UITS User Survey

2019 UITS User Survey IU Bloomington (IUB) – Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the following question of the UITS survey:

(At start of the survey): As you get started, please take a moment to share with us any thoughts, concerns, issues, and/or ideas that you may have. What positive experiences with UITS staff or services have you had? Are there concerns or negative interactions that you want us to know about? Do you have recommendations for new services or improvements to existing ones? (You will have a chance to review, amend, or add to your comments before submitting your responses.)

(At end of the survey): If you entered comments at the beginning of the survey, they are displayed below. If you would like to edit your comments, share recommendations for additional services and support resources, or add additional comments or suggestions please enter them below.

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with “[IRD]”. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate students, and Graduate students.

Faculty responses:

UITS has been great. Always very helpful and if they don't know the answer right away, they will figure it out. I also really appreciate the extended walk-in hours in Wells Library.

I am able to obtain help with Canvas and IT-related matters easily, problems are usually resolved through a phone call.

No negative interactions.

UITS staff continue to expect faculty/staff to know all about IT. Instructions/communications/Knowledge base are essentially impenetrable, and often incorrect.

The "IU secure" Wi-Fi network seems not stable on my iPhone Xr. Sometimes I cannot open websites though the Wi-Fi is connected.

I have found UITS to be very helpful when I have used their services.

In the recent past, I have called UITS regarding Canvas and its integrated tools (e.g., VoiceThread, Piazza, Quick Check), Microsoft Outlook and Google@IU, and my office computer. For the most part, I have not received an adequate solution from UITS staff. The staff member usually: (1) sends me a link to a support article that I have already read, (2) tells me they'll look into it and doesn't follow up adequately, or (3) figures out a solution after I do. It is possible that my questions are beyond the expertise of the staff member and/or the system wasn't designed to accommodate what I want to do. However, there should be a smooth process to get my concerns to the right people and resolve them or to begin to work towards a good solution.

UITS staff has been knowledgeable and quick to respond

I regularly used RED resource. I had contacted UITS staff many times always with a satisfactory and fruitful interaction.

Matt Link has been very supportive of research needs.

IU needs to address a remaining issue with its mass email policy. Any mass email needs to explain why or in what role someone is getting the email. For instance, "You are getting this email because you are an '[assistant, associate, full] professor at IU." Or, "You are getting this email because of your administrative support role at IU." This will let people know if all faculty are getting this email, or if they are supposed to pass it on.

The staff has been good, although the help desk is a bit of hit or miss. However, UITS has significantly downgraded several teaching services that we had access to in the past, making it much more difficult to teach technology-related courses.

Our Jacobs School of Music staff 'does more with less' every day--I'm grateful. In my encounters with IU UITS staff, I've always had pleasant experience--and pleasant outcomes.

I am a faculty member with a desktop computer in my office on campus. This computer is owned by the university but assigned exclusively to me--no one else uses it except me. And yet every time I want to EVEN UPDATE SOFTWARE I have to schedule an appointment with someone to remotely type in a stupid administrator password to let me install the update. This is RIDICULOUS. I can't even count the number of productive hours I have lost waiting for someone to return my calls and emails to set up an appointment for later that day (or even another day!) to do nothing more than type in a password. This is infantilizing, frustrating, and a waste of my time. I'm sure it serves some sort of security purpose, but I beg you: FIND ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE THE COMPUTERS SECURE. I should be able to install a stupid Dropbox update WITHOUT WAITING HALF A DAY FOR YOUR HELP. And please don't assume that improving response times from the CITO staff is the answer--just give us more freaking autonomy! This is the only university I have ever worked at that has exercised this level of control over faculty computing. Find another way.

The technology in Ballantine has been disrupted by the construction. This needs to be addressed. Internet service was not working at all the first day of classes this semester.

Support staff need to get to the classrooms faster when there is a problem. I've had whole class periods wasted because no one showed up early enough to make things work.

The information on kb.iu.edu is great!

They helped me set up my phone.

The website has information I've found useful.

"Cloud" storage to back up data EASILY is still my biggest wish. Doing large backups to Box has proved highly problematic. I admit I haven't tried One Drive yet so I have hopes that will work, but I also hope UITS continues to work on this.

Otherwise, know that we appreciate all of you!!

In general, my experiences with UITS have been positive. CITO takes care of most of our day-to-day concerns and we have excellent experiences with them. The tasks we address with UITS are often of a broader scope, addressing technical needs with more of a long-term nature.

Generally, UITS staff has been a pleasure to work with. I have only had a few IT-related problems in my (short) time at IUB but, each time the team associated with my department has been quick to respond and the issue has always been promptly resolved.

I have no complaints. Everything is predictable and works as it should. I did have some trouble trying to move to the iu.edu email address. The change seemed very cumbersome and I ended up abandoning it after all.

UITS has been helpful with my general questions and they are normally pretty quick too. It would be nice if they had a division that could help with more complex things. I have previously tried to download a program from source and there was nobody on campus who could help.

Help line is great.

Not that I can think.

Staff are very helpful. No problems there.

Three recurring IT issues:

(I) The office telephones on campus should be independent of the computer being on. If my office computer is sleeping, I cannot be contacted and I cannot make emergency calls. This is both inefficient and a security issue.

(ii) Some smartrooms no longer have an independent telephone. All classes should have a phone. (For when the computer doesn't work, for when there is a medical emergency. One of my students actually had a grand mal seizure - no phone - had to borrow a student's phone).

(ii) The current agreement with Adobe is that only two devices can be used with the software. As I access files from my office computer, my home desktop, my laptop, and my phone, this means I am constantly being signed out of Adobe and have to sign back in to read pdfs. This IU-Adobe agreement is insane. There was no problem was Adobe was downloadable. Can the university not renegotiate a more sensible arrangement? Thanks!

I have no negative comments or experiences with UITS.

In general, I am very happy with our IT services, especially the way you handle security. I am not so happy with the way IU micromanages (at least on my desktop PC) the use of programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat. I am using both programs a lot, but the upgrades are cumbersome and add unnecessary jingles and bells. I was content with an earlier version of Adobe Illustrator on CDs (which I had purchased through IU), but I am not allowed to use that program. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat takes 20 minutes (twenty minutes!) to open its screen on my desktop PC. My departmental IT staff cannot fix this problem, which may be caused by incompatibility of Adobe upgrades with Microsoft upgrades. I have an IU-issued 3-year old laptop where I have all privileges and run programs without any problem, including Adobe Acrobat. My departmental IT group wanted me to turn that laptop in for reformatting of the hard drive according to latest regulations (thus restricting my privileges). Fat chance! Recently I visited the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and used a fancy scanning device to look for malware on all my flash drives that I use in conjunction with my laptop during travels. No malware was detected. I am confident that I am quite careful protecting my laptop and desktop from malware.

I rely on UITS on a 24/7 basis. I have had patient, informed support through this. Recently, I've wondered if this service has been given to other vendors to respond to - a couple of times, it just hasn't been so patient and informed.

Very positive experience getting switches/router added to a building. Everyone was helpful through the holiday season and beyond to make sure the right technology was purchased and installed.

I have had nothing but positive interactions with UITS.

My calls to the UITS helpline are usually very productive; that service works well, and is appreciated!

The university IT systems that one must actually use, however, are disastrous. It is never easy to find the information or online form that's needed -- and I usually have to make 3 or 4 phone calls to find someone who knows how to do something that used to involve a simple typed or handwritten note, or who knows where to find a policy that used to be in the printed bulletin. Additionally, systems are changed all the time without notice to faculty, so knowing how to accomplish a task one semester could be useless information six months in the future. University IT systems make formerly simple and quick tasks into long, arduous, confusing slogs. IU really need to reconsider its entire IT systems philosophy, because it has made my job more difficult and more troublesome, instead of easing the workload as technology is supposed to do.

Jeff Taylor, who is the Manager of Computer Support Services in the math department, is very helpful and fast.

I've had technicians help set up my hybrid course and I often do a walk-in at the library.

I've had very positive interactions, especially related to scientific computing support. Keep it up! Some classrooms sorely need hardware upgrades both lecture hall computers and computing classrooms (especially in the Geology building).

Poor communication and on-boarding strategies to introduce new technologies and improvement of existing ones.

Our group worked with Joe Butler and Therese Miller this past year to push a stagnant project forward. We are ever so grateful for their involvement and assistance. They helped to resolve several technical issues and brought their technical expertise to the table. Regan Fields was also very helpful by attending weekly meetings by teleconference. She could notify us of available resources and options for solving problems. These colleagues were instrumental to our progress on the project.

I mostly have positive experiences. I could use more Canvas support; it seems like UITS doesn't think Canvas is in their jurisdiction. Kaltura recordings are cumbersome to share with a class. Document cameras are frequently not working in classrooms. Canvas quizzes are very difficult to use (for example, so far as I know, it can't be spell checked except on a question by question, answer by answer basis).

I am generally happy with UITS.

If the call help center is part of UITS, I have had nothing but positive interactions with them; otherwise, I enjoy reading the UITS newsletter as my only other continuous contact with UITS.

Always been very helpful

Great service.

I've been very pleased with the help I've gotten with Canvas. I've emailed the UITs team twice with questions regarding Canvas and both were answered promptly and helpfully.

Post-survey comment: I was not aware of several services, like Teaching.IU, that I think may be helpful to me until I took this survey! In general, it would be nice to have departments direct new employees to ALL available computing/teaching/etc. resources in some sort of new employee introduction.

My experience with the UITS has been positive.

My role at the university is dedicated to teaching and most of that takes place in the STC Labs. I've always had great experiences with any support & interactions with staff in the labs. My biggest concern is with the lab hardware. Over the last year or so, in teaching in BH118 and LI402 it is normal to have several PC's broken on any given day. In BH118 last fall (FA18) I had to reschedule quizzes for several students because there were not enough PC's operable in the room.

Also, though better recently, I have experienced a lot of crashes and sluggish performance with Outlook. While it is overall better on Campus, when I'm on Outlook off campus it is prone to crashes and slow performance. My connectivity at home is very good (Smithville fiber optic, generally 100+ mb/s download).

I have generally had very positive interactions with UITS. They offer a lot of great services. I do have some gripes about some services available through one.iu.edu. They sometimes perform in really unexpected ways. I had a problem with "view your paycheck" this past year, and I worked it out with UITS help, but the defaults were set in such a way that it displayed nothing.

I like the helpline.

I find Canvas difficult (not very intuitive) to use, organized poorly, lacking certain features like easy to use blogger, etc.

UITS staff are generally very good, but often inexperienced. CITO staff are terrible.

Most of my interactions with UITS are positive. Especially the people who are responsible for the compute clusters. They are always willing to help when we run into problems, even if they don't always find solutions for our problems.

I have had excellent experiences:

(1)        IUTS at the library has helped me with many different problems from CANVAS to software issues

(2)        The testing center provided prompt and accurate scoring

(3)        The IUTS in the SPH has provided me with prompt, useful support. They seem to be able to solve any problem.

(4)        My main criticism is Kaltura and Canvas, both difficult to use for faculty and wasted a lot of time

The information technology environment on our campus has been excellent and been very helpful in my teaching activities. I use UITS facilities and services and I have been working with some of the staff members of UITS. They are knowledgeable and friendly so my experience with UITS is very satisfactory.

I have had almost entirely good experiences with UITS. The response has usually been very rapid and has almost always resulted in my problem being solved. All of my issues had to with desktop computing using a Mac. Only on one occasion have I been frustrated by a computer issue that had to do with Windows XP connecting to the internet. We had a computer running XP controlling experimental equipment that needed such connection which became forbidden under IU policy. I no longer remember the details because this happened several years ago. The whole research program had to be shut down. To put it mildly I was very angry that no other solution was offered.


Love the call in number! Always get great advice and help.

My overall experience has been excellent. Every now and then, though, when I call UITS, I get someone who doesn't know the answer to my question but insists that he will figure it out if I am only patient. Occasionally the person will offer several suggestions that don't work, but will refuse to ask for assistance from a supervisor, even after he has kept me on the line for a long time. I realize I could simply hang up and call again, hoping someone else will answer my call, but that seems rude. There seems to be something of a culture or norm at UITS deterring your consultants from asking for help when they need it. It would be great if that culture could be changed.

I am an adjunct faculty member and have taught the same law school class for 10+ years. I post my syllabus on Canvas and use some classroom technology that I sometimes need assistance with from the law school IT folks. Otherwise I don't use/need most of the UITS services, but only because they are not necessary to what I do.

The frustrating:

  1. Many of my colleagues are trying to put together web sites for their own work, or for classes (that can become student portfolios) but we lack an easy one-click install for academic standards like Omeka or Drupal so that faculty without web experience can take advantage of Webserve without needing WCMS.
  2. Some of the administrative-password limitations are also draconian and stop faculty from doing basic things like keeping a laptop screen on during a long lecture (energy saver preferences can't be changed w/o CITO admin help), not to mention that it's hard to effectively test new tools or digital-tools- based research (adding Python packages for stats, installing NEH-funded software like Tropy for archival image management).
  3. Finally, I've worked with IDAH quite a bit and find their support invaluable, and they've pointed out a lack of practical support between point-and-click software (like MALLET gui, which doesn't exist anymore) and highly-controlled super-computer processing that is beyond my needs and somewhat inflexible in its environment. There's a mid-level need that accommodates more-than-desktop computing but isn't limited by prepackaged notebooks.

The good:

  1. Most of the UITS support desk people. They're friendly and patient and helpful even when they may not be able to solve the specific issue at hand, and that goes a long way. Andy Webb (3D print lab), Justin Peters (GIS support), the folks at Mosaic, Chris Eller; all of these folks come to mind as thoughtful and fun to work with, and Andy's work in the 3D print lab is particularly great for design work and prototyping.
  2. The availability of enterprise software. Access to Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office, etc., is a highlight of working at IU. How would we go about getting enterprise IUWARE/computer-lab access to software like ABBYY FineReader or other sorts of commercial packages that help us deal with digital sources?
  3. Our storage capacity (through services like Karst, RDC, ScholarWorks, etc.) that don't require faculty research funds. We don't all have multimillion $$ grants, and UITS support for computing without direct faculty charges is AMAZING.


  1. To clarify: my low grade for "How often do problems with your primary computing device prevent you from doing your best work?" is because I run into admin access problems in both research and teaching needs regularly.
  2. UITS communication does not communicate in non-IT terms. Telling us "two-factor authentication is insecure" instead of "hackers are intercepting DUO phone calls" means we don't always know exactly what has gone wrong or why. (see also "security threats")
  3. Classrooms with recently upgraded tech (GISB) are great, but the majority of classrooms aren't upgraded and often have broken components. It takes a long time to get those components fixed (which we totally understand is a resource->personnel issue, and Classroom tech is busy; please ask for more $$ and ask faculty to support you on this. We will!)
  4. Tophat is inconsistent and expensive. I use Canvas quizzes for live in-class feedback because it's not a 3rd party package students with limited budgets have to pay for.
  5. Re: "Support for digital humanities, arts, and creative activities": I have gotten competing advice from CyberDh and IDAH and prefer IDAH's flexibility and responsiveness to my research questions (where I feel CyberDH recommends whatever tools/skills they have available rather than customizing to my needs).

Generally good experience.


The UITS staff were extremely helpful, there was not a single negative interaction during our communication. In fact, they answered all the questions I had with patience. They were also very willing to explain in detail.

My primary concerns are with the IU website, in particular the School of Medicine website. The IUSM website is terribly difficult to navigate even for us that are part of IU. For those outside of IU, the IUSM website is really difficult to find anything you are looking for with annoying menus always dropping in, extravagantly long web addresses, and the structure of the site is not user friendly either. In addition, the staff in charge of the IUSM website are extremely difficult to deal with.

The other primary concern is that I am not allowed to be an administrator on my own work laptop. This makes it extremely inconvenient when I need to install new software for research purposes but I have to track down the IT agent for my department before I can even do my work.

UITS could improve by including more data analysis and modeling software. These things are difficult to pay for as a graduate student and early career person. Also the wired system doesn't have the capacity to deal with data that is not "large" but that contains video files.

Staff has been consistently helpful, with knowledge of technology and application for instruction or presentation.

The biggest positive about my most recent experiences with UITS is the quick response time. Both by phone and email I've gotten assistance very promptly on my last two inquiries.

Love chat consultation feature. Some concern with the reduced staffing hours at Wells.


The university requirement that all laptops have CITO as administrator is an impossible obstacle for many of us, and it puts those in the community who can afford to purchase their own laptop at an unfair advantage. Lacking administrative access to my own laptop, for instance, cost me three full days of research work last week, and led additionally to me needing to rewrite from scratch a very long letter of recommendation. Why? Because the laptop had reset in a way that it lacked access to the internet, could not update the clock, to get something as simple as the clock to update required administrative access --which I lacked. So I could not send anything from that laptop to anywhere else where I could access it. No matter, I thought! I'll just take a flash drive and transfer the files at issue over to another (friend's) computer (or one at the office.) But no. The command to reset the clock wouldn't disappear unless I reset the clock and the computer wouldn't let me have access to anything else unless I reset the clock. Which I couldn't do because I lacked administrative access. I realize that this is not UITS's regulation, but this is the only opportunity I have to note my frustration with this seemingly utterly unnecessary imposition on faculty research. My colleagues, having a great deal more financial means than I, have to work around this by just buying their own computer. To put me at a disadvantage, research wise, because I don't have their inherited money is an injustice.

