UITS User Survey

2019 UITS User Survey IUPUC – Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the following question of the UITS survey:

(At start of the survey): As you get started, please take a moment to share with us any thoughts, concerns, issues, and/or ideas that you may have. What positive experiences with UITS staff or services have you had? Are there concerns or negative interactions that you want us to know about? Do you have recommendations for new services or improvements to existing ones? (You will have a chance to review, amend, or add to your comments before submitting your responses.)

(At end of the survey): If you entered comments at the beginning of the survey, they are displayed below. If you would like to edit your comments, share recommendations for additional services and support resources, or add additional comments or suggestions please enter them below.

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with “[IRD]”. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate students, and Graduate students.

Faculty responses:

Positive - the team is supportive of trying to find solutions to the unique problems my department has. Things run well most of the time!

Negative - I do not like that all calls now have to be centrally routed away from our local help desk. Our team worked to fix this, and that was a good thing.

I'm [IRD] with very limited hours on campus, thus my need for and interactions with UITS has been very limited as well. I do teach a class in a computer lab and often we have issues with the printer. It's practically worthless. I try to run a paper-less class, but sometimes I have students do in-class writing activities which they print out and share with another student for a critique.

Another issue I have is one of too many options. Because I'm rarely on campus and only teach [IRD] I operate in a vacuum with little interaction with other faculty regarding what's out there and how I can use it. Additionally, there are so many IT options that things that may actually help me get lost in the crowd. About the focus group question below, I would love to but because I'm an hour away from any campus and have a full-time job, it might be difficult to activity participate if face-to-face attendance is required.

The staff at Columbus are wonderful and very helpful.

The only negative experience I have had is when the decision was made to route all IT requests through a central repository not on campus. I found it more difficult to resolve a problem than when speaking with someone more personal, on the campus where I reside.

IUPUI CTL is fabulous; local CTL, not so much.

New people on phone 1317 274 HELP are more short-tempered than they used to be. The people now are impatient and think callers should know how to solve everything. There really is a limit to how much AI, self-help, help pages, and robots we can use to solve human issues before the people with problems just stop being as productive.

UITS services at IUPUC have been prompt, efficient, and professional.

As an adjunct lecturer, I have no idea about many of the resources listed. No one has ever told me and informed me about them. I was also rejected to access digital data base at IU Bloomington for my research. Basically, I sense that there isn't much for adjunct faculty. I understand but am not pleased with this.

Staff is always positive and willing to help.

Staff responses:

Our UITS staff is very professional and responsive.

They are always quick to respond! They always know the answers and are very capable in all that they do!

Over the years, I have had nothing but good things to say about the IT team at our Columbus campus. I have asked for help with a variety of issues: telephone, weird software behavior, slowness of processing, loading of applications, renewing the imaging, and screen blackouts connected with MS Access to name a few. If I had to dig deeply for an additional service, it would be better knowledge of particular MS Office apps; sometimes my questions were too difficult for the team. I have learned how to search for answers online myself.

Every time I've needed UITS, they've been quick and helpful to respond. I usually use the email or chat feature to alert them to issues I'm having. I don't know all of the services I can use from them though and would like to learn more. After taking the survey, help with Canvas for teaching might be especially useful, and is something I didn't know existed. I also enjoy receiving the UITS emails that just give updates about tech at IU - I am not very technical-minded, so I feel like I learn something every time.

I don't care for Box. I don't like that I have no control over content or folders in my own "dashboard". For instance, if invited to share a Box folder with others, I am stuck with the naming convention used by the person who initiated the folder, whether it is logical or a duplicate of other folders I have. If a project ends or is no longer applicable, the folder (if initiated by someone other than myself) is in my account and cannot be deleted or hidden. It is just not a very user friendly option.

Our campus IT department has undergone a large number of personnel changes this year. Unfortunately, there has been little to no introduction of the replacement employees. As a small campus, the culture is such that we enjoy knowing and working with our colleagues. It feels like IT is further distancing themselves from the campus. This trend began a few years back with the reorganization of IUTS enterprise-wide. I don't think it is a positive by-product.

I appreciated the UITS presentation at New Employee Orientation!

