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Making calls in MS Teams and Microsoft 365

IU is in the process of implementing more of Microsoft 365, including transitioning to making phone and video calls in MS Teams.
An open laptop shows the user’s email messages.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams.

Communicate, create, and collaborate

At UITS, we’re committed to providing you with the latest tools and technology to help you work faster and smarter. We have partnered with Microsoft 365 to give you access to more than 20 innovative applications that will help you share ideas, work with project teams, instructors, or colleagues, and complete tasks with ease and efficiency.

Schedule meetings, create and share documents, build presentations, and manage projects – the tools are all at your fingertips.

An email inbox is pictured on a mobile phone screen and a laptop screen

Get started with Exchange Online email

Existing student email accounts moved to Exchange Online in May 2022. The Exchange Online environment provides better integration with Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps and improves IU’s mail security.


Set up your email

Have you been migrated to Exchange Online and need help getting into your email account? Below are some short, how-to videos for several different devices and operating systems. If you need more help, please visit this document in IU's Knowledge Base or contact the UITS Support Center.
    • iOS

      Learn how to configure Exchange Online with iOS

    • Android

      Learn how to configure Exchange Online with Android

  • macOS

    Learn how to configure Exchange Online in Outlook for macOS 

  • Outlook

    Learn how to configure Exchange Online with Outlook 

Rollout and timeline for Microsoft 365 to Microsoft Storage

July 2020 to Jan 2021

After deciding not to renew IU’s contract with, UITS migrated individual users to Google Drive@IU or Microsoft OneDrive@IU and departmental, Health, and other shares into Google Shared Drives and Microsoft Teams. As part of this migration, both shared platforms added Critical Data classification storage to handle the university's most sensitive data.

Faculty and Staff Exchange Online Migration

Jan–Apr 2021

Indiana University updated their Exchange 2013 service to Exchange Online. UITS moved 90,000 faculty and staff mailboxes, resource rooms, and group accounts in Spring 2021.

New Stream

Summer 2021

Microsoft Stream—the intelligent video app in Microsoft 365—has been re-imagined and rebuilt to integrate seamlessly with applications across the suite, so you can create, share, discover, and manage video as easily as any Microsoft document.

In the new version of Stream, video and audio files are stored on the SharePoint files platform within Microsoft 365 like all other file types; SharePoint powers file experiences for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Yammer, and Outlook. This provides the best of both worlds: intelligent video experiences powered by Stream across the suite, and management of video that leverages the power of SharePoint content services for permissions, sharing, compliance, governance, and customizable portal experiences.

Teams Telephony


The Microsoft team at IU has begun designing, testing, and piloting a migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Telephony.

Student email switches to Exchange Online

March–May 2022

Starting March 12, 2022, new applicants and students coming to IU and creating accounts will receive Microsoft Exchange Online accounts. After the conclusion of the spring semester, starting May 17, 2022, current IU students who are using Gmail will begin using Exchange Online to access their official university email. Exchange Online offers students enhanced cybersecurity features, better spam filtering, and better access to Microsoft Teams.

New Services


As Microsoft debuts new applications, we will make them available to IU, announce, and support them.

Find more help

Questions about Microsoft 365? We're here to help.