I have always received good service from UITS.

I wish we could adapt Canvas gradebook and rubrics to fit our own classes. The gradebook design is not good. I would consult with a Canvas rep if they want to reach out to me at [IRD]. Thank you for all your work keeping us connected!!

I frequently discover issues with IT technology at IU, file a UITS request for help, and the problem never gets resolved. That has happened at least twice the past year.

Some of the tools are a joke, Canvas being the leading contender. Sometime I read the instructions to do what should be a simple thing--they are often horrendous work-arounds.

I do not consider myself to be a heavy user of IT. That said, I find that the services I use, mostly associated with JSoM, are user friendly, even intuitive. Any issues have been quickly resolved and we are kept up to date on outages, planned or unplanned. I have always received timely replies to email inquiries or phone calls and the Music ITS staff will stop by my office when necessary. Most of the office visits are due to problems with the computer itself, not the systems or services provided.

I am satisfied with the UITS!

It would be nice if all IT staff are members of UITS. It seems that each department hires IT staff who work with UITS personnel. In this way, however, it may be difficult for UITS to learn more specific needs depending on the academic field unless the dept. staff describes/reports to UITS (or even if so it would cause a delay to transfer the information to UITS). Besides, IT staff in our dept. is usually busy and cannot respond to our question promptly (it took about 3 months to finally receive help the last time we requested it, even after asking several times to find when they were available to work for us). If UITS manage manpower of all IT staff on campus, the manpower can be allocated more appropriately between the departments.

Phoning UITS has helped me with some Canvas issues.

I have primarily worked with ETS staff for hardware and software trouble-shooting. There were many things on that survey that I was unaware of in terms of online teaching tools (I primarily teach online, but I do not often seek out new tools myself). Zoom is the best, I use it for everything, including recording webcasts for my classes. Canvas is ok, there are some good features but also some poor features. KnowledgeBase is quite helpful and I can usually get my questions answered there. I don't love the one.iu format (the "app" format as opposed to lists is just not intuitive to me), but the search bar is easy enough to use if I know what I'm looking for.

I have had very positive experiences with UITS.


No concerns. My interactions with the UITS staff were positive, generally speaking.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS, but have not had to access them often.

You all are great! Each time I call the hotline number I get excellent help!

No concerns. Have only had terrific support.

The only interaction I have had with UITS during the past year is printing a poster in Wells Library for a conference. This was a nightmare. It should have taken just minutes but instead it used up most of an afternoon. For a university that prides itself on technology services this is utterly unacceptable. While the technical issues were not too bad (though not zero, either -- it would be nice if it were possible to print from a variety of formats, including keynote, PowerPoint, pdf files, just to name a few), what used up hours of time was trying to find a way to pay for the service! For reasons that are truly beyond me, departmental accounts were unacceptable, as were credit cards and even cash! I understand from various colleagues that they have had similar issues. Like I said, a) printing posters should be possible (!!), and b) it should take no more than a few minutes. FIX THIS!!!!!

The main difficulty is trying to download needed software (often on a time crunch) and I have to wait for UITS to confirm. Even simple updates (like iTunes) cannot be done in the moment, and I have to send a request for them which I don't usually have time to do.

I had an issue with my printer and the IT department was very quick to respond to my request. They resolved the problem very quickly and I was very pleased.

Canvas is inferior to Oncourse.

The Biology computer support group is top-notch. They are knowledgeable, responsive and prompt.

I have a major problem with a discrepancy with what I need to be able to do to maintain a lab and what our computer staff is allowed to help with. My lab involves about 10 workstations, some attached to hardware and some that are for computations. I also have people attaching to large data sets. We need more administrative privileges. While I am very supportive of security, there are all sorts of special cases. Sticking to my own computer. I attach a 40 Tbyte drive array (always attached). There is no need to scan this every week. Anything that gets on it, already comes through a portal that is also scanned. Scanning it fully takes days. There are other examples. In this case I actually have local user account for administration, but I cannot access settings to turn this particular scan off.

Thus, my basic concern is that local computer staff have their hands tied. They have local knowledge and could make reasonable accommodations. One approach could be a more layered network approach. Many of my workstations could be limited easily so they do not have routable IP addresses. They work internally, no need to reach outside.

Positive - UITS people try to help when called on. SPEABITS guys are mostly very responsive. Negatives -1. 8556789 people can be useless, not always having the right knowledge. (But they always try...).

  1. UITS roll outs are usually at the worst possible times in the semester. Timing should ALWAYS be to minimize teaching (and research) disruption.
  2. Choices about what software to drop also do not seem to consider faculty choices. (I still miss WordPerfect - but that's long gone from uits - just 1 still hurting example. I never got frustrated by WP nearly as much as by anything Microsoft, it seems.)

Please, for God's sake, disable auto-startup for Kaltura Classroom. It's a minor irritant, but one that *always* disrupts my pre-class setup. A simple shortcut on the desktop ought to suffice for those who use the program.

I appreciate they are always on hand to help. I have not had a negative experience with any staff when I need computer help. I also appreciate that since we do outside campus work on Canvas with our vendors, the UITS staff is there to help them troubleshoot as well. Please continue to be open to teachers who are busy and need help knowing how to obtain courses from Canvas. Canvas can always be more intuitive!!

I appreciate the on-going tutorials for Canvas, Zoom, etc. - always available when I need.


I feel very supported by UITS staff. They are prompt in their responses and always extremely helpful.

The staff in the IU SPEA (Bloomington Campus) were very helpful when a guest speaker, at the last minute, let me know that they couldn't attend the class in person. With very short notice the UITS staff was able to install a camera so that the individual could speak to the class virtually. He was a lifesaver that day. I greatly appreciated his help.

I believe that IU is among the best in higher education in the breadth and depth of IT services provided to faculty, staff, and students.

Only positive

  1. I really like the 24-7 tech support line. Please keep this. It is a tremendous resource.
  2. I REALLY like the classroom training sessions UITS staff does (e.g., on Excel). Please also keep this, it’s fantastic.

I got speedy assistance when I cracked the screen on a laptop. I was very pleased.

I want to be able to access my Exchange Outlook account on my iPad and iPhone. I hate the Unicom system -- my phone doesn't ring and the handset doesn't work even though the phone is fine. Our IT folks have been unable to troubleshoot what the problem is so I am forced to use my PRIVATE cell phone THAT I PAY FOR business calls.

Uploading grades to Canvas is troublesome.

I collaborate extensively with EDS and have had excellent experiences interacting with the staff.

Updated classrooms tend to be excellent; I do wish that classroom renovations include movable furniture, multiple video screens, and usable white board space. Older classrooms are not prepared for active learning. I teach in a blend of old and new classrooms. The survey doesn't get at the details of what I like and don't like about classrooms--and I want to be sure that it is clear that I think UITS understands what to do to design classrooms.

UITS staff who've helped install / set up faculty office computers seem completely unfamiliar with Macs. This has been a bit frustrating when trying to set up a new machines and get software installed.

Generally positive, particularly in helping with trouble-shooting through the UITS online chat help service.

Overall, software works pretty well. Office works pretty well. The 2-factor authentication works pretty well. The VPN client (Windows) works well. Box is meh, and does not work as well or as reliably as dropbox. (Works for sharing single files. Does not work as a synced / mirrored drive across multiple machines like dropbox.) Solstice connects easily but often lags by seconds or even minutes, making it less useful for in-class coding and other interactive work (when teaching).

Incompatibility of outlook and non-outlook calendaring systems has been an issue. I can't grant read- only access to my outlook calendar outside IU which makes it hard to manage and coordinate, and outlook support for google calendars is touchy. I wish I could just grant read-only access to some people, and read/write access to my gmail account so I can manage all my calendars and reliably access them from one place.

Managed desktop workstations are perceptibly laggy in reading/writing/accessing files. Is this a function of non-local desktops, my documents, etc.? Mandated low-performance software? (Real-time virus scans of each XML data file I create in simulations are not great.) There's no reason my 5+ year old desktop workstation at home should reliably out-perform my new 4-core/8-thread workstation here on the same simulation loads.

Some software, like POV-Ray, seems to be incompatible with installing on the mapped network profiles.

Perhaps I should just change to self-managed machine?

Support for my graduate students on accessing HTC / HPC resources has been very good!

Since everything for programs have been put in the cloud and how these services are accessed is not clear, I find it much more difficult to actually do work that used to be simple. In the old days I just downloaded the recent program to my computer and could use it 24/7. This does not seem to be how cloud-based tech works so my opinion of UITS has gone downhill recently.

The classroom technologies and other equipment should be checked regularly. Sometimes the temperature in the room makes people uncomfortable, e.g. too hot in the summer. Many times the batteries of the microphones are used up.

Staff is always responsive in timely, gracious, and helpful manner. Issues stem from computer updates, typically.


More outreach about Duo and free Duo tokens would be good for new students.

I would prefer to move to google for faculty email too. It is a better and easier system than outlook.

1) Security: IU has been doing quite a bit to increase security in order to protect IU interests. This has only partially benefited the employees. Examples: I am not allowed to have the hard drive of my office computer encrypted. Canvas runs off Amazon services, which are not encrypted. Do more to protect employees.

2.)        Licensing agreements: It seems that decisions as to what software is licensed for IU use are made short term and not in a very transparent way.

3.)        Personal Web Pages: There appears to be no interest at IU to encourage faculty to maintain personal web pages. It would be nice to have a WordPress installation at IU that one can use and customize.

I had a great experience with someone helping me with setting up an online class. Then she moved jobs and I couldn't get good help after that. Very frustrating.

Getting the lab off the ground was not as smooth as I would have liked, we had to wait weeks for our printers to be networked successfully, but now that it's chugging along things seem to be going well. Since the lab has been set up, Andrew Quick has been great to work with when minor problems arise.

I have worked with Sam Underwood to make videos for students and he was extremely helpful. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I have been very happy with the performance of UITS. They have always been helpful and respond very quickly.

One point: Do printers in the School need replacement? I only say this because often they do not work. Some of my students have complained too.

Second, can these services be made easier to get over weekends and holidays?

Services are typically good. Only concern is slow response time to address help desk tickets.

I have had much good luck with CITO and usually with UITS but only when we are able to do a screen share.

I deeply appreciate that the staff is always helpful.

Staff responses:

Every call to UITS has always been a productive use of my time as the reps are all knowledgeable, courteous, and actively listen. I appreciate their customer service.

More in-depth, hands-on help with Lists (for beginners) and how to use them effectively.

I have very little interaction with IT, but what I have had has been positive.

The limitation of access to system information between Administration and Auxiliaries, makes it difficult to perform necessary functions and is frustrating. Specifically, this is in regards to Auxiliary employees access to SIS on an as needed for business functions basis. While this is not directly a UITS policy, it does involve systems that UITS supports. Please review the policy for exceptions for business related functions.

I've called UITS in the past, and had my call automatically roll to a different "tier" without me knowing it. The different tier groups aren't clear to faculty, staff, or students, and until I asked many questions, I didn't understand why the person at UITS was so confused by my question. Once it was explained that the different tiers handle different issues, and I was NOT talking to the tier group I had called, it became clear.

The documentation on how to integrate my IU email on my phone was great. I was able to successfully complete.

I have always found UITS staff to be quite helpful. My most recent interaction was at the Learning Commons where I picked up a token to facilitate my duo log-in; I was assisted immediately by a professional and courteous staff member, and the process was extraordinary quick and simple. The one concern that I would have is that UITS performs so many tasks for the university that I wonder how call center staff would be able to confidently address all the possible issues that faculty, staff, and students might encounter and who are directed to simply "contact UITS."

I find UITS to be mostly unhelpful and opaque. For a service provider, I am often not happy with the service provided but I have no alternative. The core services that I use function enough to complete my work but too often either do not work as intended and require work-around or the services I provide are modified to accommodate failings in the IT resources. The IT resources are defining the services I provide rather than the other way around. Moreover, my department is charged for fixing issues with systems that were designed and created by UITS but did not meet expectations or does not work as intended. If asked, I will always recommend that any department I interact with use a vended product rather than a UITS product if at all possible.

I only have positive interactions with UITS. Ours is out of the Foundation and they are the most responsive IU that I have ever had in any employer I have ever been with in my career. I have to say specifically that Eric McFall and Spencer Utt are rock stars. Kind, responsive, good listeners, and quickly solve all issues.

My interactions are almost exclusively through SCT2 and they are on-the-ball.

I always get thorough answers from the research computing people - very pleased with everyone I work with. As more cloud computing resources are available (AWS for instance) it would be nice for some training classes - I see Illinois has some. LOVE red desktop!!!!

I have had great interactions with the person from UITS I've had assistance from, Jeremy Simpson. He has been so helpful and timely with his responses that he is my preferred contact in UITS. I've never had any cause for complaint with any of the IT services I have received.

Overall good experiences with UITS. I always get a prompt response if I am having trouble. And I like all of the training opportunities that UITS has to offer. 

I am pleased! I do not like the wireless guest access for Wi-Fi since it switched from AT&T hotspot. The new IU Guest Wi-Fi kicks you offline unless you're streaming. This means I have no idea when I was kicked off so I can be missing important emails when they come through. It requires constantly signing back in over and over again throughout the day.

Our office recently moved locations and the networking people (John Stigall in particular) were very quick to respond to issues. Also, we frequently have to work with the Messaging Team and they have been extremely helpful as well.

My laptop was worked on last year and at the time reconfigured so that it is mostly unusable for me. Very little explanation at the time. Many new passwords were created within a half an hour.

No one in my unit knows how to forward phone calls on polycon.

I have had mostly good experiences with UITS, especially lately. I only had one experience that was negative, where I gave remote control of my laptop to someone from UITS and they did something that deleted all of my work the week of finals. Luckily, someone else was able to fix it, and it's been nothing but positive since then.

Outlook is getting harder to use as messages get stuck in the outbox a lot of times and cause me to have to restart my computer.

Our department does a great job although I feel that they are overworked and not as responsive with one full -time person gone.

Many IT support personnel are overwhelmed, contributing to policy compliance shortcomings. Status.iu.edu needs to provide better ETAs on restoring service.

I have no negative comments. I do have a questions about what is meant by UITS staff. Are the team members here in the Service Building considered UITS staff? Jeff, Gary, Michael, Zach, and John are all great to work with and provide excellent support. Outside of that group I am not aware of any interactions I have with UITS staff.

Accessibility, accessibility, accessibility -- PDFs and web training as well as a go to person to ask about best practices.

I just tried to purchase two licenses to Visio. I got an order confirmation but no real info about whether it was a disc, download of something magically to come down from the sky. Just contacted rep who told me to check with "iuware@iu.com" to see if they received my download.

Every interaction I've had with UITS employees has been positive. They are so very helpful whether it be with helpdesk on the phone, in person at the Wells Library, etc.

I'm a staff member and I moved from a UITS-supported unit to a [IRD] supported unit, and it has been a culture shock for me. The amount of funding that UITS has versus [IRD] is staggering...and it's quite common for IT pros to get their foot in the IU door at [IRD] and then, if they're a good employee, migrate to a better-funded and higher-paying department like UITS. This leaves a lower-tier of staff at [IRD] and the quality of IT support (and IT security!) in [IRD] Administration suffers. I'm not sure that many employees here even realize this is a problem, as they don't know how "good" they could have it. I'd love to see UITS further centralize IT structure at IU Bloomington, and help provide a better IT experience for everyone.

Overall positive experiences. Most people that I interact with are willing and eager to help.

The longer I've been with the University, the better my interactions with UITS have been. As I have become more familiar, the easier it has been to find assistance with the services we use. The initial learning curve on who to contact, along with team/management shifts inside UITS, was slightly high as a new LSP. (started in late 2015)

I haven't used UITS too much, but the staff in the library are always really nice and helpful. I do not like the phone system - it is hard to hear and sometimes calls don't come through very well.

UITS rolls out updates w/o proper testing and it causes major problems for the end users. E.g., an update to Pulse Secure was rolled out that caused all kinds of problems such as the laptop locking up randomly causing the user to reboot. This was very costly in time. UITS needs to be more cautious rolling out updates, giving units more time to test how any given update may interact with the unit's individual programs.

The UITS staff were very helpful to me when I needed their help resolving an Adobe licensing agreement. It took awhile to figure out, but they were very patient!

I would love to take some basic computer classes; Word, excel, power point, etc. I don't see them offered anywhere.

I am an academic advisor. It would be very helpful if it were possible to access SIS in more than one browser tab at once -- for example, to run a student's Academic Advisement Report in one tab while using the Course Search in another. Often during an advising appointment I need to switch back and forth between different features of SIS.

A university IT division is and should be the driving force behind supporting every entity across IU. Investing additional revenue to ensure that IT initiatives grows with the ambition of the university is imperative. From my role as a marketer and communications professional at the university, I believe some of the best investments in IT include the CRM, web, email marketing, and Google efforts.

Helpnet has been helpful for desktop support. Mike Queto is very good.

Security reviews for RFPs seem to take a very long time.

I have had a very positive experience and interaction with our IT Support team. Melanie Ebdon and her staff. In particular TC Bradley has been outstanding in support of our custom eDossier application.

Also very positive experience with our local IT Support which is the Exec IT team in Bryan Hall.

All my dealings have been indirectly with UITS, but they have always responded in a timely and efficiently manner.

I do get a little frustrated with some of the classroom technology, particularly since I teach.

Overall, I am very satisfied with services provided by UITS.

