UITS User Survey

2019 UITS User Survey IUS – Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the following question of the UITS survey:

(At start of the survey): As you get started, please take a moment to share with us any thoughts, concerns, issues, and/or ideas that you may have. What positive experiences with UITS staff or services have you had? Are there concerns or negative interactions that you want us to know about? Do you have recommendations for new services or improvements to existing ones? (You will have a chance to review, amend, or add to your comments before submitting your responses.)

(At end of the survey): If you entered comments at the beginning of the survey, they are displayed below. If you would like to edit your comments, share recommendations for additional services and support resources, or add additional comments or suggestions please enter them below.

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with “[IRD]”. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate students, and Graduate students.

Faculty responses:

My experience on campus are very positive. The staff is helpful and polite anytime I need assistance in the classroom or in my office. The only issues I have are with my Surface Pro which was purchased with FYS funds. This computer restricts many of the basic programs I like to use for leisure such as ITunes. It requires remote authorization, which I am unable to attain in the evening. It's frustrating not to be able to run basic programs on a semi-personal machine, when I can use those same programs on my computer in my IUS office.

The local IT folks were very helpful when I was looking for a solution to use my iPad and Mac Book Pro in the classroom, to connect wirelessly to the classroom projector. They installed Apple TV devices in my classrooms, which worked nicely. Very grateful for their help!

Satisfactory and timely response from the IUS teams (not quite the same from the IU team).

We had some problems with our computers in the Adjunct Office in Knobview. We could not log in to some of the computers, and if we could, we could not print. At least two of us called IT. The first person I called was no help, but eventually, we got help. It took more than a day to get the issues sorted out, but now everything is working fine-- Knock on wood!

No concerns or negative interactions to report. The IUS IT people are great.

I understand the security concerns that led to the automatic sign out after 15 minutes of inactivity. But it can be really challenging and I find myself having to sign in a lot during the day.

The wireless connectivity in my building is rather patchy, as it can sometimes be in other locations on my campus. I use my smartphone as a remote for my laptop, and even then - in the classroom - the Wi-Fi signal sometimes drops and my smartphone cannot connect to the laptop.

I have always had positive interactions with IT. They are always helpful and prompt when I need assistance.

I have never had an unpleasant interaction with the staff at IUS. They make me feel smart when I feel stupid about a problem I have with equipment. I couldn't ask for better support!

  1. They offer very useful services and needed assistance, as demand for teaching using high tech is getting more and more imposing on a daily basis.
  2. There is a gap between their expertise and our ability to clearly convey what we need, as their knowledge is beyond what we know as to what kind of technology there is and what is needed.
  3. The technology, or the product is not fully developed for "lay" people to effectively use.
  4. For online teaching, I wish there were things that the technology or the tools could automatically take care of, instead of having to be learned by people who really have limited ability to learn, even to learn how to use it.
  5. It may not be the problem with UITS, but personally I do feel we don't share a common language.

The staff always try to help. They will walk over to your computer at any time to assist.

The technology in the classroom is PowerPoint and projectors -- 30 year old technology. Certainly 20 years behind the classroom technology high school students use every day.

All the security measures cause major delays in using the computer in my office or in the classrooms. Having to start or reboot computers to use several different programs at once can take up 20-30 minutes! So a lot of faculty just leave computers on and don't log out as the time to reboot is so long because of all the security programs running in the background. This is counterproductive to the reason for having the security in the first place.

The vast majority of my interactions with UITS staff have been overwhelmingly positive, and the only negative experiences I've had with staff or services have more than likely been the result of operator error on my part.

Excellent support staff. Friendly & helpful.

However, I have had some issues with IT getting back on issues that were not simply solved.

I appreciate the accessibility. Each call is answered by someone who truly wants to help, and who will get help from a colleague if he/she does not know the answer.

I hope we can be informed when computers are being changed in the classrooms so we can make the necessary checks and adjustments before being in front of a class and appearing unprepared.

I would like to make a faculty webpage, but the info on kb.iu.edu are not descriptive in a language I can understand. I need simplified information without jargon.

UITS has always been very responsive to my questions and issues.

My limited experiences with UITS has all been positive.

