Storage @ IU

Box cloud storage retirement coming March 2021

A big change is coming to cloud storage at IU, and we want to give you plenty of time to prepare. Box cloud storage will be retired as of March 2021. Student, faculty, and staff files will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

Why will IU no longer offer Box storage?

Box is dramatically raising its prices and is ending its unlimited storage offering. Because of these changes, IU (along with many other higher education institutions) will no longer offer Box storage as of March 2021. Student, faculty, and staff files will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. IU has existing contracts with these companies, so this move will be a better use of university resources.

UITS is still working out the many details to make this change as seamless as possible. We will be taking into account the peak usage times in the academic year to minimize disruption.

Do Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive offer the same functionality as Box?

Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive offer most of the popular features of Box. For more on how the services compare, see Store, share, and collaborate on documents at IU.

How will data be migrated?

UITS will provide tools to migrate Box data. Users will be able to choose which service they would like their files migrated to. If no choice is made, users will be moved to a default service.

What is the timeline for moving from Box to Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive?

Files in Box will become read-only once they have been migrated. Users may continue to save files in Box but will have to migrate them manually after the migration date.  Starting in March 2021, users will no longer be able to save files to Box. Access for users will be terminated in May 2021.

What should I do now to prepare for this change?

  • Do start cleaning now. The best thing you can do is delete unnecessary files and remove yourself or your unit from files or folders that you don’t want or need to access.
  • Don’t start moving now. Waiting to move all the items at once with the tools or vendor services we provide will ensure that file-sharing permissions and folder structure can be maintained. If you start moving now, you could lose your changes when the vendor service starts moving the files.

What privacy protections are in place for my data?

As with other IT service contracts, IU’s contracts with Microsoft and Google include privacy protections that prevent the unauthorized (and unlawful) access, sharing, or monetization of IU data stored through these cloud services. IU’s contracts provide greater privacy protections than the user agreement for your personal Google or Microsoft accounts.

Where can Restricted and Critical data be stored?

Continue to use Box Health Data Accounts and Box Entrusted Data Accounts as you previously have for Critical and Restricted data. Once the platform and workflows have been worked out for Critical and Restricted data, we will migrate the data to that service. We will work with account owners to ensure a smooth transition.