No issues with UITS staff except for long wait times to hear back from them.

It would be a great improvement if the software classes (excel series, etc.) let you save your spot of the lesson to close and return to.

SIS has some issues and a lot of barriers preventing errors being corrected in a timely fashion, so our office learns to continually use the work-arounds and double checking for errors that are too common. Our office built some of our SIS parts having to do with transfer credit without thorough practice or investigation, so it remains to not be effective. There are too many barriers to update SIS and our department does not allocate enough resources (time, brainpower and the pay these two require) to plan how to change SIS to work better for us.

Before developing a new service or application, speak to and have meetings with the ones who use it on a daily bases. Find out what they need to do their job and what the service needs to be able to do. While testing, have an environment were in you can test all scenarios.

The UITS staff are very nice and helpful.

The decentralized nature of IT support at IU is confusing.

Ranji Abraham and his area have been vital to the success of our organization and we're so thankful that he has been so supportive of all that we do.

I think the push for digital signatures is pointless. I think it creates a false sense of security.

Response time since switching IT groups (to tech select) has been amazing. While sometimes expertise in certain areas hinder getting a fast result, the team always works until an answer is found. Our department has some unique software that causes some hiccups, but the group doesn't give up.

For the last [IRD] years I have been telling the same old story not enough IT workers for the demanding amount of work expected, pay scale is a joke, how much do you need to hear that? UITS constantly under new employees hard to keep good talent, data storage options are out of control users have way to many options which is causing confusing and extra work for it pros, lack of IU tools to support end users out in field away from IU is a concern, VPN vulnerabilities as well as many constant upgrades cause more work for overworked ITPros as remote users can be challenging. IDF SW is far too demanding on portables users gripe about many false positives, recent sccm testing failed to bring VPN issues to light as there was no testing environment for ItPros outside of using personal smart phones as hot spots, far far too many surveys to fill out - everyone in the world wants a survey for the littlest thing if I enjoyed your assistance I will make a comment to you and admin, stop bombardment of such items.

I have had nothing but positive IT interactions.

My experiences with UITS staff & services over many years have been good overall. No complaints.

UITS has always been very responsive and helpful when I have had to reach out to them with issues.

My experience with UITS staff and services has been positive. I put in a lot of tickets for web related services and they are always handled quickly and the issue, if any, is always taken care of.

Response time is great, staff is friendly and helpful. Training courses get me what I need.

I am a fairly new employee so I do not have a lot of experience with the UITS staff yet.

None at this time.

My concern is that I usually have to diagnose and fix my own IT problems simply because I utilize a Mac at work. It would be great if IU employed IT folks who were able to work on this.

I have always enjoyed the friendly help I encounter with the 812-855-6789 helpline. I have called both for my own needs, as well as when assisting walk-in staff who visit the HR department. UITS Tech Select has also been AWESOME to work with for all our HR technology needs. I would like to see more robust Wi-Fi coverage available on campus because there are many dead zones.

My only negative: there was a day when I went to the UITS station at the IMU with a re-hire -- there was supposed to be a person at the IMU station, but there wasn't.

I would say that all of my interactions with UITS have been positive. I cannot think of any negative experiences.

I would like to mention one group in particular that has been outstanding on assisting me with my issues and that would be the EWA group.

Chrome River is terrible to use. Not impressed with the ability to find anything. Auditing will be very difficult.

When I travel to other Big Ten schools for athletic events, they have Wi-Fi networks that work and do not require any password. I think that would be something that visitors to IU would appreciate.

The UITS staff I dealt with when we got new computers setup were very helpful.

2 complaints:

-           UITS response time on ticket

-           IU KB. It's hard to find some content for IT pros

Staff are great, there just aren't enough resources dedicated to optimizing use of "enterprise-wide" systems. I find the allocation of resources disappointing.

I have never had a negative experience with UITS staff or services in 24 years and I've seen a lot of improvement in communication between users and staff. The Knowledge Base is an excellent resource though some directions are less helpful than I expect, especially due to changes in procedures I think, or the writers not being able to understand what things look like to even a fairly knowledgeable user.

I've generally had positive experiences. There are some things that are problematic for administrative staff -- Box is great for storing and sharing, but it can be difficult when others create folders to share with you and their folder names are not very descriptive. Let's say I run the Jones Office. Everyone then makes a folder with some slight variation of "Jones Office." It makes finding things in Box difficult.

Outlooks is a powerful tool, but searching Outlook for an old email can be a frustrating experience. I've heard this from other professionals as well.

I used to take advantage of staffed training classes regularly when there was a schedule for these in- person classes. I always found these useful. I need to try one of the classes through Dashboard and see how it works out. I'm appreciative that these exist.

Unique placed and facilities oriented UITS staff at Service building are great; and greatly needed! We could use regular, update, and basic to advanced software training to numerous Capital Projects/Service Building staff on AutoDesk products (Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, etc.). As is provided on other software we use like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel etc.

It would be nice to have a list of names for contact. I work from 5:30 PM until 2:00 AM Monday - Friday. There has been times that I was not able to log in to our computer. I didn't know who to contact for help. Also, we have the Kuali clock in machine in a hallway at Smith Research that our employees use during the week. It always seems to have problems. There are several staff members in this building that also use this machine. Would it be possible to have more machines installed in this building, so someone on the far West end of the building and South side of the building don't have to walk so far to use this machine. One machine is just not enough for a building of this size. And over 100 plus staff members in the area.

I rarely interact with UITS but my few experiences with help have been productive.

The 3rd shift used to send new members to the Library so they can get their crimson cards and duo fobs created. Recently, UITS changed their working hours at the Library and our new staff is now forced to attempt to get to the Library during day hours, when there is no parking, parking enforcement is ticketing and their immediate supervisors are not available to help guide them through the process. Plus, you are asking 3rd shift staff to interrupt their sleep in order to accomplish this. It is the equivalent of asking a day shift worker to drive to the Library at two in the morning to get their paperwork completed. This is VERY INCONVENIENT for 3rd shift staff. A nice compromise would be for UITS to provide extended service hours at the Library for 1 or 2 nights a week, so 3rd shift management could arrange a convenient time to assist their new staff members with acquiring crimson cards and fobs. PLEASE EXTEND SERVICE HOURS AT THE LIBRARY TO MIDNIGHT ONE OR TWO NIGHTS A WEEK.

The staff has been very helpful.

The help desk is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Your on-line request for service needs a lot of attention. It is difficult to navigate and does not offer the kind of support needed during the design of a renovation. It is even less helpful when we are forced to use it to acquire UITS support when a project is under construction.

Also in need of attention is your email response to any sort of request for service. The email messages are cryptic and do not help move the conversation forward.

Smaller departments that can't fund an onsite IT staff would greatly benefit from UITS support. I think it can be confusing to individuals (faculty and staff) as to whether they are allowed to use UITS and what departmental cost would be incurred in situations where a departmental IT staff is unavailable to assist them but perhaps they could reach out to UITS support. I think in these cases faculty/staff are just waiting for their departmental staff to become available to resolve their IT issue, either because they want to avoid cost to the department or they don't realize this is an option to them.

1)         Linux support could be better. Too many services are Windows-centric & don't play well with others.

2)         I occasionally have to research lab purchases & then forward the information to a departmental administrator for fulfillment. KFS is very clunky for this, with a different procedure required for each vendor.

UITS has always responded very fast to all of any issues I have had and fixed them the same day within hours. I wish every place was like that.

My last positive was the person that assisted me in the Wells Library to change my passphrase. He was patient and made sure it updated correctly.

I've had nothing but positive experiences with UITS.

I have no complaints as to the service I require from UITS.

I often wonder if IU isn't spending too much money on glitzy technology when low tech is a better use of resources.

I HATE the knowledge base. It seems when I have a question I always get directed there, but to my knowledge, I have NEVER found an answer to what I need there. I have wasted so much time trying to find the answer or solution and always end up calling for help. Sorry, but I think the KB is a terrible waste of resources.

Recommendation for new service: Sycamore Hall needs a student printer. I work in an academic unit in SY and have at least one student every other day ask where a printer is located in Sycamore and/or if they can use our department printer (no they cannot).

Integration of systems, for example KFS and Chrome River would be helpful for staff. Chrome River has not turned out to be the pot of gold that we were promised and now we have two separate actions lists to check on a daily basis. Just the problems with Chrome River could take a whole other survey.

IUIE while helpful, is clunky, dated, and not user friendly for those who are new to the system. There has got to be a better way to pull reports from KFS, and in real time.

Same with SIS, which is also clunky and not intuitive.

Fillippo Manucci, who works at the IU Health Center IT Dept., is always quick to respond, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Not always the case with others in the dept.

I've had very little contact with UITS this year personally. However, I have observed another staff, who submits request for approval of software purchases, and UITS has responded to those requests in a timely manner.

I have found the staff to be available and knowledgeable.

I would like to have secure IU fax services be able to fax critical data such as credit card information.

I am very frustrated with the overall IT services at IUHC. I certainly understand the need for patient confidentiality, but the number of passwords and the frequency with which they need to be changed is almost unbearable. And it is frustrating to have all these protections and STILL not be able to work on patient notes anywhere but my IUHC office. Today, I am home [IRD], knowing there is a ton of work I could get done, if only I was treated like a competent, responsible professional. Similarly, I have been training [IRD] interns for IU for 20 years, and we still can not get a videotaping system that works. I mean we are 'I f'n U' and it appears we are still patching together a series of outdated hard and soft wares.

In my experience the IT staff are quick to respond, kind, and explain in detail how to troubleshoot something if I can't figure it out first.

UITS staff have always been very helpful.

I find the UITS staff to meet my needs and I am satisfied with their service.

I understand that the volume of technology requests must be high but having a phone number for direct contact rather than putting in a work order for a simple issue would be wonderful.

Sometimes it is hard to know where you should go for information needed or help with a problem. Some of the tickets request information that those of us less computer savvy might not know. Overall, once I have gotten to the right place, I have received the help I needed and been happy with the assistance given.

I would love to be able to have printer access as a staff member when I am away from my office, but still working. This would include places like the library or the union where there are printers, but may need to print off something for work.

1.)        As I work remotely (outside of Indiana), I heavily rely on VPN and sometimes the network is extremely slow (not sure if it's because I'm a few states over in NY?)

2.)        The IU online fax service is great! I just wish it was available/secure for transmitting information for PCI DSS as some recruitment events my department hosts require a faxed credit card authorization form and I don't have access (being remote) to a secure fax machine.

3.)        The biggest complaint I have regarding technology at IU is the RC level support for OEM. It becomes quite a challenge to get help or even a straight answer from the tech team, as if they're unaware of how technology works or what they're responsible for (ordering tech and supplies, and servicing specific equipment). I understand this is not a reflection of UITS, but still incredibly frustrating and could leave a bad impression of UITS on other departmental staff.

So far in my short time with the University my experience with UITS has been very good. I like the notifications about system updates and changes. Most recent examples are the Antivirus update for the Macs, moving to Eset, and the VPN certificate update notification. We received a few reports of certificate errors so the notice that it would be updated was helpful.

The telephone hardware is awful. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Trying to get updates to KFS and other systems is almost impossible. Workaround is the only thing. We have workarounds for our workaround. It is a disgrace!

I have had good interactions online and in person with UITS staff.

While I understand the need to be vigilant about data security, I feel like we are way over the top on this issue. We can't get the programs or software we need without a very long review process and we're being asked to purge files that we would prefer to keep.

I also regularly have to restart or shut down my computer because it loses it's Outlook connection.

I am new to the university and haven't had but a couple of interactions with the staff. I have found everyone so far to be very helpful, patient and informative.

After taking this survey, I'm realizing that I don't know about a lot of the resources that UITS has to offer. As a staff member, I don't think we're trained or well informed about all that UITS offers other than what is already on our computers (skype for business, one.iu, etc.). I really like the MONITOR newsletter, so maybe there can be a Did You Know section.

Exec IT is truly wonderful. They're responsive and helpful.

Sometimes instructions on Knowledge base or IT instructions in general need to be better explained in simple, layperson terms. Do you have people outside of IT read written instructions to test if they can be easily followed? If not, I highly recommend this as a QI project.

Generally, UITS staff respond quickly to requests we make for their services and they complete their tasks with thoroughness and excellence. There are times that, due to the nature of business that our office conducts, issues rise rapidly and IT services are urgently needed. The UITS team who serves us, although occasionally short-staffed, usually retains flexibility and manages to cover our urgent needs.

On the negative side, there have been a few situations where scheduled IT assistance did not arrive and a reminder call had to be made. The IT staff either overlooked the request, or through some glitch/oversight, the event "fell off" their calendar. On one of those occasions, we were unable to reach an IT staff member by email or phone prior to a meeting requiring their services and our office staff had to perform their tasks. The negative experiences are rare and the positive ones are abundant.

Stop using ThinkPad's, slow or no responses.

I use our internal department technology services and am very pleased with the service I have received.

My experience with UITS Staff has always been delightfully positive.

UITS Staff conduct themselves with the highest professional standards in speech and behavior. They are patient, and they listen carefully before responding.

They don't rush you. They make sure that they have addressed all of my concerns and they don't make me feel uncomfortable when they ask questions.

The UITS Team is a top notch professional group of respectful individuals with a mission to serve and help instruct those of us who are not as computer literate as they are without making us feel inferior in knowledge.

I appreciate them and their good nature interaction style of sharing technical knowledge. They represent their department at IU very well.

I like all the communication concerning security and phishing. I would like there to be phone numbers to contact UTIS staff in the Library.

I haven't had many interactions with UITS staff, but the few that I have had have been positive. The only problems I've had have been with Canvas or Digital Desk related and they were resolved quickly.

Main thing I'll say, from an academic staff perspective, is that it's too bad everything has become so centralized "system-wide", meaning things we need to get done to benefit students in our unit or even campus become placed low on the priority chain. This is perhaps a broader issue with administration, but I believe the effort toward "shared services" across the entire institution has hurt service to individuals as a whole.

I have frequently over the last 18 years called 5-6789 and always received excellent service and swift assistance from a polite and patience customer service person. Best service possible. Always consistent.

Do not find the KB helpful AT ALL - never clear steps 1, 2, 3 - time-consuming trying to fathom what is meant - instant and perfect assistance speaking with UITS customer service.

I enjoy that IU has been keeping up to date with our current technology changes. Although, as general supervisor for the building services department, not a lot of our staff have the proper training to use the kuali system. Also on that note, the IU library card services have changed there hours for the many of us who work third shifts. Not sure if that relates to this or not but thought I'd throw that in there. Also with Kuali all of our clock in screens are to small of print with many of our staff that have large hands. Our senior workers have much difficulty learning the system. Maybe a way to enter hours could be changed.

Interactions with individual UITS reps during tech help phone calls is generally very good. It's unclear to me what all is in the UITS portfolio, so this next note may not be relevant. SIS course search has its strengths, but doesn't properly filter for "Show open classes only." It shows orphaned discussions, lectures, and labs that the student can't take because another required component of the class is closed; meaning that the class itself is essentially closed even if there are some seats in one component. It's very frustrating to know that these kind of bugs hold no priority with respect to the Fix List. They are hugely impactful on students and staff, just as the loss of rain checking from the registration system years ago continues to be a serious loss to the process of registering. Those who use "upgraded" or "new and improved" software so often experience it as a step backward, and a net loss.

Generally, the people I have interfaced with have been helpful, polite, and professional.

In the world of academic advising it is often unclear whether issues with systems such as AdRx, iGPS, SIS, etc. should be reported to UITS or OCSS.

One very inconvenient issue I run into is when my computer has to be updated, especially in the middle of a conference/video call. The computer has to restart and there is no way to dismiss it.

It would be nice to see my degree map process in real time. I can see an outline of the courses needed for my undergrad degree, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to see which of those courses I have already taken or apply to the degree.

No thoughts, concerns, issues or ideas.

I have had many positive experiences with UITS. There have been several stellar UITS personnel who have treated me and others in my department with respect. That said, though, the overall culture of UITS seems very centric. There are IT people outside of UITS who are competent. For example, when Brad Wheeler says good things about IT at IU at Statewide, his only focus is on UITS. That seems to be a common attitude at UITS. There are lots of good things happening at IU with IT that don't involve UITS.

Numerous positive experiences with UITS. Our team works largely with EITS. They are a very supportive team and have good systems in place, willing to go the extra mile and to help us with the exec-level needs with which we work. The times when we have had concerns or issues arise have been when the team is overworked or understaffed. The teams really do a very good job in trying to be there for each of us!

KFS/IUIE UI is not user-friendly. Would love to see updates made to these systems for better front- and back-end functionality.

Why is there so much focus on bright, shiny, new things like Salesforce that are useless to the majority of IU's users, while services such as purchasing, financial management, travel, student systems and services, WCMS, etc. remain clunky, appear outdated and are not user-friendly?

Why does this survey have no options for "I have never heard of this service"? I didn't know securitycenter.iu.edu existed until I took this survey.

My area falls within the College of Arts and Sciences, so I usually interact with CITO. However, UITS has been very helpful and responsive when I've needed assistance from their staff.

No negatives so far. The one thing that has been interesting at IU is the division of what gets handled at the school level and what gets handled at the UITS level. The separation as a systems user is difficult to understand and creates inefficiency in getting issues resolved. I feel like issues get resolved but you don't always know where to start and it often takes getting bounced between UITS and KSBIT or the opposite.