I teach at the Graduate center and every year I have issues with the computer room. It would be nice if someone would go to the center the week before school starts and make sure the equipment works. I have had trouble every first day for 2 years, the first year no one could figure it out and I couldn't use computers, this year I made a phone call and the second person I talked to figured it out.

I have always gotten great support from the team.

I wish they could also work with us on platforms such as FB, Twitter and Instagram. Many of us (faculty) are using social media platforms to help market our programs and our accomplishments. I wish there was one person that would be fully dedicated to this service.

My situation is unique as far as not being satisfied with my classroom set-up. Its a science lab and it does not get "normal" upgrades from tech fee. This an area that needs to be further discussed.

  1. Everyone I have worked with in IT at IUS has been EXCELLENT! 2. Computers in both of the classrooms I teach in have been unexpectedly reset/updated in the past month and my personal settings on my log in have been lost both times. This makes the next class meeting VERY frustrating for both me and my students since I depend on having everything set up and ready to go. 3. There doesn't really seem to be a way to know if someone else has already reported an IT problem so you don't know if it is already being addressed and you just have to risk sounding like an impatient idiot and tell IT anyway.

The UITS staff is always helpful, both on the phone and in-person.

I have always received the help that I needed very promptly.

No comment

Staff responses:

Lately it seems that UITS has, in general, been very focused on phishing (and rightfully so), but my perception is that phishing awareness and the phishing program have become a primary focus.

System issues seem to have become more prevalent while the focus has been on phishing.

The help desk team on the SE campus are amazing. I cannot thank them enough for their quick response time when we find classroom emergency needs that arise.

The IT staff at IU Southeast are amazing. They are very helpful and often go above and beyond. A great example of this is when, recently, I reported to our campus IT as well as to OCSS that AdRx was crashing. I knew our local IT couldn't fix it, but reported it to them in case others contacted them, such that they would know what was going on. Throughout the day, as UITS worked to fix the problem, our local IT team kept in contact with me to see if there was anything else they could do to help in the meantime.

Additionally, I was recently slated for a computer update, and our campus has taken to offering the choice between a laptop and desktop computer. An IT rep came to meet with me to discuss the pros and cons of both options, so that I could make an informed decision.

IT at Southeast really do work as if we are all on the same team, and I appreciate them immensely.

UITS for the entire system is also very good. Although I don't use the helpdesk function often, I have been in close contact with Kris Nicola and Caryn Castellan, who are both fabulous. They are very attentive to the needs of the end users of the products they are helping to create, and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

I think that our SE campus HelpDesk is great! All of the UITS staff are excellent, and always go above and beyond to help.

I am overall happy with IT services and offerings at IU Southeast and am able to perform my work. Sometimes I have issues with the usability of or small glitches in some of the sites and programs I use. (ex: IUIE is very helpful to me and has lots of data that I need, but it can be hard to find and to know what data a particular report is going to give me until I run it.)

My experiences with UITS staff and services have always been positive. The staff is very knowledgeable about technology and they have always resolved my service requests quickly. I do not have any concerns or suggestions for improvement at this time.

UITS staff on our campus has been nothing but kind, helpful and timely when dealing with issues. My only critique would be to increase the staff on the web team. They're always overworked and understaffed.

I joined IUS as an employee in June 2018 and have called IT numerous times to help me with a variety of problems and learning situations. Each person has been professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They have been an immeasurable help in my getting acclimated.

This email was addressed to my legal name. I wish it would have pulled my preferred name instead.

I typically have great interactions with UITS staff! They are always very helpful and available. The only negative thing I have encountered is occasional inaccuracy when making updates to websites.

Our staff at IUS are always right at our finger tips anytime they are needed. They always take the time to explain a problem or issue and correct it instantly. I have nothing negative to report.

All positive experiences. They go above and beyond. I always make it a point to ask their name. If someone takes the time to work on your computer or phone, always say Thank you!

I have had no negative interactions with the UITS staff. They have always been there for me when I needed their assistance.

I have always been very pleased with our IT Department. They do their level best to keep us up and running with little to no interruption.

IT has always been very helpful and timely on their response to an issue. Staff is always friendly and willing to help.

