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Wi-Fi & Networks

Stay connected on campus with seamless access to Wi-Fi and find support for data and voice networks with our telecommunications services. 

IU Secure will soon be retired across all campuses. Make the switch now to eduroam. If you are already using eduroam, you will need to authenticate via the new installer that offers enhanced security.

Stay connected with wireless access across IU campuses

Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates have access to high-speed wireless internet on campus through eduroam, the new default wireless network for everyone. Connecting to eduroam is simple and secure, and available at no additional cost.


Need to connect from a residence hall?

Watch these videos on how to securely connect to eduroam through IU PublicNet.

Get connected

Connect to eduroam on campus for Mac OS

Wi-Fi for visitors from other institutions

If you're visiting an IU campus from a partner institution, you can still join through eduroam using your home campus email address and passphrase, such as

  • Wired connections

    To create a wired (Ethernet-connected) device, register with IU’s DHCP service. Typically, IU faculty and staff will already have their IU devices registered, but DHCP can help you register additional devices.

  • Connect off-campus with VPN

    Protect your data while you are off campus by using a virtual private network (VPN) provided by UITS. This allows you to remotely join a safer, private network from a public network.

  • Wireless networks for IU departments

    If your department would like to set up a mobile or temporary wireless network, UITS can help. You’ll need to request an exemption, then follow the instructions provided by your wireless device’s manufacturer to set up the network.

  • Data Center Proxy services

    Move your server to a private IP space and greatly limit possible attack vectors.

  • Guest Wi-Fi for IU visitors

    Guests visiting IU campuses can access Wi-Fi by using the IU Guest network. Select IU Guest from the list of available networks and follow the instructions on the IU Guest page that will open.

  • Building Management Systems network

    Improve the network security of systems that are critical to facility operations at IU.

  • Specialized VRF networks

    Specialized virtual networks are available for organizations who need network separation and enhanced security, like the IU Health Network and others. Sign in to the KB to learn more.

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

    DHCP is a network protocol that enables your server to automatically assign an IP address to a computer.

  • Domain Name Systems (DNS)

    The Campus Networks team can help you with local subnetwork domains and internet domains, including purchasing a new domain.

  • Campus Network Portal (CNP)

    Protect your data center with a firewall, manage hosts and DNS records, and add new netblocks/VLANs.

Find the help you need

Have a question about email and technology accounts? We’re here to help.