Microsoft Office 365

Your experience logging in to this service is changing. At 4pm on October 23, 2019, administrators will update the Office 365 and Microsoft Azure portals at IU to use Microsoft authentication. For questions or to see the new login screen, see: About logging into Office 365 at IU


Downloading Office 2016 through Office 365 gives you the option to install Office applications on 15 total devices (no license keys required):

  • 5 Mac devices

  • 5 Windows devices

  • 5 Android devices


In addition to multiple installations, your Office 365 account gives you access to OneDrive for Business which offers 1 TB of storage where you can store, share, and sync your personal files.

Please note: OneDrive for Business storage is approved for institutional data classified as Public or University-internal. While there are no approved cloud storage options for critical data, you may use Box for restricted data; see Data classifications.