomputing and data storage systems as part of an open access and open research environment. We are here to enhance your productivity and amplify your research potential.


  • Quartz supercomputer

    IU’s high-throughput computing cluster, designed to deliver large amounts of processing capacity over long periods of time to support high-end, data-intensive applications that are critical to scientific discovery and innovation.

  • Research Desktop (RED)

    Application that allows use of IU's supercomputers in a graphical desktop window on a personal computer. Watch a video about RED

  • Big Red 200 supercomputer

    Supercomputer to support scientific, medical, and advanced research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

  • HPC everywhere

    Status and usage information about IU's advanced compute and storage systems.

  • Big Red 3 supercomputer

    Supercomputer dedicated to large-scale, compute-intensive applications that need extreme processing capability and high-bandwidth network topology.

  • Supercomputer Pathfinder

    Find out which supercomputer best suits the needs of your project and level of experience.

  • Carbonate supercomputer

    Large-memory computer cluster configured to support high performance, data-intensive computing for IU students, faculty, and staff.

Help with research technology

Need assistance getting started? Need to request software, storage space, or extended consulting? Tell us what you’re trying to do, and we’ll connect you with the right resources. Or explore our list of services offered by Research Technologies.

Get help from Research Technologies

Cloud computing

  • Consulting for Jetstream

    Limited support for creating or transitioning workflows to the Jetstream cloud environment and using best practices.

  • Jetstream

    Cloud-based, on-demand computing and data analysis resource.

Data storage

  • Data Capacitor Wide Area Network 2 (DCWAN2)

    Large-capacity, high-bandwidth Lustre file system that lets researchers access and share remote data.

  • Scholarly Data Archive (SDA)

    IU research data storage and access (long-term and large data storage).

  • Geode Home Directory

    Personal storage of scripts, documents, configurations, and programs for use on IU’s supercomputers.

  • Slate storage

    Large-capacity, high-bandwidth Lustre file system for individuals requiring persistent storage of data mounted on IU research computing systems.

  • Geode - Project

    Storage of scripts, documents, configurations, and programs for collaboration on IU’s network computers.

  • Slate - Project storage space

    Large-capacity, high-bandwidth Lustre file system for persistent storage of data on IU research computing systems.