Getting Started Guide

For Faculty

A quick start to IU's technology resources for teaching and research faculty. See below to download the faculty technology guide specific to your campus.

General tips

Discover digital resouces and services:

  • Administrative tasks are easier when you know where to start. Visit One.IU for access to university services.
  • Don't pay for software. Stream or download it from IU at no cost via IUanyWare and IUware.
  • Sign up for Box at IU for secure, unlimited storage and collaboration in the cloud. Box is provided at no cost.
  • Explore the future of teaching and learning with IU's eTexts and Next.IU initiatives.
  • Follow @InsideUITS on Twitter and "like" UITS on Facebook to stay up-to-date with IU's tech news.

Find additional learning technologies for students and courses:

Get help and support for all your tech needs:

Tips for research faculty

UITS Research Technologies provides the tools to drive discovery at IU and beyond. They include:

  • Centralized supercomputers and high performance clusters for calculations, advanced simulations, and big data analysis
  • Software and analysis with high performance computing applications Science gateways, campus bridging services, and other domain-specific tools and workflows
  • Visualization consulting and services for visualizations, 3D, and virtual reality
  • Data storage, sharing, and archiving for large and small data sets
  • Consulting and grant support to determine the best computing and data storage options


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