Overall my experiences with UITS has been positive. I have especially appreciated those who have worked in the Wells Library and with the OVPR IT team. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate getting new employees the equipment they need in a timely fashion but that has very much depended upon the department we're working with (and the department the new employee is in) rather than UITS as a whole. My experiences as a staff member at SPEA have been especially positive, even when there have been issues with my computer equipment.

I think there could be improvements to KFS and other administrative trainings. I think that IDAH is an excellent resource for creative activity & humanities research for faculty.

I have been working with UITS e-Design & Learning Services team for 2-3 years now to support online programs. Without a doubt, their team is beyond supportive! Not only that, but they are informative, compassionate, and dedicated to providing a quality outcome for all constituents. They certainly make my job easier, as it is a service I can trust and depend on to meet deadlines, policies, and other matters.

I'm relatively new to IU and I have experienced frustration with implementing changes related to IT. It's hard to know who to go to for what. The software I use must be HIPAA compliant which adds to slow changes, complicated systems and are not user friendly and don't produce reports I need.

I do not interact with UITS.

I have had positive experiences with UITS staff.

All UITS personnel are friendly and knowledgeable.

They are always responding very fast to our questions or problems. Every staff is wonderful to work with.

Will/Can UITS initiate a license agreement with an outside vendor to assist with unit website monitoring and improvement? (i.e. DubBot, Site Improve, etc.)

Need more institutional development offerings regarding basic skills through experienced levels. Too many of our staff and faculty are far behind in computer skills, etiquette and understanding. It puts the entire institution at a disadvantage.

I find that the UITS offerings are robust, that my questions are always answered fully and promptly, and that the UITS employees are always more than willing to help everyone no matter their IT skill level. I am very impressed with and grateful for UITS.

IUIE tech services is quite slow in giving a solution to a request.

I just started on January 22nd, but so far so good.

My primary points of contact with UITS are Laura Klein, Rose Ann Hasty, Christine Conklin, Sam Roadruck, & Steve Brahaum. These UITS staff members are a joy to work with. They are knowledgeable, quick to respond, happy to answer any questions I ask, and are very friendly (even when telling me 'No'). Other sections in UITS could benefit from their customer service skills.

IT staff is very helpful and punctual. They admit they do not have the Macintosh training they wish they had. So, sometimes they need to search for solutions, which is fine. It would be nice if you could hire a Mac tech guy who is available for issues with Macs and apple or adobe products. MDSS or the new software is clunky to download and access and only a few staff have passwords to access.

Sometimes in the library stacks at wells it is hard to get a signal.

I've been pleased with the help I've received.

Mickie Leibacher takes care of athletics specifically and every single one of my interactions with her have been nothing but fantastic. She is always super helpful. When I was hired, she made sure I was set up with everything I needed and made sure I understood how to use everything. She makes regular rounds to us to make sure everyone is good. She is fantastic and a pleasure to work with.

Overall I believe IU is about 30 years behind in technology on the administrative side. When I came here I thought I went back about 20 years in software for budget, employee compliance and infrastructure for management. We are wasting sooooooo much money due to systems inefficiency. I believe a good systems engineer and solid software would do wonders for IU. I realize we are here for students, but the cost keep going up due to admin burden. As an administrator, I look for collaborations with the academic side as they have nice research and evaluation software/tools.

Very happy to have the collaboration - recently worked with IT Community Partners to see where we could use UITS tools. Trying to align and leverage UITS services.

The SPH IT department is great at what they do. They completed requests in a very timely manner, very courteous and if we have problems they are quick to fix them.

Better Wi-Fi coverage.

Sometimes reports that have been run in IUIE don't want to open up. It seems like the system thinks the report is open, but it's no where to be found. I keep clicking it to open, then I've got 3 or 4 of them. I run reports in IUIE all the time. It's not me, it's the system. I just visited the security website and changed my passphrase because I knew it was close to 2 years old. That website said that my electronic signature is expired and I disagree. My emails have the little red ticker and I use an electronic signature on some forms.

Can't think of anything right offhand. Nothing to add.

I've found UITS to be very helpful. My main interactions with them have been at the library. They were friendly and helped me get done what I went there to do.

I like working with Tier2 techs. They are polite, prompt, and usually helpful.

Why is it so hard to find out where to go to get an answer to a question or problem? Then, when you do speak to someone who possibly may be helpful, their cookie-cutter reply is "You need to send an email to blahblahblah@blahblahblah and someone will get back with you." There needs to be a general directory listing all of the blahblahblah@blahblahblah's (and a brief description of the types of questions appropriate to send to that email address). I spend a lot of time looking for someone to help me resolve an issue, sending emails to the "general email address for that type of question", then waiting for a reply. Am I impatient? I don't think so. Just frustrated with the structure of customer service within the university.

I have had only positive personal interactions with folks on the UITS Help Desk--I feel very comfortable using this as my initial point of inquiry for any technical problem, and the consultants are personable, persistent, and try to stay with me until I report that my question is answered. As an academic advisor, many of my questions are really about academic systems, and the primary consultants are in other offices. In these cases, I feel that the UITS staff are not as familiar with the key resource contacts for my central areas (SIS, AdRx, etc.).

It would be amazing if IU had a license for Filemaker Pro. In shared offices having one phone attached to one person's computer has caused problems (the other computer is a student workstation). Kuali Time could be radically improved by not having every timesheet generate an email. One email

reminder that it is time to go approve timesheets would really make my Monday inbox far less horrifying.

UITS staff are generally helpful when they can be. As a webmaster, I would appreciate better communication when a search server is taken down or changed without my knowledge (it breaks my website)...or if webserve maintenance is happening - please let us know before the plug is pulled.

These situations have occurred and cause a lot of frustration for users.

As far as desktop computing and Windows administration goes, I sincerely feel there should be more lenience in letting professional staff (especially developers) have more administrative control over their workstations. My Windows machine is very slow and impeded by all the policies and controls imposed on it by TechSelect. The 15 or so minute timeout lock is very annoying and impedes productivity. Could it at least be 30-60 minutes? Developers need to install and uninstall a lot of tooling - its very inconvenient to have to request tech support for simple application updates and app installation. Any flexibility in this would help.

Last, I'd like to touch on the WCMS Cascade Server - its really time to get rid of this dinosaur in my opinion. It offers little usability to developers and users. The interface and associated languages are not conducive to productivity with web content management. Updates, upgrades, and migrations have been very difficult and painful. Web development is now much more lean and streamlined with more popular current open technologies and platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Static Site Generators and most recently JAMstack. Newer open source alternatives are far more usable and more well- documented. Using the WCMS is highly inconvenient for everyone and NOBODY I have ever spoken to at IU (developers or users) really cares much for it. It's clunky, slow, complex, and highly inefficient. Let's stop already with the quiet polite political correctness toward this old system and address the elephant in the room (the WCMS) and escort it out the door already. The WCMS framework, is in my opinion, an admirable but unsuccessful attempt at creating a more friendly user interface layer for an obsolete commercial CMS system. It also makes many websites at IU look very much like cookie cutter bland design. There is nothing unique or interesting from one site to the next. Excellent alternatives are available - let's move on to current technology that would make content management much easier for everyone! I do support using IU Branding - but lets not let it kill all creativity and uniqueness. In fact we should discuss how we can explore making sites unique within the constraints of IU branding. Thanks!

As a student, UITS has always been a great help.

As a staff member, UITS billing for server charges and contacting for helpful information has not been good. We have gotten charged several times for things as financial members, that we are not sure what they are. The description of the charge does not give any detail. My suggestion is to look into changing this, that way we, as staff members, know exactly what we are being charged for.

Great people to work with, excellent service.

Response time on desktop very slow and Wi-Fi hard to access.

I have always had positive experiences with UITS staff and I greatly appreciate their knowledge and help. They have always been respectful and kind, and they have always helped to solve my PC software issues.

My interactions with UITS over the years has been positive and I have always received the help I need.

I have had positive interactions with UITS staff over the years.

Jeremy Simpson and his team at Tech Select were new to our startup but have done a great job of meeting our needs as a wholly new department alone in the woods.

  1. It's really nice to know I can call 24/7 and talk to a human! Much appreciated!!
  2. Sometimes UITS can't help me with Kelley internal issues (KSBIT isn't available during non-standard working hours) and this can be frustrating, but understandable.
  3. It took several days, phone calls, and emails to figure out no promo code for UITS "free to employees/low cost to non-employees" classes (like the UITS Professional Office Certification Series) actually exists. I think I finally gave up on that one and the promo code thing needs to be removed from the check-out section (or a promocode needs to be made available to IU employees/staff). Seems like if I'm already logged in as an employee, have an employee id number, and an employee user name the computer program would automatically recognize me and not ask for a promo code or a credit card number. When I first called UITS about getting the employee promo code the first lady I spoke with told me to get the promo code from my supervisor. My supervisor had no idea what I was talking about. After a couple of weeks I finally got a link directly to one of the free classes, but it's not the entire Professional Office Excellence Series.

The help desk at the Library is great. Always able to help when I/we have a problem with our home equipment and connections.

All is well as is.

In regards to IT classes, instead of all online course through Canvas (which is difficult to navigate) I prefer in person sessions which are no longer available. I have attempted to use the online portals, but don't feel it meets my needs as I am unable to ask questions.

UITS have been helpful for the most part. CAITS have been lacking a bit though. Maybe it has to do with new set ups and the amount of demands that are being requested with reduced number of people working.

The help area is wonderful. Emails informative and quick. Chat was amazing. Cascades publishing is not adequate. Slow internet at my work computer is frustrating - I get better service on my phone - maybe it's just the computer. IU BOX is amazing, simply amazing.

Any time I have contacted UITS, I have always been treated well and the issue/s resolved.

I have always had great experience with UITS staff.

It is hard to know what goes through UITS vs Creative Services. Additionally, it has been challenging working with UITS as it seems that everything is at such a high level that it no longer can cater to our specific office needs.

I do not have any at this time.

I have used UITS to make conference call requests many times over the last 20 years and have always had quick response rate from helpful staff. Other than that, I really don't have that much interaction with UITS.

Support queries and requests have been handled quickly and professionally. Enterprise CRM needs to do a better job of communicating upcoming changes to the CRM to end users.

UITS staff has always responded quickly and well to my calls.

I have had a great experience in working out tech issues with SPEA IT staff. They are friendly and approachable and more than willing to help you regardless of your tech experience or knowledge of a certain issue.

As far as recommendations, I do have a few: First of all, as a staff member it would be really helpful if students and staff used the SAME email platform because it makes it very difficult to try and schedule things with students who work for me and even if I put a calendar event on their calendar, they don't typically see it or check/use outlook so it is worthless. They also don't have the ability to send me a meeting request if they needed to meet about an upcoming event or project they have prior to our regularly scheduled one on one time. If we didn't change the email platform and have all students use outlook, then we NEED to have the availability of using a website like Calendly which is able to sync to exchange accounts and you can provide students a link that they can click to book a time with you and it automatically syncs to my calendar and whatever calendar they are using so they get a reminder.

Currently I am not able to use Calendly or the similar "Youcanbook.me" as there is an error in attempting to sync. I have used Calendly at a previous institution that also used outlook (though students also used it and didn't have another option so it wasn't as critical to have but very useful) in addition to DUO authentication.

Secondly, I think that the university should look into investing in a better app platform for student engagement. I have heard many students talk about the lack of usability with the one.iu app. In my opinion it is useful for certain things. However, when it comes to student engagement and finding out about events and resources and opportunities for them, one.iu doesn't not do that well and currently the FYE department has an app through guidebook. I have worked at a bigger school prior to IU and we utilized Involvio as they have systems in place for both orientation but also for campus engagement and retention so it is an app that students could use even beyond that FYE experience their first year. I would love to use that app for our specific academic college but if there was an app all students had and each school could tailor the resources available to their students I would absolutely jump on board with that and I think it would be VERY well received by our students from my conversations with them. They want something that is accessible to them but also well-done and not just linking them to the SPEA or IU website.

One final note is it would be AMAZING to have a way to track attendance at events using student IDs. I know a few departments have gotten permission to do so on their own but at my undergrad institution, [IRD], anyone who was hosting an event could request and borrow a "Q card machine" and not only could they have students swipe or tap in, but they also could allow students to use "Q-cash" on their ID to pay for food or merchandise they were selling or fundraising. But even just the attendance aspect would be very beneficial to reduce wait times having students check-in or sign-in when having a larger or mandatory event.

Had an issue last year. After reading the instructions for setting up by phone to log in; needed help setting up my phone instead of Duo password. The UITS tech was helping said I had to go through UITS. While on hold, he was doing something, my coworker said to hand up and he would show me how to set it up. Got it figured out.

The IT staff at the IUHC in Bloomington is great. I really haven't had any interaction w/ UITS, but my colleagues have.

UITS has always been prompt and have always been able to solve any tech problems I have had.

I have had mostly positive experiences dealing with UITS. My only concern is the lengthy SSSP process. It takes quite a while to get something approved for that.

I have nothing bad to say!

Box is showing its age and clunkiness. I now have more than 14 pages of boxes with thousands of documents in them, making it difficult to use.

I have only had positive experiences when using UITS for help.

I think the UITS staff is great, when I have problems they always make it a priority to help, even when it is not a priority.

During the past year, I believe I've interacted with UITS staff twice. I don't remember the specifics of the first encounter, which leads me to believe the experience was neither horrid nor fantastic. The second experience was replacing my login token at the Wells library. The service was quick and painless, but the wait was longer than I expected.

The times that I have called UITS or emailed them, UITS never responded.

I have experienced quite a few issues with Mac laptop and associated printing services, as well as with Skype for Business. Ongoing issues, and all of this took over a couple months to resolve (Skype not yet resolved). That said, my College IT representative works diligently and consistently with campus ITS to resolve issues as best and as quickly as he us able.

They have been very responsive and flexible.

I got to work with Mickie in Athletics. She is wonderful and set up my computer and phone so quickly.

UITS has always been responsive and I'm satisfied with the great customer service. For some of the issues the responses went on an online blog and I'm not sure I like it (seeing myself in a public forum) but I can see how it might be useful to people troubleshooting issues. I believe this was just related to website matters. The last issue I had was not published.

I have almost always had great response times and help from UITS.

Overall, UITS is really helpful and responsive. I'm an advisor on campus and work with tech all day long. I know that if I ever have an issue that I can contact UITS and they will be patient (despite likely getting trivial questions regularly!) and helpful. From the instructor standpoint (I also teach on campus), I find classroom tech to be less intuitive, but I have not taken as much time to learn those functions.


All interactions I've had with the IT department at the Library (in particular Keith Welch) has been prompt and very helpful.

I can add, though, that I work from home many days, and when we have Zoom meetings in BL-LIBG- E174 the audio is often so bad (crackling, too quiet, feedback) that it can make it very difficult to hear what's happening in those meetings.

The IT specialist in Bryan Hall are all very helpful and knowledgeable regarding any issues that I might have with computing. My personal concern are hackers and criminals that seem to be finding more innovative methods to trick people.

I recommend allowing ATT to broadcast their Wi-Fi on the campus again. It was convenient to have and no announcements were made before getting rid of it.

UITS can be delayed in responses which can be an issue at times.

Only positive interactions.

Great training tools. Enjoyed discount subscriptions to Plural Sight. I miss free subscription to lynda.com though.

My interactions with UITS have been minimal, but I can say that the one experience I have had with the Support Center--when I picked up my Duo Token--was easy and pleasant. I was impressed that, despite the line of people behind whom I waited, the staff moved thorough their schedule efficiently and still had plenty of positive words and energy left for me when my turn came. Whatever they were doing at that Center that day, it was working.

The UITS staff is quick to respond to any requests and suggesting different ways to implement the task at hand.

UITS staff is always very polite and helpful.

Tech support in my building R/TV is very thoughtful and often even caring.

I often call the support folk at 56789 and have been impressed with their knowledge and helpful advice.

All my experiences have been positive.

The whole campus uses smart card readers for access. Kuali uses a mag stripe reader still, why can't we figure out a way to use the schlage readers with this software. I have provided a reader, I think would work, to our IT department but he says it won't work. The mag stripe wares out to fast.

As a supervisor at a branch library, it would be good to know when they will not have staff in the library to help patrons with printer/copier-related problems. We rely on the UITS consultants in order to help patrons with the myriad printer problems that arise throughout the day. So when they will not have someone here because of sick staff, change in schedule, etc., we really need to know.

Thankfully, I do not need to call upon UITS services very often, but when I do, the representatives are quite helpful.

Overall good support. Recent confusion about what shows in UITS notices when a system is down and a problem has been reported.

My experiences and interactions with UITS is very limited. Therefore, I do not have strong negative or positive interaction with UITS.

I really miss Lynda.com for online learning at my own pace. It's great to have course opportunities offered through UITS but if a scheduling conflict comes up at work then the course is the first to go.

My experience has always been positive. As a new IU staff, November 2018. I have had plenty of contact with the UITS. Always informative and always professional.

Confusion about where to go for what when it comes to technology concerns.

IIDC has received great support for from UITS when it comes to onsite issues however, offsite is a bit of a different issue for us. Many of our end users travel all over the state or have home offices therefor they are not always on the IU network. Typically information is given out with the assumption that users are on the IU network and or admins of their own computers for us this is not typically the case. This causes us great challenges in providing remote user and endpoint support.

Help desk is always extremely helpful in solving issues.

