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Integrate Examity with Canvas for online exam proctoring at Indiana University.


Examity is an online proctoring service that allows online and distance learners to take exams without needing to schedule an on-campus visit and proctor. All instructors using online proctoring are required to complete the Online Proctoring Acknowledgment.

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Get help with Examity

Contact Examity directly

  • Phone: 855-Examity (855-392-6489)
  • Chat: Available on the Examity site
  • Email:

Contact Examity’s IU account manager

Lisa Martini

How to access Examity

  1. Contact your school's dean for approval to use Examity, and have them send this approval to your teaching center. Schools can grant permission "in batch" by courses, if that is easier for them.
  2. Complete the Online Proctoring Acknowledgement form.
  3. Contact your campus teaching and learning center after this approval has been received to set up a time to review options and set up proctoring for your class.
  4. Expect the setup process to take two to three weeks to complete.

For step-by-step instructions, read Examity for IU instructors on the KB.

Challenges with Examity

UITS asks faculty to keep in mind that students need adequate technology and a quiet place to take exams if you decide to utilize Examity. Live video surveillance during an exam may be disruptive and unnerving for some students. It is important for students to take a sample test to work out the bugs before you administer a real test using the service.

Using Examity with Canvas

Examity can integrate with Canvas, but you must add Examity as an external tool. It also can’t be added to your navigation, and can only be added as a module.

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