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Technology for research

Request help or project space

If you need high-performance computing compute or storage space, software, or extended consulting, you’re in the right place. Use one of the forms on this page to contact us.

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HPC project and specialized space requests

Request computing or storage space for your research project.
  • Increased priority on HPC systems

    Request increased job priority in queues on one or more of the HPC machines for Grand Challenge Program or other projects.

  • Carbonate Deep Learning (DL) and GPU partitions

    The Carbonate DL and GPU partitions are intended for use by users with deep learning and GPU workloads. IU students, faculty, and staff with deep learning workloads can request access to the Carbonate DL and GPU partitions after they have activated their Carbonate supercomputer account.

  • Research Database

    The Indiana University Research Database Complex supports research-related MySQL databases and data-intensive applications that require databases. The RDC is strictly devoted to supporting research, and is not an instructional, classroom environment.

  • Slate-Project Storage

    Space on the Slate-Project file system is available to IU researchers who need shared/project space or an allocation larger than the 1.6 TB available per user on Slate.