UITS has always been great help to me.

Forgot CISCO password to open encrypted messages had to contact UITS for help. Response was very positive.

I have no concerns.

In general, UITS staff provide excellent service when it comes to Windows, OSX, and mobile devices. My work at IU requires that I develop in a Linux environment however. While I'm able to administer my laptop for the most part, occasionally issues come up that are beyond my expertise. As an example - a recent UITS update to the VPN server software obsoleted my vpn client I had installed (incidentally, software that the knowledge base -still- recommends as a valid VP client - Open Connect). It took about 5 days to resolve the issue and only happened out of lucky happenstance - a technician at the Wells UITS support desk happened to be one of the tier 2 support staff and was finally able to sit down and resolve the issue with me.

I realize that I probably comprise less than 1% of the users at IU (as a Linux user) but it still is frustrating not being able to get timely support for these occasional issues. I lost a week of work as I needed to be home those days but was unable to connect to IU's network. Having a dedicated Linux support desk (I'd happily travel to some location on campus for this) or phone number would be a large step in providing better support to Linux users.

I've had great response times and members following up on concerns I've expressed when the email chain has gone silent. Overall, I'm impressed and satisfied.

I have received help from UITS staff in Wells Library and was satisfied with the help I received. I have also used Knowledge Base.

UITS does a pretty good job : )

The phone system is in no way useful for any office that receives a number of customer service calls. The phone often doesn't ring until the caller has heard several rings (making them impatient). Also, coworkers cannot pick up a call from their desk if the person at the main number is away. Also, I worked with telecommunications for over two months before I gave up on being able to hear my voice mails. For times when I cannot make out the voice to text message, I need to be able to hear the message. I don't have speakers on my computer, but even if I did, I am in too open of an office to play the message out loud.

No complaints, and all of the individuals I have worked with have been very professional and friendly, including student, staff, and faculty representatives.

I am currently trying to get assistance in regards to hosting a podcast via IU resources but it seems like we have already sunset the add-on that would have been used.

My interactions with UITS staff have been positive. They are quick to respond, and very friendly in their interactions. They ask good informative questions.

My office currently has one of the slowest wired internet connections on campus. It would be great if we could get upgraded to the same level as the rest of the School of Public Health building.

I feel that as an overall feel UITS service managers and their technical decision makers do not consider or vet the repercussions of their decisions. Changes are made that seem like little regard to timing, communication, effects on academics or auxiliary units. There have been several times in the last couple of years that changes are launched with little or no time to prepare for rollout or aren't communicated at all. This leaves IT departments frantic with providing a fix and loads of unplanned work.

UITS engagement with the university as a whole seems pretty terrible. Community partnerships does a great job with what they do but many of the other core service providers seem to not have much if any engagement with the customers they service.

Telecomm is woefully understaffed and undertrained in customer service. They don't close tickets or get back about support issues. They don't know how to accurately provide training for how to use the new phones. The new phone system rollout has been the most atrociously rolled out project I've seen in a long time.

I've found that Tier2 has gotten better over time at answering questions or moving along tickets to the correct service provider.

Most staff interactions are very positive. One change that needs to be made is for users to have the ability to accept upgrades for programming they are already approved for on their systems.

Only problem is random arrangement of icons/navigation on One.iu.edu landing page. I wish there were a way to order them--alphabetically would be ideal. And maybe some clue as to what some of the icons mean.

The UITS staff is very helpful anytime I call!!!

UITS is always great about taking care of problems, they do a good job of working with me and my staff to solve the problems and teach us how to continue in the future. My biggest complaint is the timeliness of the services provided. Sometimes, I will not get a follow-up email until nearly a week later. We often have to call and get it expedited. Since we are a service-oriented department, we cannot always wait a week to move equipment, solve technology problems. I think it would be good if a triage system to analyze more prominent needs, that would be extremely helpful.

The copy machines that UITS provides for the students to use doesn't hold enough paper in the paper trays. There should be at least 1 tray that can hold more than one ream of paper. Filling it up repeated times is tiresome. The copy machine in Merrill Hall - Clouse Lounge does not connect to laptops, tablets or the computer that is provided for them to use all the time. This is frustrating to the students and faculty who want to print something using that particular copy machine.

My interactions with the STC group is always great. Also with the CTS folks. They respond promptly to my request or questions and are always pleasant to work with.

The handful of times that I've needed to visit the support center in Wells have been great experiences too. The consultants were kind, courteous and able to help me with my issues.

The Knowledge Base is an awesome tool.

Whenever issues come up with iGPS or Adrx, they seem to always address them in a timely manner. I have not had any negative interactions with UITS.

Pop up's from Adobe all the time get old and pop up's about new software that I am not to install only UITS can.

UITS did a GREAT JOB getting us hooked up to the network as we relocated to an out-building during renovation of our regular building.

I work a lot with systems that UITS maintains and for the vast majority of the time they work flawlessly. If there is ever an issue, UITS seems to take the concerns, or problems, very seriously and addresses them promptly. From what I can tell, UITS does a fantastic job keeping us up and running.

No recommendations.

UTIS has always been very helpful and quick to respond.

I am relatively new and have only had a few interactions with UITS, but all have been positive experiences.

Positive experiences with classroom teaching stations and tech support.

My experience with UITS services is very good. Always patient and helpful.

I am always amazed at how much a UITS staff person has to know in order to provide satisfactory service to so many people, and for varied products and issues. I seldom encounter someone who can't help me with my issue.

My biggest ongoing issue is Outlook. I am constantly rebooting my computer to keep Outlook working properly. It is the one software I can't do without and it is the one that gives me problems daily. It freezes constantly, can link to the internet, loses emails I am in the middle of writing and more. Wish it were more dependable.

I love One.IU and really like the IU secure access on campus. SIS is a dinosaur as is the employee center, it's time for an upgrade.

Not sure what all UITS extends to. Most of my daily interactions are with IUB Libraries discovery services such as Media Collections Online (MCO). The cataloging interface for MCO could stand to have some fields added for contributor roles, catalog and matrix numbers, generating reports of what's been pushed from the Dark Avalon database to MCO, etc. but seems fine for the most part.

Maybe something to improve existing service support would be having people on staff who are knowledgeable on Adobe Creative Suite troubleshooting.

The UITS staff is very knowledgeable and are highly intelligent. I wish communication was a little better in some of the projects I've worked on, but I think that is specific to particular projects.

I haven't had many encounters with the UITS, but the one time that I did have, they were very helpful to get me the right information and point me in the correct direction.

I have limited interaction with UITS, but the few times that we have connected, it was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Very happy with the services provided.

Positive: quick response times and excellent service approach.

1.)        Statewide was great this year! I hadn't been in a few years and I really enjoyed it.

2.)        I wish there was more notice when your computer is updated. Either send an email out before or after the update to let you know what's happening. The transparency would be greatly appreciated!

I have not used computers much before I started working for IU, but ones I have used are extremely slow compared to IU's.

I have not had direct contact with UITS for over five years. Now that we have an in house IT department, any technical problems are handled by them.

Seems there are too many systems that do not report to each other. Recorders enter in one system, advisors in another. Some systems AdRx, SIS, have glitches that seemed to be unsolvable last semester, particularly the removal of V03 holds that were not sticking. I reported it multiple times last semester and eventually had to give up because of lag time and registration. It came to a point where it was not fair for me to have a student wait for it to be investigated. I just had to redo the removals.

UITS staff have been very helpful to me when having issues with IU Secure access. They have also been helpful in getting Building Services staff the duo token & up until they changed their hours made it convenient for 3rd shift employees to get their Crimson Cards. They need to have at least 1 night a week they are available for us to get Crimson Cards.

It appears to me that, in our department, concerns about security have become the only yardstick. My guess is that this is driven by university policy.

I have had nothing but positive interactions with UITS.

My experience with UITS is always positive. The crew is friendly and efficient. They are thorough in their troubleshooting.

We are currently transitioning to a data storage setup on the big data capacitor. IT has not been particularly helpful here. Every few months we check in on their progress and they are still at the same spot. It is unclear if anyone actually works on the project or if they only thinking about it when we bring it up. What was supposed to be online a year ago is no closer to completion. Again, this was supposed to be done quite some time ago.

AdAstra is a terrible scheduling system.

No concerns

Started in current role January 2019 so experiences are limited.

Positive experiences with OTP token support staff.

Yes. At one time my CAS login into the system "remembered" my user name and password. That made logging in very easy, but still secure since I had to enter a code from my token. It has since switched back to needing the username password requirement, and now saves my token code for 7 days. I would love to see this work remembering my name and password because it made logging into the CAS much less involved.

Downloading the Adobe software at the start of the year wasn't clear to me. It took me awhile to figure it out and I couldn't find an answer! I think the process has changed from the year before and it wasn't clearly explained anywhere.

Overall my experiences with UITS have been very positive.

I rely on UTIS a great deal.

I would like to learn more about various IT processes on campus, but I am really busy with my job, so I will have to bypass participation.

The only thing that is really weird is that each UITS group can only help certain tech things. It would be great if they (UITS) could do all types of tech help for all devices. For example, I have to take my phone to the other UITS team in the union. Why? As an executive, shouldn't we just have all of our computer devices serviced by the same team? Also, there is confusion over which UITS group works with which executives. That's just really odd. I have had very wonderful work with the EITS team. They are helpful, responsive and go out of their way to assist me. They are also responsive when I am traveling or on another campus, I ask for directions on how to do something and they always assist me in a timely manner.

So far all the UITS staff I have interacted with are very good. The services I used are good as well except the Exchange server. We have several users in the school who experienced some problems using Exchange service with non-Outlook email clients such as Thunderbird or Pine.

Great people to work with.

When I returned to the university most recently for employment, I experienced an issue accessing email with my smartphone. I checked the website tutorials first, which are written well and easy to follow. This did not resolve my issue. I proceeded to the Learning Commons where they just followed the tutorials I had already tried. I did preface our exchange with the fact that I had followed everything on the knowledge base, but in typical fashion we had to run through all of it again to no avail. The only useful part of going to the Learning Commons was that the issue was logged, so when I emailed UITS for a resolution to my issue, I could reference the earlier interaction. Eventually, everything was resolved, but it did take some time. I feel as though the Learning Commons could have been bypassed, chances are in the future I will look to do so because I can follow a knowledge base article. I feel as though the Learning Commons is more for people without any practical experience.

I'm always happy with the service I get when I call the knowledge base.

I am frequently struck by the over-representation of men who work the UITS tech desk on the first floor of wells library and on the 4th floor plotter printers and 3D printing labs.

I have found the live chat to be a very useful and effective means of communication and obtaining quick answers.

Many of the question do not apply.

Typically UITS online KB is a great resource and when its confusing, staff is easy to reach. I love the chat feature as it's very convenient and typically it is quick troubleshooting.

I have had nothing but good experiences with UITS staff/services.

UITS has always been helpful for me, both as an undergraduate student and a member of staff. They are knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I also love the hold music y'all play when I call the 5-6789 number.

I have been able to call UITs for technical help.

When needed, I have always been able to have any problem solved by UITS staff.

My office has a memorandum of agreement with TechSelect and their staff goes above and beyond to assist our office with new resource requests, trouble shooting, etc. They are very friendly and very knowledgeable.

The support has always been and continues to be superb.

I have worked with UITS several times and have had very good experiences each time.

All my interactions with UITS have been pleasant and helpful.

Job aides needed for more in-depth aspects of peoplesoft/SIS.

Everyone has been very helpful.

An IT chat room might be a good idea. The chat can have a few UITS staff in it to field questions. Others in the chat can also share their experiences.

I have had many positive experiences with UITS.

Positive experiences with all of the staff.

I only interact with the tech staff (KSBIT) at Kelley. They are great!

Whenever I have had to deal with UITS on any occasion, the response has been very good and the staff has been excellent.

Overall, I feel UITS does a good job.

It's great to know you are available when problems arise.

I have had many wonderful positive experiences with our Music IT staff at Jacobs School of Music. They are always so patient and helpful, and take care of the problems we are experiencing.

Really pretty much everything I need for my job is available and works well. Thank you. The Microsoft Outlook mobile app has not been allowed for a really long time now though. There must be a fix?

Development resources to assist a department to improve service and efficiency of its applications is very limited. Governance of development resources seem closed and rigid. The ability to leverage central systems, to avoid redundant expenditure of reporting and development resources and to tailor applications at point of sale/delivery very limited.

Overall I really appreciate the services UITS provides. People are mostly helpful and dedicated. Exceptions: The Chrome River product selection and rollout was not managed well - end users were not heard and treating patronizing. Too much money is spent on UITS communications - this money comes from assessments paid by schools, schools who do not have funding for communications activity a fraction of the level you provide; you seem tone deaf to this in your delivery of communication tools. IU Anyware rocks. When I call the support center at 7AM on my cell phone to report that the network is down in my building, telling me to contact my local IT Pro since they need to verify that the network and phones are indeed not functional is insulting and not practical. When I call the Support Center to report that an application is down and the consultant tells me that they don't have a record of that since it isn't on the outage notification, it is just mildly annoying.

Here are just a few items:

- Departmental IT staff are still seen as below UITS in skills, knowledge and experience. While OneIT and OneIU are promoted at Statewide and in periodic communications, there still exists a divide. In many cases, departmental IT staff have to deal with a much larger variety of support needs for their customers.


Connections to Denodo are not reliable. Additional work needs to be done to make sure that connections don't drop randomly. There seems to be limited experience with Denodo and how Denodo can be leveraged to meet specific needs for Units outside of UITS.


UITS doesn't have specific plans yet around adding windows container support. Departmental IT will need to pave the way again for their own use cases.


WHE has no intention of supporting .NET Core2, so Units must spin up their own servers. Docker and Azure are additional choices. Docker container support for Windows is untested. Azure has issues.

Tableau is a good data visualization tool but it is not a good tool for operational report development. Also, if there is any need to develop a report using complex data, it is a very complicated process to model the data within Tableau in order to build a report.

I would like to recommend the University at evaluate Power BI Service (Premium Capacity) as an additional reporting tool. With PBI, report development is very easy even for non-technical users. Another advantage is the ability to triage issues as the steps taken through the data modeling are transparent and easy to evaluate and change unlike triaging an issue within Tableau. As I understand, there a number of other units who are very interested in using and learning more about the PBI Service but to leverage the capabilities, a premium capacity license would be needed.

Undergraduate responses:

I went through a chat conversation once because my computer wouldn't connect to the IU secure Wi- Fi. The person was very helpful and resolved my problem quickly.

No concerns as of this moment.

They are helpful.

They set up shortcuts on my personal laptop that made it easier for me to do work from home.

When I have gone to the staff they have always been friendly and helpful.

Great! I go in all the time and they help me right away

I don't have any negative experiences but my friend once went to get help with downloading something and the person helping her wiped her computer, I think it was accidental and she had backed it up a couple days before but still. I also am always having connection issues when I'm sitting in the IMU student tower.

The printer in swain west does not work well at all and is extremely unreliable and slow.

Never had a problem with UITS. They've solved every problem I've gone to them for.

A few months ago, I needed helped with my Apple MacBook. I went to UITS services in Wells library. I don't remember the guy's name that helped me but he knew a lot about what he was doing, and it was overall a positive experience.


I personally just have issues with IU Secure. As a freshman my Wi-Fi was great and never had issue. Now as a senior, my laptop is randomly kicked off and my phone rarely connects to IU secure. Other than that, UITS has been great in helping me solve non Wi-Fi related issues

As a senior, I think I would have benefitted from tech demos and introduction classes to different tech apps freshman year that I now wish I had learned how to use (i.e. Photoshop).

Some of the printers get jammed and don't get serviced for a long time. The one time I did call to have a printer fixed, no one could get there for at least an hour and I needed to print something for a class that was starting in less than an hour.

UITS staff has been very helpful in the classrooms of professors who are not as knowledgeable about technology. The staff also helped me get a token when my phone broke last year. However, when my little brother was trying to apply for a IU High School Online class, UITS was largely unable to help him and just kept directing him back to the people in charge of the high school courses, who could not figure it out. Having the UITS staff be more educated on certain things IU offers off-campus would be helpful.

They have made it very easy for me to connect devices to IUDEVICENET and download Microsoft Office on my computer.

They helped me with any technical issues I had very promptly.

I have had positive experiences when I am at the library and they help me out with any questions that I have. I have not had any negative experiences other than waiting to be attended to. Other than that, I feel that Wi-Fi on campus is always really spotty and it can become very frustrating at times.

Positive experiences this year.

I have had positive interactions.

They spent 2+ hours with me trying to fix my computer. It was very kind.

UITS services helped me get my duo token set up. It was easy and convenient. I don't have additional recommendations.

I have received fast service, but at times I got lost in the instructions. Perhaps finding ways to more colloquialize common issues you face will improve your perception. I also believe that putting one.iu.edu on the desktop across all computers allows us to work better than by just putting Canvas.

Staff have been very nice but not always helpful at fixing problems.

I really like how the school network system provides us with the most convenient use on campus, easy to access with fast speed. The only problem I've encountered several times was that when I used the online printing webpage to send out a printing request (with money paid) and went to the printer right away, it didn't work as expected.

It would be great if the mobile app for One.IU wasn't just a browser window. It works better for me to just pull it up on my phone's own browser.

One time I could not get a computer in Woodburn to work and had a time sensitive document on the computer that I needed to somehow get off the computer (the screen crashed but so I couldn't see anything but the computer was still running). A UITS employee came out to Woodburn at like 8 PM to help me fix the computer and get my document. He was super helpful.

