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IU eTexts are not simply digital copies of traditional textbooks. They are tools designed to improve the quality of teaching and enhance student engagement. eTexts also help reduce costs for students, while increasing their likelihood of achieving desired learning outcomes.

Why eTexts?

eTexts at IU represent multiple forms of digital learning materials. Unlike paper textbooks, eTexts allow IU students to highlight, add notes, and collaborate with classmates and instructors—anytime, anywhere, and with any device. IU eTexts are powered by Courseload Engage software, which integrates with the Canvas and Oncourse learning management systems. 

IU's primary objectives for the eTexts initiative are:

  • Helping faculty develop new tools for teaching and learning
  • Driving down costs of digital materials for students
  • Accessing high-quality materials of choice
  • Shaping the terms of eTexts models

Adoption dates

All campuses can now order IU eTexts for fall and winter 2015. Keep the following dates in mind as you make plans for future courses.

  • Summer 2015: February 2–April 15
  • Fall 2015: February 2–June 24
  • Winter 2015: February 2–October 30
  • Spring 2016: September 2–November 11

Not sure how to adopt IU eTexts? The IU Knowledge Base has step-by-step instructions for eTexts coordinators and IU faculty members

Contact us

Questions? Email the IU eTexts team.

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