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Student Textbooks/Course Materials

At IU, most instructors order course materials through the IU Bookstore or the IU eTexts initiative. These two options provide protections for student data and finances, and offer IU-focused service and support. You are not required to purchase your materials from the IU Bookstore.

Instructors may also/instead require materials from another source (such as the campus library, or online). You should refer to your class syllabus, or the Canvas class site, for these details.

IU Bookstore

Illustration of a laptop next to an apple on a stack of books

IU has a new bookstore provider. The ordering process for faculty has opened very recently. If you don’t see course materials for your class in the bookstore information, please check back often or check your instructor’s Canvas class site for details.

Visit the IU Bookstore

View required course materials for your classes. NOTE: After enrolling, your list of required materials will be available after an overnight data refresh.

There are new procedures for ordering course materials. At IU Bloomington, you must order your materials online—they will not be stocked in the store. You can pick up your order in the campus store or have it shipped to you.

At other campuses, titles will be stocked in-store by the author’s name, rather than the Class Number. You can also order materials online and have them shipped or pick them up in the store.

Look for in-store signage or ask a bookstore staff member for instructions or assistance with the new ordering procedures.

From the IU Bookstore website, you may:

  • Sign in to view/order your personalized course material requirements
  • Browse by campus and course to view course materials requirements/recommendations
  • View campus store hours and contact information
  • Shop for supplies, technology, apparel, and more
  • Sign up for special offers and discounts

Fort Wayne students, please visit the Mastodon Campus Store.

IU eTexts

Illustration of e-texts displayed on various electronic device screens

If your instructor has elected to teach with IU eTexts, that requirement is noted in the Schedule of Classes (and copied to your Class Schedule after you enroll). You do not need to purchase/acquire these titles from another source. The discounted costs for access to these materials will be billed to your Bursar account and will be covered by all forms of financial aid and a liberal refund policy. Titles will be available in the Canvas class site before the first day of class. You may receive an access code from your instructor if your materials will come from an external site.

To learn more (and to get important notifications) join our Canvas resource site: The Student Guide to IU eTexts.