All of my experience with UITS has been positive. Any time I have had a question or needed assistance, I was able to receive the help I needed.

Usually good at computer problems. Very good with poster printing in Wells.

I haven't had many interactions with staff, but the online services (especially in terms of sites through one.iu) are extremely confusing to access because of the layout.

I think there should be more Ethernet connection points in dorms and on campus apartments.

My main complaint is that on various department sites, login pages for conferences, etcetera, the links don't work, taking me to error messages, dead pages, or simply not taking me anywhere, like the Hip Hop Conference registration page. Also, on some pages, like the reset password pages, you end up going in circles pressing links that take you to pages you've already been.

I have had positive experiences with staff, but the cisco secure messages always give me trouble.

They didn't know how to fix my print problem.

Printing issues. Positive interactions with person on the phone.

At my time here at Indiana University, all my experiences with UITS staff have been very positive. Every time I called or walked up, the staff member was always able to help me answer a question or find a solution to my problem.

UITS was able to fix the issue I had with Duo Mobile at the beginning of the school year, although they weren't sure why I was having the issue.

I'd like improvements to the print system since the printer sometimes fails to print or be recognized. I'm also not sure who to notify about printer error messages.

I had a great experience with UITS when I had an issue with having no funds on my account to print a large assignment and I did not know how to get more funds to print on my account. I was upset and frustrated, but a UITS member talked me through where to locate the website and what I needed to do. I had been very upset but UITS talked me through it and made the process faster and easier.

I have had positive experiences with UITS support. I've gone to them for diagnosing hardware issues, help viewing encrypted emails, and virus protection when my computer froze up.

Most services work pretty well. One.iu can sometimes be hard to find things on. I have interacted with UITS to print plotters and they were very nice. Could work on making it easier to print from normal printers though.

I think UITS does a great job with cybersecurity and I appreciate that there are people set up in the library for help with technology issues.

Mac computers in the fine arts building should be networked to all the photo printers instead of just one computer connecting to each of the six printers. This created so many problems when I had photography classes.

Greatly appreciated the staff who helped me set up the Wi-Fi in my on-campus apartment.

I had trouble with connecting my laptop in the beginning of the semester, so I called a representative and they were very nice and helpful!

The only interaction with UITS support that I can remember is regarding a bunch of spam messages I was continually receiving on my IU email address, and each time I reached out to UITS they only gave me obvious and general suggestions, like marking the messages as spam, not an actual solution to this clear bug in the IU email system. I wish they had been more willing to help or push my problem to a higher level. In terms of technology provided, I really utilize a lot of the various technologies, but overall find myself wishing the design on SSI was much better and easier to understand.

I think the two-step login sometimes was not useful by getting a phone call. I cannot receive a phone call immediately.

Since I'm taking the survey online, PLEASE stop calling me!!!!

UITS staff over the phone is always great! Although sometimes in-person they aren't the most helpful.

Not many interactions. They came to fix a computer while I was peer tutoring for a class and it was a little disruptive but nothing that could be avoided if we wanted the computer fixed for the next class. Not sure if UITS deals with the printers but it seems like they are always broken, or out of ink, or paper jammed.

Most interactions are seamless. Every time I have to call UITS for an issue, the attendant is always knowledgeable and helpful. The computers are sometimes slow to log on at the psych building, and the printer doesn't always print correctly. Specifically, about half the time I print lecture slides from PowerPoint with a black/white scale, not gray scale, they come out gray scale.

Nothing negative.

I have generally had positive interactions and experiences with UITS. I most frequently use the mobile print services, and similarly to how you can download a client to a laptop to print directly from applications (IU mobile print appears as a printer option), I would like to see this option come to a mobile version so I don't have to upload documents onto the mobile print website on my phone. This process works, but it's somewhat cumbersome.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS staff and services.

All interactions I have had with UITS staff have been great. I've had some people help me with technology issues but I have also had people help me with homework and assignments which is very much appreciated and nice.

UITS staff was very helpful when I got a new phone and had to set up duo mobile again.

I had a really hard time figuring out the mobile print process. The online help pages didn't really seem to help. However, every single time I talk to a UITS staff member in person, I have a phenomenal experience! They're very well trained, respectful, and conscientious.

The student center app/program feels so outdated. It's nearly impossible to navigate at times, and it takes me back to the home page after nearly every step, it feels.

All my experiences have been positive.

I was very thankful for the UITS help I received.

I have only had good experiences with UITS staff and services.

My computer crashed freshman year and UITS was able to help me recover as much as possible. They've also been helpful with any software download malfunctions I've had over the years.

I have gone to the UITS help center twice for issues that I have had with Canvas and One.iu on my laptop and they were very helpful and patient both times.

I haven't had much need for the staff, but the services are pretty simple, direct, and easy to follow.

They are extremely helpful at the library when I needed to print a large sign for a class.

The computers in the forest computer lab seem to stutter occasionally.

The staff is quick to help if there are any problems and seem patient via email :-) I am an ACP instructor so not on campus to use facilities.

I am an online master's student and have no IU resources beyond online.

I do not like Canvas, I don't find it as user friendly as Google Classroom that we use at the school corporation I teach at.

I do find that when I have had to get help from IU for myself or my students, they are very helpful

Any time I have had to have a UITS staff member help me, they have been very kind and helpful. The services are also extremely easy to use and are very helpful as well.

For myself, I don't feel like it's clear where to stand and get help. I was with a group of people just in a big pile waiting for help!

I like the experience I had with UITS.

Every experience I have had with UITS has been positive thus far. I have had many technological questions that they have always answered full and well.

With all of my interactions thus far with UITS I have had an easy and seamless experience to get in and get out which is all I need.

I have only had positive experiences. They helped me figure out how to get Word on my computer, and I have heard from a friend that they helped her when she had a virus!

Two step verify/Duo Mobile should be revoked or made optional. Students who come from a less privileged socio-economic background are made to feel outcast due to their lack of cell phone. Those who have a cell phone often experience problems using the technology and it wastes time. If a student does not feel the extra verification is necessary to access their accounts there should be an option to not have it.

I have not had to ask for help from UITS staff recently, but have had positive experiences in the past. I have always gone to the desk at Wells, and my only concern is that sometimes there have been very long waits.

The thing that always frustrates me is some of the hardware at IU, specifically the printers and some of the desktops. The printers often will go down and IUPrintMobile does not cooperate and let me login about once a week. The desktop computers in the SPEA/Business Commons are also very slow and take a substantial amount of time to login.

UITS is usually very helpful and kind.

When it comes to technology, I believe it's very efficient. I've never run into any problems when using the computers. When it comes to service, from what I have experienced in the past UITS has been very patient with me and it felt like they wanted to help rather than feeling like an inconvenience.

All my UITS experiences have been pretty good.

They always help.

UITS staff have always been friendly and helpful no matter what the problem is.

All my experiences have been positive. They have helped me clear cookies and fix my Wi-Fi problem.

There should be an easier way to log in to one.iu instead of duo.

I have only had good experiences with both the UITS staff and its services.

I have had several encounters with UITS staff because of printing and they were very helpful and kind. That being said, I wish that the printing system at IU could be improved. There typically are not enough computers on campus to sign on and directly send documents to the printer, so being able to send documents to the printer via email and through the mobile print upload, but this often does not work very accurately, such as documents disappear once you actually sign in on the printers, you'll release a print and it won't actually physically come out but will disappear from the task list, and sometimes the emails to the printer or mobile upload doesn't even go through.

This past semester my hard drive on my Mac needed to be replaced. I was not sure what was wrong with it, but when I took my laptop to UITS, they referred me to MacExperience and my hard drive was replaced by the end of the week!

Overall, I have had no major issues with the technology services on campus and am largely satisfied with them.

I think that downloading Word should be easier and that the Wi-Fi at the IMU needs to be fixed.

Receiving emails through both Outlook/Exchange vs. Gmail can be frustrating, having to check both emails at times.

Every service experience that I have had with UITS has been positive. The printers at SPEA need to be serviced often, so I think another printer available to students would be most helpful.


I really like the chat service offered from UITS, and the live consultants helped me out a lot. I just wish the chat service was easier to get to.

They were incredibly helpful and quick to find the solution.

I have not had much experience working with the UITS department

Usually it's good and everything works perfectly fine.

No concerns/recommendations.

I am satisfied with UITS services.


I think UITS is very useful when you don't know how to do something on the computer. Also when something isn't working they help.


  1. UITS's Directions on how to use print and scan service.
  2. There is always some error in uploading the file to the mobile printing website.
  3. kb.iu.edu is good source to find information. Though, it also needs interpretation from a UITS staff.


  1. I have concerns about people.iu.edu for the information security. Anyone can access to it.
  2. I am unable to update communication preferences, visit the Profile Center. "There is blank in my preference and how can I unsubscribe from nothing?"
  3. No step by step instruction on how to call CAS authorization APIs for the web.

In my experience, UITS has a great support staff. They are prompt, kind and knowledgeable. I do not have many issues with IU software. I would say the one area for improvement is one.iu, and the Student Center. They are old, and somewhat confusing sites.

The most frustrating software is the IU mobile app. On multiple occasions I have tried to login to the app, been prompted to input a verification code, and then been prompted to login again, ad nauseum. I ended up not being able to access my IU mobile app at all and gave up.

I've always been impressed with how available tech services were when I needed assistance. They always showed that they had a high level of expertise in the area.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS.

UITS staff is generally friendly and helpful. I tend to have issues with the school Wi-Fi, however. There are also times when the mobile print site does not work.

They are the hardest working employees at IU. I've had excellent service while printing from the plotters on the 4th floor of the library. I think that should be staffed in more locations so that they are easier to access. There never seems to be enough employees around to help in certain labs.

I brought my laptop to the UITS area in Wells Library and the man that helped me erased the viruses off of my computer and showed me how to check for viruses and keep my computer protected. He was very nice and knowledgeable.

I am on the UITS live chat frequently and often the person isn't very helpful or tells me they can't do anything to fix the problem unless I have a staff member, multiple students, etc. contact them.

I have had few interactions with staff, but none have been negative.


There was a long line when I had a computer Microsoft Word question.

I have had issues with iu anyware. It is not as user friendly as the downloaded application and tends to freeze or shut down often. Every time I have called or messaged for help I have received good assistance.

No issues. You guys are great and the technology and service is wonderful.

I think that they are very friendly and helpful. I have no concerns or negative interactions. I don't have any recommendations.

It's nice that you can call someone late into the night if you're ever having a problem.

No negative interactions at all. The two times I used IUTS services I got the answers I needed and I was satisfied with the process. No recommendations, just positive feedback.

They helped me get my DUO login working when I was in Costa Rica.

My experience with UITS staff and services has been pretty positive.

The UITS staff at IUB Wells is great. I've never had a problem they can't solve. I really like the online help.

UITS has always been the best help for setting up my devices on campus.

When I first moved into my apartment I had to wait almost a week for a UITS staff member to come and register my router. So I couldn't do anything for a week and it was very inconvenient, I would have preferred a way that I could have registered my router on my own so that I could get work done.

I like how there is always someone to assist me when I needed help. Although it is convenient, it doesn't specify or direct other resources that are not able to address with UITS.

Depends on who you get on the phone, some are very knowledgeable and some are not. Those that are not claim to help but make stuff worse when they could just pass the issue on to the next representative.

There was connectivity issues while on campus taking this eval. the error message was as follows: Connection Error. We were unable to connect to our servers. Please check your internet connection and try again. #B.2xmitiw.jrwbval1

The printers are normally the largest problem on campus. They are slow and often times do not work all together.

Only worked with them once, they were helpful with what I needed.

The only issue I have had is after sending something to print it not showing up on my card the first time. I often have to go and hit print again before it will show up.

Great research and services. More is always the answer to these surveys.

Every time I've had an issue they are quick to respond and have never failed to help me identify and solve the technological problem at hand. The instant chat service has been beautifully efficient and I hope you guys continue to run smoothly.

I haven't had any negative experiences, but have been promptly helped by them in the past and appreciate it!

Every experience I've had with UITS has been positive. They address and understand my concerns or questions, and help me solve any issues in a timely manner.

The only negative experience I have had is that the internet in the Union Street apartments is very spotty.

I have no concerns with the UITS staff.

Only been there once, no negative interactions.

The UITS staff has been extremely helpful to me, helping me with problems on my computer. The service is fine because they are available all throughout the day.

Very helpful

I've neither had concerns nor particularly good experiences.

Earlier in the school year, I had several problems with my apps downloaded from IUware. The UITS staff at the IMU was very helpful and walked me through the process of deleting my Microsoft office and redownloading. I did not have any negative interactions.

I especially appreciated how the staff member didn't know exactly how to do it but was able to look it up online and follow the instructions, which I know I couldn't have understood by myself.

I have had positive experiences with UITS. They have helped me with several different computer issues I have had over the course of my time at IU.

They helped me fix my computer and find software that I needed for class. I like the services; I wouldn't change a thing.

Give uits funding back so they can hire me.

I have never used UITS services.

I have had UITS staff help with email problems in the past when we switched from umail.iu.edu to iu.edu. Their responses were prompt and helpful.

They have always been very helpful to me.

They've helped out a lot when it comes to navigating box and providing us with research tools for projects

FIX IU MOBILE. WHY CANT I SAVE MY LOGIN INFO SO I DON'T HAVE TO RETYPE IT EVERY TIME. Also the gmail never loads (at least for me). The duo mobile logs me out half the time when I go to accept the push notification and I have to repeat the process. Also my gmail occasionally saves emails to drafts instead of sending them, after I press send and it says that I sent it.

I have only had one experience with UITS and it was great. The motherboard in my computer stopped working and they were able to diagnose it and let me know what the problem was.


I have had great experiences with UITS.

I have an overall positive experience receiving help from the UITS staff throughout my college career.

How do I get a job with you guys ha-ha

There are times when One.IU crashes, but overall good quality.

I had a hardware problem and they made me wipe my computer. I was sad but I eventually sent it in and got it fixed.

A few weeks ago I called UITS because a file got corrupted and I wanted to try to recover it. The guy who answered just told me that if it wasn't in "Open recent" then it was lost and there was nothing else to do. I'm not upset that he couldn't help me recover the file, but doing a quick google search gave me a dozen more suggestions than he did. I'm not sure these guys are actually very knowledgeable about tech.

More printer paper.

When I have any issues they are readily available to help.

I have had good experiences with UITS staff and services. My only concern is that they charge for some services, such as helping with bootcamping a computer, which discourages students from using the services. Also, I'm not sure if this is under UITS control, but the scheduling system for IU could be improved and easier to use.

I have not had any experiences with UITS so far.

Every time I go to their office they always find a way to help even when they do not have time.

Assistants are nice.

There was once I had a problem with duo service. I left my old phone back in my country and was using a new one. I received a token from the UITS and I thought the service is good and not as complex as I thought.

Last year when I went abroad, I had issues accessing my IU email because my dual login hadn't been properly setup. I had to Skype with someone from UITS and they were extremely helpful in helping me to fix my problem with my email, despite not being in the country.

I would like to see Microsoft project added to the software available to students.

I currently work at UITS as a Technology Center Consultant. I have been able to help students with multiple different problems and cant seem to find any negative interactions I can think about right now.


They helped me set up my printing when it wasn't working!

When I had a problem with opening an e-mail, a staff at Wells Library was willing to help me. Sometimes, copy machines don't work well and I get error messages.

I don't like the call to push notification to get into canvas. I lost my phone last semester and had no way to log into my canvas for two weeks. I eventually had to call UITS and have them help me with duo.

They were very helpful. I'm just not a fan of the log in.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS. I have only used UITS a handful of times, and each time they have solved my issue quickly and properly.

All staff I've interacted with have been really nice and usually respond/fix things quickly.

So far, I only had positive experiences with UITS staffs/services. They were really nice and helpful when I had technical issues with my laptop or software. I couldn't think of any recommendations, except just continue doing their best at servicing or helping others. As for the online services, it has been good so far, only sometimes they are some issues related to the webpage.

I have always had positive interactions with staff. There was a time when the printer was out of black toner for a day which was frustrating, but all other issues have been fixed timely.

I wish the Wi-Fi system can be updated...sometimes it just fails in the dorm.

Wi-Fi goes out all the time on campus. It is very spotty and annoying. UITS staff and services are wonderful but can do nothing about the lack of Wi-Fi connection in places on this campus. Please improve Wi-Fi connection for the sake of all kids who cannot afford data.

Everyone and every service is awesome. When I have any problem, they help me as quick as possible.

I am concerned about the inaccessibility of Iuware.

I have used UITS enough to have a good opinion on them.

All positive interactions.

The IU Wi-Fi networks are almost unusable for me unless I am physically in a building, even if I am on campus.

I went to UITS three times the past year. Each time the staff was very helpful and genuinely cared to fix the issue I had with my electronic device. I had some bug fixes on my laptop a few times that I needed to resolve. There was also a problem with my headphone jack that was resolved quickly. I had some issues with my cell phone and IU Secure that they helped out with too.

UITS has helped me with printing and computer issues multiple times throughout my years here at IU. No negative interactions nor concerns.

UITS staff is always calm and courteous. I am never afraid to contact them.

I have not had any bad experiences with the staff/service.

Computer services for broken computers not just technology issues.

I do not have any concerns.

Nothing really stands out.

