Indiana University uses OnBase for enterprise document management (EDM).

EDM powered by OnBase


Manage your IU records in one digital space


Handle your workflow through multiple avenues 


OnBase is approved for all data classifications including critical


The EDM team can adapt OnBase to fit your department's needs

Get started

OnBase is supported by the Enterprise Document Management team. You can get started in three easy steps:

1.  Identify the document management needs you'd like to address or processes to improve.

2. Learn more about OnBase at the IU Knowledge Base. *CAS login required

3. Contact the EDM team or fill out the form on the right to get started with OnBase.

OnBase provides EDM with:


OnBase offers tools, automation, and administrative support to manage content in one digital space, supporting the predominance of established document formats.

  • Digitizes physical documents, including batch processing
  • Imports digital files including email, PDF, and a wide range of other formats
  • Automates predictable tasks


OnBase is a single platform that's accessible through many portals. Handle your dataflow from anywhere on nearly any device.

  • Native Windows desktop client 
  • Windows web-based clients
  • IUanyWare client for Mac and Windows 
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android


OnBase is approved for all data classifications, including Critical. And it runs on IU's world-class IT infrastructure. 

  • Data is securely stored in two IU Data Center locations for automatic failover
  • Data at rest is encrypted, but accessible with standard IU ADS authentication
  • Audit trail logs virtually all actions and any changes to documentation
  • User access options allow privacy management within departments


Expert EDM team members evaluate your current business processes and collaborate with you to tailor OnBase for your department's specific needs. Some of its many optional features include: 

  • Ability to set complex document retention rules
  • Optical Character Recognition to capture metadata from scanned documents
  • Integration of PeopleSoft, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and more
  • Mobile photo upload to quickly import documents on the go
  • Reporting tools to track processing and efficiency

Request OnBase for Your Department

New to OnBase?

Email obreq@iu.edu to set up a consultation with the EDM team, or visit the Knowledge Base for help.