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Learning with interactive video
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Add video content for more dynamic courses

Engage students with interactive video content using PlayPosit, a tool for combining activities and assessments with streaming video. PlayPosit integrates with Canvas and Kaltura, making it possible to:

  • add quiz questions to videos from Kaltura, YouTube, and Vimeo.
  • embed interactive elements like open-ended questions, discussions, and branching scenarios.
  • automatically sync grades with Canvas Gradebook.

Check for understanding

Get feedback on your students’ comprehension of the material by embedding questions and discussions in your video content. In PlayPosit, interactive videos you create are called bulbs. Learn more about bulbs:

Create annotation and discussions

The PlayPosit discussion tool can be used for both traditional and shared video discussion. When you create a discussion that’s open for the length of the video, you’ll be able to see time-stamped comments from users. Find out more:

Empower students

Using Learner-Made Bulbs (LMBs), students can submit videos for feedback on their presentations or become the instructor, using their own questions and annotations.

Track engagement

Use PlayPosit’s analytics to identify trends in how students are interacting with your content. Learn more about using analytics:

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