I feel the IU community has fulfilled their promise. The staff here are very nice and helpful. It just at times in the library, I don't know who to ask for the books.

All positive stuff, very helpful.

All good experiences. The services are available at great hours and everyone gets back fast.

Were very patient and friendly.

It is easy to access. But the Duo system is kind of annoying as we are required to type such long passphrase to log in.

I called UITS for help with connecting my Roku to IU Secure and the person who did so was very helpful and nice. This was a few months ago, I never really utilized UITS on my own because I didn't know what all they could do for me.

IU Secure network is very poor and rarely works properly with my IPhone even when I am in my room or most places on campus. I don't know if that's because I need an upgrade because my phone is older or just a connection issue in general. IU Secure also doesn't automatically connect to my MacBook. I have to manually get on it every time. My MacBook automatically tries to get on IU DeviceNet or IU Guest.

I have not had to use the UTIS staff or services before so I do not have an opinion. The only thing that I can think of is the IU Wi-Fi is terrible to connect to.

So far I have had no complaints. The staff have been very helpful in anything I needed help with. Keep up the good work!

I took an old laptop in that I thought would not be able to function again due to the viruses and large amount of files left on it. However, the person who helped me took the time to wipe the unnecessary files and clear the virus. They also educated me on the safest way to protect my information.

No problem. I got the help I needed every time.

Any issue I've came to UITS with has been solved in good time. I've had no problems.

For inquiring incoming freshman making your overall website much easier to use and much more direct and simple.

I have no recommendations at this time.

I think UITS is great. Whenever I had an issue they always helped me fix the problem in a timely way.

I have gotten help with malfunctions with IUsecure and had a good experience.

UITS has always helped me regarding any technical issue. The services they provide are adequate and they should keep up their work.

-           Excellent Wi-Fi all around campus.

-           Sometimes printing doesn't work.

In my experience UITS staff have always been prompt in addressing any technical difficulties my friends and I have had.

I like the staff's help and the website provides a lot of information.

I have not had too many interactions with UITS staff. I have emailed them before, I believe, about a problem which they quickly responded to and helped me find a solution.

Positive: many of the lab classes have IT that can help with computer problems. Many resources with information about technology services. Negative: WIFI problems, Wi-Fi many times asks for login and password.

Poor Wi-Fi connection.

I really like that you can find everything through one.iu.edu, including Canvas and email. I have never been able to figure out how to go to gmail.com and log in to my IU account through the gmail log in screen.

Great experiences! Very helpful and quick.

The UITS staff at Wells Library has been very helpful in solving a lot of the technical problems that I've had with my computer. They're also pretty quick to fix computers or printers that aren't working. I usually never see a printer that is out of service for more than 2 days in a row.

I really like the myprintcenter website and I use it for all of the things that I want to print; however, there are some instances where the website is extremely slow to the point where the files that I upload get timed out. There are also one or two cases where the printer took a long time to print from myprintcenter. It would be nice if that process could be more efficient.

No concerns. Very helpful people and know what they are doing.

I have had all positive experiences with them.

'- The staff is typically always friendly and seems very dedicated to solving your issues. They care and put their attention all on you. Smiling goes a long way, which they do often (at least my experience).

- I do not like the email I receive about an open ticket. It is very confusing to read/reply. Not sure if it's going to a human or not. The email for an open-ticket should be overhauled to be simple and easy to ready. There's too much information on it currently.

I have nothing to say but positives things.

Sometimes the services will shut down for a while. That is annoying me a lot.

All good interactions.

I think that the UITS staff is currently operating efficiently.

Mostly tech bar stuff at the library. Always been helpful.

Registering for classes is confusing. At orientation someone just had to do it for me- it was too complicated to teach.

One.iu is navigable, but just barely. You have to know EXACTLY what you're looking for.

Wi-Fi likes to cut out or run slowly. The online classrooms are fine, but not enjoyable- (although maybe the classes just took advantage of their online environment poorly).

Room for improvement, but UITS meets the baseline requirements. Your tech help services are STELLAR though.

The UITS help desk at Wells library has too long of a wait. While this could be an incredibly helpful resource, I have had times where I cannot wait in line and have to find alternate help sources (online videos, company product support, Geek Squad, etc.).

I love the availability of printers all around campus but sometimes mobile print center doesn't work with my computer. Also I know the double login makes things secure but it is SOOOOO annoying.

UITS has been good. I don't know if it's run through UITS, but the support for the Linux computing infrastructure (silo, etc.) has been really helpful.

I was not happy to find that our wireless display to TV system does not support Linux.

Sometimes the printers have some problem where people can't login to their accounts and print their documents.

All outstanding. No recommendations.

Based on my personal experience, when I contacted UITS services for live chat it felt like I was talking to a professional company's services. They were patient and informative. The conversation we had showed their humbleness and their willingness to assist.

I do not.

Last year when I had internet and computer issues I got help from the UITS help center and the staff there were very friendly and helpful, quickly resolving my issues.

The fact that IU eTexts won't let you highlight text (for the sake of copying and pasting) without creating a study-style highlight (as in yellow as if highlighted with a marker), and the fact that you can't delete the highlight without clicking on it, manually deleting it, and waiting for the prompt to disappear from the screen, is bad and embarrassing. That's the single worst thing about any IU technology with the exception of Student Center.

I have had all good experiences with UTIS staff. They have helped me print papers when it was 3:00 AM at the library and it wouldn't work. They have helped me copy something on a printer. The staff is always very kind and helpful.

IU printing is terrible, why do I need to go through two different sites to find a printer and actually print when the name of the printer isn't even on the printer.

As a sophomore, I have used these services nearly every day for the last two years. So far in these two years I have had no issues at all. Everything is simple, easy, and help is easy to get when needed.


Thank you for all the effort you guys put in. The only problem I have faced is that One.IU tends to hang a lot on the Safari Browser for some reason, other than that everything works well for me as a student.

They are helpful when I need.

Good information, don't really use the service because there are not many issues.

Anytime I have needed assistance from UITS, their responses have been very timely and helpful.

Give the option to secure a device for duo login for longer than 7 days. Duo login is a great security system, but it makes it inconvenient when I have to use it every seven days when I log in on my home computer.

Very smooth and user-friendly.

Duo log in is seriously annoying especially because not everyone always has their phone on them.

I had someone come and set up my Wi-Fi and it was done very well and professionally.

UITS staff has always been very helpful and kind.

I do not have any concerns.

I have no concerns on the technological services at IU. The staff had been very helpful to me and the technology is running smoothly.

I would like to make a suggestion regarding the Canvas's to-do list. Since it doesn't show all the assignments, students might miss their assignments resulting in a lower grade. That is something that I would say that UITS should work on. Other than that I love everything that UITS has to provide!

I've had great experiences with UITS. They are always available and very friendly. 24/7 is great especially when you have an issue late at night.

I think UITS should work on a better way to authenticate your account when you don't have access to a phone.

I had a great experience with UITS, the only thing I would change is adding printers to more convenient locations.

I had issue getting Microsoft Suite on to my computer, so UITS was able to do it for me. They were very helpful.

I haven't had much experience with the staff. The negative things that I've experienced technology related, I'm not sure if it's this same department. For example, sometimes the professor runs out of batteries and the offices won't give them one, saying it's not their responsibility...it's all IU, it should be their responsibility. Also, it's frustrating that SciFi only works on campus.

UITS staff are always very friendly when I approach them with my technical problems. I have not had one bad experience yet.

It is difficult finding things on one.iu.edu if you do not know the EXACT label for the pin you are looking for. There is also not much instruction on how to navigate through this.

No comment

I have no complaints about UITS.

They have always been very helpful.

I would like to comment on Duo Two Authenticator. When UITS did not have this, life was better. I love the Google Gmail IU interface now, but sometimes it messes up

Overall, I think UITS helps me a lot. But, sometime there are bugs in Canvas. I still remember, because of the Canvas bug, I cannot upload my assignment and it makes me so stressful.

The staff is always helpful and very patient.


UITS Staff has always been very helpful with any technology needs.

I have had a really positive experience. I am not technologically savvy and the employees are very helpful.

I have not had any experiences with UITS staff.

The UTIS staff has always been more than willing to help and extremely informational.

During the email migration, several important questions were left unanswered, and the informational emails only ever repeated the same information without answering anything new. Nothing on the links answered certain questions either. For example, I remember trying to figure out if .indiana.edu could still be used or if it had to be .iu.edu. Nowhere was it made clear that .indiana.edu was the Bloomington campus specific email and that it would still be usable. I hadn't used the .uits one or whatever it was in years and didn't care about it, but couldn't find any information about .Indiana. I talked to a few UITS employees who also had no idea and no idea how to find out.

On Canvas, it'd be awesome if you could mark announcements as read in a course without having to open each one. Or, at least if you were able to move to the next or previous announcement without having to navigate back to the announcements page in between each one.

IU app is infuriating. I have serious problems accessing my school email from my phone - it won't load in the app and will show the first few with a load circle but will never actually load. Maybe display a certain amount per page so it actually loads? Also, if I login on my phone browser (Safari) it will just show a white screen after login and validation and won't ever load unless I go to a private window.

Changing the Adobe Creative Suite to the IU login made it so much more complicated if you were already doing the yearly license thing and it took me like a week to be able to get into it this year.

You guys don't need to contact people to help them with specific IT support problems, you need to find people willing to help you find the problems in the software they use every day.

UITS has been really helpful with some of the technological problems that I have experienced in the past.

One thing is it's not really clear to me where the "central" UITS office is. I'm not positive if Wells is where I should go if I had a problem, or somewhere else.

I think UITS does a great job of making students aware of their services.

I had not realized UITS does so much for the campus. For all of the services that I have used, I have been very pleased with the results.

I have always had good experiences with UITS. I have not needed their help too much, but they have helped me with issues connecting to Canvas as well as helping me various times during the transition with Duo Login. They were also very helpful with helping me print in color a few times before I finally got it down.

I think UITS could advertise and offer 1-2 informational sessions a month to students to help show us some of the technological services and short cuts that are offered at IU, such as educating on the products offered on IU Ware or the mobile.print.iu website (I was logging on to computers and accessing google drive documents to print them for most of my college career when I could have just done it from my own laptop).

Generally speaking, dealing with UITS is far less bureaucratic than most institutions at IU.

I had a negative interaction with UITS where Microsoft office stopped working on my laptop. The representative I was working with seemed extremely disinterested in helping and was focusing on the homework they were working on.

I've had two good experiences with UITS where my computer completely shut down and they were able to redownload Microsoft and all my programs back to my computer.


I have only had good experiences with UITS!

I have only had one experience with UITS staff, and it was good.

I don't have any issues.

UITS staff is very helpful! The one.iu.edu page is extremely difficult to use. The student center page is the absolute worst, I remember looking for something, finding it, then forgetting how I got there and having to spend 30 minutes doing it again. The one.iu.edu page is extremely frustrating and hard to use.

UITS has helped me install Adobe software and Box Sync in the library help center.

UITS has been mostly helpful during my time at I. I appreciate how they improved the duo login this year so we have an option to remember for 7 days.

I have had a positive experience with UITS. I feel that sometimes they can be condescending when helping with computer issues that I am struggling with, however, they do get the job done.

They do their job in the best of their ability.

I have always received the services I need from UITS staff with positive outcomes.

All of my past experiences with UITS have been good. I was able to solve a technology issue through contacting the support center and messaging an employee online through chat support.

I have never interacted with staff but I think everything runs smoothly.

All good.

Overall, pretty impressed!

Network quality on campus is superb, and I love using Mercury for projects.

Front end is pretty great, though there are some apps and course-management things that could be consolidated. Ie, We have like, two or three totally different portals for browsing the course catalog. I'm also not a huge fan of the "App" analogy that is used on the interface design for one.iu, BUT that's me, I can understand how normal users likely find that more comfortable for them.

I approve of, and a appreciate the move to canvas, even if it's a nightmare to administrate (which I hear it is, my girlfriend manages a canvas instance for a makerspace) Canvas will be much more secure than Oncourse was. Duo is good, even if people complain about it constantly, it is needed.

It could be improved, by selling more hardware tokens/ raising awareness of them. Tokens are more convenient, and never lose signal. Also, someone's personal device is a much higher priority for being stolen than something like a hardware token. So tokens are, in my mind, much more secure.

For learning spaces, I think it would be nice to have more staff tending to things like projectors and sound systems. Every class I'm in uses them, and there's frequently something wrong. At the very least, in the fine arts building.

I would really like to see a bigger push to virtualize the rest of campus. There are a few labs on campus that use thin-clients (I think the Smith computer lab in Collins LLC is one) and they're significantly faster, CHEAPER, and have advantages for accessing odd editing programs over the network when I need them. In my mind this might be cheaper than continually buying full fledged desktops that inevitably get thrown into IU surplus. More VMs, thin-clients, fewer mac labs!!

This next part is a bit of a tangent.

If anyone reading this has the power, Please, tell the Fine Arts building to stop pushing for mac labs!! no one wants them! They're significantly worse at everything. You can't manage them with hyper- visors, they have terrible hardware specs, they frequently lose connection to the schools network on startup, and have no support for virtual reality that I know of. Which is what the fine arts computer lab is intended for! No idea who petitioned for that, but a mac lab will be harder for everyone.

tldr; I don't want use them, and no sys admin in their right mind (that I know of) wants to manage a mac lab on a giant network like iu, they are not enterprise tools.

Anytime I have interacted with UITS, the staff has been extremely helpful in assisting me in my technological needs while at IU. I have used the online chat multiple times, which is very useful, since you don't have to go anywhere to get tech help on campus.

I think that the use of TopHat in classes is not necessary and is a bit distracting. For one of my classes, we use TopHat to answer questions throughout the class, which ends up in most people playing on their phones.

I have had good experiences with UITS at the library when I have had issues with my laptop. I should like the Wi-Fi to be better at IU owned apartments.

I really enjoy using box for my projects as that allows me to access it anywhere without any trouble. It is also great for team projects as many people can use it together.

The only concern I have is that the One.iu app does not work properly in places where internet speed isn't that great.

Graduate responses:

Fewer emails from UITS!

I really like all of the different technology available to students, especially on IUWare/IUAnyWare. Also, the library catalog space is amazing!

I would like to see tutorials on how to use different technologies that are not an entire course. The Student Central page is for dinosaurs and super difficult to navigate. The printers in SPEA hardly ever work and the graduate lounge computers take forever to boot up.

I have no thoughts for new services; perhaps, streaming platforms. Probably out of the purview of IT, but could we get a subscription to APA.

There should be a easy online/auto mechanism for students to apply "ADMINISTRATOR" privilege on public/specific desktops, especially those specific computer in some labs that some graduate student will touch every day in daily research.

No complaints other than the internet connection in the around the music buildings is not great.

Staff at Wells Library is very helpful and knowledgeable. Over the phone one staffer was a bit "technical", and went on and on about details that I did not understand, but in the end I got the answer I was looking for. Please bring back Stata to lab computers (as opposed to IU Anyware). Also, please make the user interface of IU lab computers uniform across buildings; SGIS seems to have a different user interface (at least for the computers at the front for instructors).

The cloud services are indispensable for my work (both research and teaching), so I hope you can improve them by addressing some of the bugs in IU Dropbox (to be clear: I am not referring to IU Box, but IU Dropbox) that is linked to my laptop account. I am unable to delete a folder on IU Dropbox on lab computers. Also, when using software from IU Anyware (such as Latex or Stata) on lab computers, I am unable to access my files via that software that are stored in the IU Drobbox cloud.

I am in a 100% online Masters degree program and live in Paris, France, so most of these services are nonexistent for me.

I do greatly appreciate being able to finding resources in the libraries.

As a new student I found the IT staff to provide a great service and be very skilled!

It would be nice if Wi-Fi was available outside the buildings on campus however.

Anytime I've dealt with UITS the response has been quick and effective.

Prompt replies and resolutions.

One.IU and Student Central are not very user-friendly or navigable. I was very confused and surprised, as a first year graduate student trying to prepare to move to IU back in the Spring when I was trying to navigate these venues.

Mostly OK experience.

UITS has always been very helpful for me - efficient, thorough, and friendly. No concerns!

The email blasts are hard to understand what's relevant to me. Lots of technical jargon and I end up just deleting them.

eTexts are ok but the note feature is pretty clunky. The search feature and TOC is nice but, I don't like being forced to use eTexts for class. I would rather choose.

Had a good experience with kisbit.

I love the UITS chat help!

Everything seems reliable. Things are fixed when there are problems. The systems seem secure. You are doing a great job!

There is definitely a learning curve to using one.iu.edu because of the sheer number of applications seemingly scattered around. Using the favorites list is a must for quick and easy access.

I don't know if you are the department over this, but I'm dissatisfied with the fee paying for so many paper copies each semester that I know I will not use.

All of the UITS staff have been helpful each time I have needed assistance. I greatly appreciate their help and patience when I struggle with technology.

I have had some positive experiences working with UITS staff at IUSB when I first got to campus and needed help setting up my accounts. I have been happy to have IUware access and to share these resources with students. I have had some frustrating moments when UITS has not been as helpful as I would have hoped and some staff were rude, while others were not listening to my issue.

Group email accounts keep making you sign in on outlook and it's frustrating.

I think the service is really good!

It will be better if student center is more flexible to use.

Maybe a time estimation of how long we should wait for the bus when we entering which stop we want to get on the bus?