Our campus IT staff are knowledgeable and usually very friendly. What is not friendly is the new centralized UITS contact process. It is difficult to connect with our local staff who could probably help immediately with a problem most of the time. When a call is answered by the UITS support center, they say they are submitting a ticket to the local staff but it may be days before we get any response and the details are sometimes inaccurate. Would like a dedicated number or chat function for talking directly to our local campus staff. There is a lack of transparency as to what UITS services are free and what we might be charged for. Online UITS training and webinars are very convenient and typically of good quality; would like to see more offerings online to avoid having to travel to other campuses.

Undergraduate responses:

I have only had to contact the UITS team one time and they were super helpful and very friendly.

I have had no experiences with the UITS staff so I can't say.

Good overall experience

When calling it does not go straight to campus. This is a struggle when in classes and having major issues. It takes longer. Thus, students miss out on class instruction by running to get UITS instead of calling. Printers did not work. Students still struggle to know how to print. Sometimes the printers will charge me and not print my papers. Canvas registrar mistake that took days to fix. I was not satisfied with Canvas at the time. As a student worker, I notice that each computer on campus works a little different. There are tricks to making specific programs work better. Specifically Adobe pdf. Printers take forever to get paper. Maybe there should be someone who has paper in each building. Then when you call it for more paper, you are not directed to just our campus.

The UITS staff is great! Anytime there is a technological issue, IT staff is there to help!

I do not have any recommendations. The staff is great at what they do and if they do not have an answer to my problem, they will work to find someone who does.

I have only used UITS on campus a couple of times. I used it to get my Crimson Card and my field placement name badge.

It's really annoying that every time I open my laptop back up that I have to re-login to the Wi-Fi now- even if it's just after walking to a different building on campus. Can this switch back?

I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with UITS in my time with IU. I wish they promoted their certificates more because I think they would drive more interest if people knew more about them.

Both times I have been to the IT room, the staff has taken their time to fully help me with my problems with my laptop and Microsoft. They are wonderful people!

The IT department helped me with fixing my Duo login.

Always helpful in every way.

I have always had a wonderful experience with the UITS staff.

I have really never had any experience with any technical difficulties but I have heard many good things.

My experience with the staff and service is positive. I have not had much interaction with the staff aside from getting a new photo taken and receiving a new Crimson card. That experience was quick and painless. The services all work well. Although having to use DUO can be annoying at times, I understand the importance of security and have gotten used to it. In fact it gave me the idea to secure my personal e-mail and Amazon account using a similar method after I got hacked last year.

I do not like how the "free Wi-Fi" is set up for students now. I used to be able to log onto the Wi-Fi connection and stay connected all day long. Now every time my phone shuts off (goes into sleep mode) or my laptops snoozes I lose the Wi-Fi connection. It’s very annoying and frustrating. I have to continuously keep logging back on to the internet which requires my email address and then takes forever to load so I can have internet access back. I wish it was like it used to be where you only had to log in once a day!!!!

I have never had any problems with UITS staff.

It would be helpful to advertise different ways to contact IT in more places. Other than orientation from 3 years ago I have never had anyone talk about the chat/call line/etc. If I wanted to use these resources I would not know where to contact them.

Really happy with services.

Graduate responses:

Recently, a change was made and now all calls from IUPUC faculty, staff, and students are being routed to the helpline in Bloomington rather than directly to UITS on our campus. The MBA program at IUPUC conducts classes from 6:00-9:00 two nights a week for each cohort. A couple of semesters ago, one of my professors had major technology issues in the classroom. He asked me to call UITS and see if they can come and help him get the system up and running. I called the helpline and was routed to Bloomington. I asked if someone from UITS could come to the classroom to help the instructor. The person on the other line said, let me see if I can find their number and then he got back on the phone and said they closed at 6:00. First, it seemed crazy to have to call and speak with someone in Bloomington. In my mind, we should have been able to reach someone on our own campus. Secondly, the fact that there was nobody available on our campus after 6:00 seemed unreal. My instructor was not able to use that piece of technology and reorganize how he was teaching the class. Any other iterations that I have had with the IUPUC UITS team have been positive. My only recommendation for improvement would be to have the ability to contact our campus UITS team and for them to be available when classes are happening.

I think they respond promptly, but sometimes it’s difficult to get services off campus. It is much easier and more effective on campus.