Mosaic Active Learning Initiative

The Mosaic Initiative supports active learning at IU through instructional support, research, collaborations, and classroom design.

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Become a Mosaic Faculty Fellow

Experiment with active and collaborative learning approaches in your courses, explore the intersections of space and pedagogy in your classroom, and contribute to the development of learning spaces across Indiana University.

Application deadline for IUPUI Fellows:  May 19th, 2017

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What is Mosaic?

Indiana University recognizes that approaches to active learning can look different based on discipline, instructional goals, and class size. As a university-wide initiative, Mosaic supports this rich diversity by:

  • Encouraging and supporting active and collaborative learning approaches in all classrooms
  • Fostering the design and redesign of classrooms to support active and collaborative learning
  • Evaluating and sharing the effectiveness of active and collaborative learning in all classrooms
  • Creating partnerships with university stakeholders to broaden instructor support of active and collaborative learning approaches

What is a Mosaic classroom?

Mosaic classrooms represent a rich variety of learning spaces that meet widely varying instructional needs—much like the unique tiles that comprise a mosaic.

Each Mosaic classroom is different, but all Mosaic classrooms support:

  • Collaboration—with student-accessible screens or whiteboard surfaces intended for collaboration and presentation
  • Student grouping—with flexible or fixed furniture that allows for easy student grouping
  • Movement—with square footage requirements that allow space for students and instructors to interact in a variety of ways


The Mosaic Initiative launched on the IU Bloomington campus in Fall, 2015, and on the IUPUI campus in Fall, 2016. The initiative will launch at the regional campuses on April 7, 2017.

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To learn more about the Mosaic Initiative, please contact:

Tracey Birdwell, Ph.D.
Principal Instructional Technology Consultant - Mosaic Initiative
Indiana University