Maybe staplers and hole punchers around each printer?

Great help with video conferencing trouble shooting and email issues.

Can we please add a service that allows the use of Alexa/Google home devices in the residence halls?

The folks answering phones are usually very helpful, but when they deploy someone to a classroom, it takes forever for them to arrive.

When I could not access some of IUIT services off campus, I went to Wells library and without much delay I was attended to in a very polite, efficient manner.

Kevin and the other guy in the back of the office at SPEABits are incredibly kind and helpful with SPEA related issues, and have even tried to help me troubleshoot problems I've had with my personal computer. The other fellas don't seem too eager to help me.

The instructions for some of the software downloads could use some help - simple things like screenshots with the instructions with boxes indicating the area of focus and error pages when things go wrong.

I also have no idea where to send constructive comments like these on a regular basis.

The overall service by UITS is excellent. I have received help whenever I needed it.

I'm in Kelley, so most of my support comes from KSBIT. But in terms of the network infrastructure and system, I'm not sure if anyone in a position of authority is aware, but Box is basically a running joke on campus and tends to not work when it's needed. We nearly lost a significant portion of our data for a research project. I can't be taking chances with hit-or-miss university resources when I'm working on my career as a researcher.

UITS has been great. I really enjoy the live chat (text message) feature. I've used it both on campus and off campus via my home computer and the staff have always been very helpful and nice. I've used some of their software training materials and attended some of their free training. Wish they had classes for more advanced users of Adobe Suite or had something on video editing.

Too many web pages with semi-related information!

At the beginning of my first semester, I had problem with DUO logging and couldn't get into my IU account. It was the IT desk service in the B Wells library that helped me to solve the problem. After that, I went there to look for help several times, on the issues of printing, email, software, etc. The IT staff are awesome and helpful. For now, my only complaint is that the DUO system is very annoying. Especially, when I left my mobile at home or somewhere else, the simple email checking will become impossible. I strongly suggest that IT service allow people to customize their own choice whether or not to turn on DUO.

Some buildings do not have even one printer (Sicamore). I wish there was at least one there.

The internet service in Ballantine Hall during the renovation process has at times been either off or slow/spotty. Many of the office computers also need to be upgraded/replaced.

All of the times I have had an immediate concern and have been helped by a UITS staff member, they have been helpful and thorough.

  1. a) Unlimited Box storage is awesome!
  2. b) IU Ware and IU AnyWare makes so many software available for learning and research purposes.
  3. c) In 2018, the subscription for Stat/Transfer was no longer renewed. I'm just curious if you would plan to bring it back, because it is such an awesome tool for researchers!

No concerns.

I have not had much interactions with UITS staff or services.

The imu computer bay downstairs by the printers is consistently terrible.

When I upload my documents to be printed through the mobile print site, they expire the next morning. This is inconvenient when I send something to be printed the night before. It would be nice if my documents could remain uploaded for at least 24 hours.

I participated in INTRO TO R FOR BIOLOGISTS and would like to tell you that it was the best workshop to introduce R at IU. The teachers were not only knowledgeable but also created an atmosphere of ease and fun to learn.


I always had positive experiences with UTIS

Wi-Fi on my smartphone often times goes off.

I often times cannot access Microsoft Outlook from my smartphone. IU Mobile crashes quite often.

Need to know more about research analytics and the use there of.

I had a good experience with UITS staff at Wells library helping me with an Outlook Exchange sync issue.

I saw the nice office room, which is nice!

For all the services you offered, how would you do to make them operate more efficiently? I don't know most of your services, and I assume most students don't either.

Sometimes I had issues with log in canvas.

My concern is that for the course I teach, I don't have a Mac and most students do. Therefore, some of the intricacies and troubleshooting is difficult and I simply don't know. When trying to find a way to book UITS to come to my class for 20-30 minutes, I was told no and to send my students to them.

This is not too conducive to my semester-long project and if I could just have someone come once and video record them with the computer, that would be so beneficial.

UITS is very responsive and I have noticed them following through with help tickets.

One.iu.edu is difficult to use. It seems as if every time I try to search for an application I come up with nothing.

Kaltura capture works fairly well as long as I am on campus. Off campus, I can hardly ever successfully upload lectures making it difficult to continue to hold class even when campus is closed.

The UITS newsletter is great. The IQ wall and VR that is on the IUN campus is complete news to me. I wish there was a better way to communicate with faculty.

When I have questions, UITS has always been helpful. I find the websites a bit cumbersome but full of some helpful information once I find exactly what I need.

I also struggled to figure out the new printing system. But now that I understand it, it is great! I love being able to send documents from my personal computer directly to the printer of my choice.

I have had trouble with SPSS as some computers in the library had it and others did not. The librarians were not able to tell me which computers to go to in order to use this program. Marking the computers somehow with which have certain programs and which do not would be useful. Or maybe having a computer directory at the library that can tell you which computers to use to access certain programs.

I'm a fairly new student, and when I went to get all my stuff/access everyone was very helpful. Since then I've had little to no interaction with any UITS staff. However, I have really enjoyed the UITS newsletter and other info/services.

I especially love all the access to the software for various purposes. I would love to learn more about what's available, but I don't know that I really have time to use for that.

Mobile print software needs to be updated. Have had positive experiences with UITS staff, who helped me install print software on my computer. Half the time I attempt to swipe my card on a printer though, it doesn't recognize anything.

All the experiences I had with UITS were extremely positive.

One.iu is very difficult to navigate. I also find the library difficult to navigate. The only way I could find the textbook for my class was to use the link the professor provided. As an SPEA Connect student this is very important.

The IU Secure Wi-Fi signal is extremely weak in many parts of the Music Annex, which is where I spend most of my time. I also use the printer in Merrill Hall often, but sometimes I am unable to find the correct printer when printing from the computer there--often the default printer is set to a different printer, and searching for the correct printer doesn't yield any results.

People here are extremely helpful. I remember I was new to the office and did not know how to use the coffee machine here. A kind lady happily and voluntarily helped me and explained in detail how the coffee and other machines work here.

Support has been wonderful so far. I reach out to them by phone, do they have an email address too?

Update canvas

The internet connection is really weak in Memorial Union.

UITS has always efficiently provided me with useful information. I have not had any negative experiences with them. I have received help in person and via online chat and both experiences were positive. The knowledge base is also a great resource and is clear and user-friendly. I don't have any recommendations for new services or improvements.

UITS staff are very responsive and helpful in my experience. Great team.

All staff I've interacted with have been quite friendly and helpful, but I have had ongoing issues with Wi- Fi connections in various locations on campus.

1)         Perhaps consider targeting these surveys to your audience; I'm a distance student, so none of the on-campus questions apply, but I can provide insights into some of the features distance students routinely use. (Heh. See below for more on this.)

2)         The Canvas app for mobile devices is a bit hinky. About 70% of the time, I get an error message ("Whoops!") when I try to access our course discussion forums.

3)         The entire Student Center has an antiquated appearance, and the Class Search feature uses odd descriptors for the drop-down fields (and even some of the options), making it not particularly intuitive. (The new class search tool, meanwhile, is completely hopeless at finding online classes I can take for my distance degree.)

4)         Unizin Engage etexts are horrible; slow and unresponsive, ill-fitting on the page, and with limited offline access options. I strongly advise instructors NOT to use these etexts; buying the ebook from Amazon is a MUCH better option, especially for offline reading/highlighting/commenting on mobile devices, and is generally worth the additional cost.

I had a good experience with UITS Staff, most especially when I just got to Bloomington from Nigeria and the only means to reach my family back home was via the internet.

I think the UITS is doing a great job. The UITS staff attached to my faculty has been of great help to me especially as a new student and getting me set up. I had a little problem setting up a new device for my DUO app, when I misplaced my former device. I think the Two step login under One.iu.edu specially managing of devices can be more simplified.

I live in on campus housing and the wireless internet is pretty unreliable, especially during high traffic times in the evening. I really like that we now have access to cable through the internet, but I am often unable to watch because there isn't enough bandwidth.

They have always been very helpful whenever I had any concerns in the Wells library.

UITS staff has always been very responsive and helpful.

I feel as though it's hard to get a hold of UITS. Often once they respond, they're fairly dismissive of problems. Especially about Canvas. This is bad enough for me, but then even worse for students because they'll have problems with Canvas and I can't reliably expect that the problems will be solved quickly.

I REALLY wish that instructors did not have to use their exchange emails. It is an utter pain, and it makes no sense given that the school has Google at IU.

Box works fine, but I'd much prefer if we got unlimited access to Dropbox. It's a bit of a pain to coordinate the two storage systems.

IUCAT is marvelous, but I don't understand why parts of it keeping going down. And I don't like how the library website was redone.

I am happy with the level of service I've received from UITS so far, and I don't really have any suggestions for the future.

Polite agents.


I haven't had any interactions with UITS staff or services.

They don't take care of the GIS lab in SPEA very well, printer system is confusing and one.iu isn't useful at all.

Top Hat clicker responses have many glitches. The app does not work for most students and many times, logging into the website doesn't work either. A different clicker/ participation source should be investigated.

Very much appreciate that staff disinfect the computers in the Wells Library. School of Education Library computer stations and printers are much cleaner and work better now that Dr. Frye is taking care of them. How does one access the Wells 24/7 commons to use the computers when the main doors are locked?

There are a lot of great things, but, the following could improve:

The scanning system on the school printers have a memory of about 35 pages; they cannot scan more than 35 pages on a single account.

There should be more options for the two-step login especially when one forgets their phones at home; maybe verification through a non-IU email?

Pulse Secure does not efficiently facilitate off-campus access to library material and links, especially for the school of music.

Some school printers, especially those not in Libraries can stay broken for days before you get to them, which is very inconvenient.

There should be some Wi-Fi access spots on campus that are not inside buildings to encourage people to study in the fresh air outside.

I have only got positive things to say about the staff. Each time I have issues, it gets resolved promptly. There's a need to ensure students are aware of the supercomputers and how they can aid learning

Not particularly- I have not had direct interaction besides receiving emails. Redesign one.iu, the only way to find anything is the search bar.

I have never had a negative experience with any service provided by UITS. All of the individuals are extremely helpful and patient. My only concern is that I am confused about what services UITS does and DOESN'T provide. But they are still pleasant when the issue falls outside of their realm.

I've had good and bad experiences with UITS. The [IRD] UITS unit is not very helpful with troubleshooting issues with software both on IUAnyware and software downloaded from IU systems, like ThinLinc. Also, the [IRD], didn't respond to my email promptly. It's been a week since I sent the email.

The library UITS staff are very helpful and know how to communicate well. [IRD] do not know how to communicate clearly. It would be great if they updated their website. There are lots of links to pages that no longer exist. I had the hardest time figuring out where I could access [IRD].

I don't like IUAnyware because it crashes frequently, but I like that it's a back up.

Microsoft Outlook has weird glitches when you are scrolling through certain parts of your inbox, the page will suddenly jump back about 10 messages and it does this continually at the same point in page every time.

Almost anytime I have to download a program from IUWare I have an issue with the installation.

The UITS webpage is actually difficult to navigate. I have to use google to find things instead of finding things intuitively through a menu on UITS' website.

no complaints so far

UITS staff have been very helpful with my technology questions. Throughout my time at IU, UITS staff have helped me override my laptop's restrictions and access Wi-Fi, access mobile printing, and deal with 2-step login issues. I have not had any negative interactions.

All experiences have been very positive, and I would be lost without UITS in my 6 years of grad school here at IU.

For nearly eight years, I have interacted with UITS on multiple campuses and in multiple roles. Overall, UITS lacks a customer service perspective. Systems and processes are clearly arranged for the convenience and understanding of the technical staff, with seemingly no attention paid to the customer's perspective. As a customer, I have been frustrated on numerous occasions.

Satisfied with all services.

The printing services are a giant, confusing mess. Please find a way to streamline it.

It was frustrating to have to login into One.IU every time I needed to get on to the magnitude of 10 times an hour. I would leave the computer to do something else and have to log back in. I would recommend increasing the length of time until everyone is automatically logged out of IU to an hour or so. I would also increase the length of time that it remembers your passcode to 2 weeks instead of the current 7 days.

I'm not sure if this counts by the IT people in my department have been beyond amazing. They have helped me with numerous issues relating to my computer and printing issues. They were friendly and responded very fast to my emails, a wonderful group of people!

I don't like the self service on the student account when it comes to registration. In order to register for classes, I go to a new fancy course registration website. The problem with the new website is that for some of my graduate courses it automatically selects the incorrect (sometimes) course number. In order to select the correct course, I have to remove the course on the fancy website and go to the old website to add them correctly. Sometimes it won't allow me to personally do it so my advisor (or someone) adds me into the course.

I have serious concerns for the 2 step log in system, because when I travel to a place where there is no power to charge cellphone battery of internet, I can miss critical messages requiring urgent actions. I just dislike this two step log in. it should have been optional not imposed. I know it is for security.

UITS staff has consistently been friendly, non judgmental, and has helped to find a solution. Sometimes this has led to investigating every possible option, even if a fix was found, which takes considerable time - more time than budgeted to spend with help staff.

Online help requests are answered promptly and followed up, which is much appreciated.

No comment.

Hope there are more classrooms with hearing aids coupling equipment.

UITS staff have always been so patient and helpful when I come to them with a problem! They're never condescending and have been so friendly and kind when I've emailed, called, or stopped by the help desk.

eTexts aren't very useful for students overseas because of the need for a constant internet connection to highlight, make notes, and review previous notes. In addition, highlights aren't transferred to the copy created by printing to pdf, so there's no way to preserve my notes.

Because of the internet issues, I've had to print the book to pdf 50 pages at a time and highlight in Acrobat by line (the text doesn't print as recognizable text). Something to keep in mind for online students please!

So far I have had very good experiences with UITS.

They have been very quick to respond to any queries I have had so far.

Help staff at the union seem knowledgeable when assistance is needed with things (i.e. duo login).

I have only had a few interactions with its services but they have all been pleasant.

As an instructor, UITS staff were always very prompt in responding to issues with technology in my classroom. However, the fact that I needed to call because computers would not properly display material for my courses in several classrooms on campus, showed that the technology here needs to be better evaluated, selected, and installed. As another example, when I was serving as technical support for an international conference here at the university, I called UITS to ask whether there was a camera and software installed in a large room in Jordan hall for us to use for recording a talk. UITS informed me that the room was ready to go; however, when I needed the camera that evening, I learned that the camera drivers had never been installed and the camera was merely sitting there on the computer while the software for streaming was properly installed. There should be checks to prevent these types of issues.

I have not had any bad experiences with UITS.

Canvas often has issues that IT consultants try to blame on users. Every time I've asked and insisted it isn't my computer, it actually turns out to be a legitimate issue with Canvas that takes a while to resolve. This is a great site when it works, but I wouldn't recommend online classes to anyone because it has a lot of glitches that seem to confuse people at the university.

Last year, I could not establish an internet connection in my apartment (on-campus housing). I appreciated the quick response from UITS. Unfortunately, the troubleshooter sent to our apartment could not identify the problem. It took more than two days for us to know that the issue occurred because our router was broken, and we found it ourselves. If they came equipped with the router to check, I believe that they would have revealed the problem quickly. So, please support your staff with an appropriate diagnostic tool.

No experience

No negative experiences yet.

My experience has been pretty positive. The only unsolved issue I've had is that I can't seem to figure out how to remote access the computer in my office from my laptop when I'm on campus. It is really important when I need to use Matlab in class on my laptop (because my laptop refuses to run Matlab).

Overall, I think UITS is doing a good job. I had a great experience at the start of the year when a member of UITS trained my team on a whole bunch of applications. A couple things I think could improve is the laundry monitoring system. It seems to not be functioning correctly every once in a while when I need it. Also, an update to the Wi-Fi system so that google homes, amazon echos, alexas, etc. could work would be awesome. Lastly, I wish graduate students and staff could pick whether they want to use gmail or Microsoft outlook. It is hard being a graduate student supervising undergrads and communicating events and other info across platforms. I also think Gmail is a much friendlier platform but I understand outlook is easier to secure.

I have had only positive interactions with UITS staff.

I think that the UITS staff are friendly and helpful whenever I need them.

Printer service in the JH atrium has been spotty.

I oftentimes use the online chat with UITS, and have found it to be convenient when I run into a problem.

The IU Mobile app feels awkward to use. Is it not just a trimmed-down web browser that always loads One? I'm not sure what other form it could take - maybe just some QoL changes?

I've received responses in a timely manner, which is very helpful to the process. I also like that my file can be opened whenever I have a question on the same topic again in the future.

Be sure not to send emails to distance ed students that are only specific to on-campus students.

My biggest problems are the printers and trying to upload documents through print.iu.edu. It barely ever recognizes my documents on the first attempt, or when I scan my ID card, my documents don't show up. Forwarding emails never ever works for me. When I have something to print, I'm always more than let down and know a hassle is coming. They are a drag unless you print directly from a university computer.

I am an online student, so no issues!

I work at the library, and when I have to refer patrons, UITS is usually pretty responsive and helpful. I also had a computer question and issue, and went to UITS for assistance and although I ended up figuring it out on my own, the UITS personnel were attentive to my issue.

Largely the problems I have are navigability of sites/services, and consistency in accessing information.

The few issues I've had have been resolved very fast.

UITS does not support people who do not own Mac computers or iPhone. I do not own either of those two and every time I have had a tech issue I have never been able to receive any help to resolve the issue.