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Being successful means having the right tools. Follow these 10 tips to get started with tech at IU.

IU's top 10 tech tips (brought to you by the letter "T")

  1. The best things in life are free... software
    Need additional software but bummed by the cost? Don’t worry; IU has you covered. Find no-cost, name-brand titles like Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office Suite, as well as security software at IUanyWare (stream it) or IUware (download it). 

  2. $ave money on hardware
    Need new hardware (PC, laptop, accessories)? Check out the UITS Computer Guide. IU offers exclusive deals from vendors like Dell and Sony that could save you money.

  3. Forecast: tons of cloud storage
    Access Box at IU for all the no-cost cloud storage you can handle (it's unlimited). Box is also a great space to collaborate with classmates and instructors.

  4. It's cloud storage time and the livin' is easy
    Authorize IU Cloud Storage to connect your Box account to IUanyWare and campus computers. It'll help you access the files you need—both personal and academic—from anywhere on campus.

  5. No sleep for tech help
    Get the technology support you need—any time, day or night. The UITS Support Center and the IU Knowledge Base are both available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to remedy your tech issues. At IU and IUPUI, students using the STCs and RTCs can also receive day-and-night support by contacting Technology Center Consulting.

  6. Everything in One place
    Head over to One.IU if you need to do, well, anything. It’s the one-stop shop for university services. You can pay your bursar bill, check your grades, track a bus, and a lot more.

  7. Food, water, Wi-Fi
    Make sure you can Wi-Fi and chill. Learn how to register your devices for access to IU Secure—the university's encrypted Wi-Fi network. 

  8. Email, in the palm of your hand (literally)
    If you need additional help setting up your email on your mobile device, the IU Knowledge Base features a document with step-by-step instructions for the setup, all organized by device maker and model.

  9. Buck the tyranny of print cartridges
    Ditch your printer. Set up mobile printing and keep track of your print quota on IU Print.

  10. No train, no gain
    Hungry for more knowledge? IU offers in-person and online workshops from UITS IT Training. They can help you develop or improve all kinds of tech know-how.


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