Getting Started Guide

For Staff

A quick start to IU's technology resources for IU Staff members.

IU's top tech tips

Get IT support when you need it. The UITS Support Center (phone, email, and ITHelpLive chat) and the IU Knowledge Base are available 24/7. Campuses also offer in-person support. Check the link for current locations and hours:

Make logging in easy. Two-Step Login is required for all IU systems. Enroll your device and get the Duo Mobile app - it works even when you don’t have a network connection and can do automatic Push notifications when you do. Check “Remember me for 7 days” when logging in and add a backup device just in case. Watch the video.

Email on the go. Synchronize your phone and other devices to stay in touch wherever you are.

Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Use a passcode on your cell phone. Set your phone to auto lock after inactivity, or after 10 incorrect attempts. Watch for phishing and report any suspicious email. The IU Security Center has tools to keep your accounts safe.

Where will you roam? Start your journey with eduroam—the secure wireless network for all of IU. Step-by-step instructions for connecting Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and other devices are at

One place to start. Tasks such as submitting time and looking at your paycheck are easier when you know where to start. Visit One.IU to access university IT services.

Your key to campus. CrimsonCard provides access to essential university services, like printing, libraries, and secure entry to campus buildings. You can also deposit funds on your CrimsonCard and use it as payment on campus and at participating local retailers.

Emergency alerts, your way. IU Notify will alert you in the event of a campus emergency. Set up how you receive notifications via call, text, or email, or in any combination.

Unlimited storage. Box at IU gives you unlimited storage and collaboration space in the cloud.  

Print from anywhere, to anywhere. Send your file to print from your computer, cell phone, or tablet, then pick it up from any printer on campus with a swipe of your CrimsonCard.

Work smarter. Stay connected with colleagues from anywhere with UniCom—IU's comprehensive messaging service.

Collaborate from anywhere with UITS Collaboration Technologies' high-quality, immersive audio/video resources.

Zoom through group projects. Zoom lets you create a personalized online meeting room to share presentations, images, video chat, and screen share with up to 100 people at a time.

Get tech savvy. Online courses, webinars, special events, and discounted training from leading vendors are available to learn the latest tech tools.

AskIU (almost anything). Contact AskIU whenever you need directions to campus locations, information about a sporting or artistic event, or an answer to a general question about any IU campus.

Reuse, recycle. Learn more about IU's sustainable computing practices

BONUS: Save money on hardware and software. As an IU staff member, you get perks like exclusive deals on computers and accessories. Need software? Find great titles for no cost like Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. Use IUanyWare to stream or IUware to download.

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