Author and publish texts in multiple digital formats.

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Use Pressbooks to:

  • Assign student writing projects in Canvas
  • Compose and publish eTexts for IU classes in collaboration with IU Press
  • Deliver no-cost eTexts (including OER) for IU classes
  • Build and compile collections of student work throughout a course
  • Assign chapters to students or groups and deliver a text at the end of a course

See Pressbooks in action

For examples of a variety of ways to use Pressbooks, take a look at the following resources:

Features and benefits

Enhance texts with video, embedded slides, links, and more Enable interactivity not possible with a print textbook
Deliver low or no-cost content, including open educational resources (OER)Allow texts to be downloaded for reading from a computer, mobile device, eReader (e.g. Kindle), or in print
Host texts in Canvas, on the web, or anywhere you make the exported files available Work with collaborators such as editors, co-authors, and publishers to build content


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