I think our UITS staff members are wonderful - both as individuals and highly skilled employees. The Helpdesk technicians are friendly, follow-up and are generally knowledgeable about issues or problems I'm having. The web-team members are fantastic! I realize they have a lot of projects taking place at one time but they always make me feel like my concerns are theirs. We are extremely lucky to have such a great group of folks.

I've had positive experiences with the IT department, overall. Most of the time, they are able to navigate my (lack of) technical computer terminology in order to help me get a clear answer.

Staff is friendly and able to communicate issues in layman's terms.

The staff at IUS have always been very helpful when assisting me with issues I have run into.

When we need something done with the UITS team they are always very helpful and very quick about getting the job done.

I have had positive interactions in my time working at IUS. Anytime I have needed help with anything related to IT they have always answered and corrected the issue within 24 to 48 hours.

No concerns or negative interactions at this time.

Undergraduate responses:

It seems to be user friendly, thanks IT!

So far, my IT experience at IUS has been surprisingly positive. No hang-ups, no disconnects, easy and fast logins, etc.

One thing I would suggest is the adoption and support for Chromebooks, as I've noticed that most efforts are placed to support Microsoft Windows and Apple OS. Luckily, we can easily convert to and from Office/Google Docs, but there are a few instances (required papers specifically done in either .docx or .xlsx format) where it may become an impossibility for those of us using Chromebooks.

I wish the Wi-Fi worked for me better. My laptop is always disconnected and it takes a while to re- connect to the Wi-Fi.

Matt Ballard has done a heck of a job with the Nursing school. Give that man a raise. To make his job easier I would recommend getting some better quality computers.

I have had amazing experiences at IUS

The only experiences I've had with UITS staff have been incredibly pleasing and efficient, I have no complaints whatsoever.

I dislike Duo Login. I do not like that our email accounts and IUWare are connected to Duo. One.iu is difficult to navigate, due to the weird "app" layout. All of the staff I have communicated with have been helpful.

The Wi-Fi on the IUS campus is a big issue. I live in the lodges and we have a lot of issues. The internet is often painfully slow. We have complained to housing many times about the issues. Another issues is if you try to call IT on campus is sends you to the Bloomington office, I personally haven't called in a while but others I know have, and they have been frustrated by this. As for a future idea, one way that you might be able to get more connection to students that live in the lodge is to let them know that they should register their devices.

It always seems like the computers are up and running at IUS; although the speed has tremendously gone downhill over the last year or so on the desktop computers. The Wi-Fi is always disconnecting and reconnecting itself. Computers in the class are great but half the time the technology such as the ladybug thing or the speakers do not work and it can take IT about 10 minutes to get to the classroom and overall they don't seem to really have a lot of training on fixing any problems.

I really dislike the new way to log into Wi-Fi. You have to log in at least once even if you just close your laptop for one second.

I also hate that you have to have a "push" to log into canvas. If you don't have your phone with you, how are you going to access the materials you need? It should be optional. Who is going to break into my canvas account???

I had recently been given a notice about my crimson card dormant fee and I was very disappointed after reaching out to IT. I had sent an email with my picture and they only declined it without any information given to me as why I can't update my crimson card or what I could do differently. I live roughly 40 minutes away from campus and I would like for it be easier to obtain my crimson card.

Everyone has been incredibly helpful and respectful. I especially enjoy your online IT help.

Amazing and considerate.

I was locked out of my canvas account because of the duo mobile app, and I went up to IT and had the problem fixed within 10 minutes, they were very helpful.

Many of the computers around campus won't start up, or they start up so slowly that I no longer have time to finish the assignments that I need to get done. Restarting the computers rarely helps. This includes computers in the library and Knobview Hall. I would like to see those work better so that everyone can have access to computers to finish their homework.

The IU staff has helped with my technological problems. For example, IT helped me with my laptop.

I appreciate the fact that you set up a computer room in the social science building so we don't have to go over to another building to print papers. This has been a god send because I only have a few minutes between classes.

I believe that in general everybody is doing a good job, I love the university and how everyone is so friendly with one another.

No. I would say the only thing that needs improvement is management of printers. I feel that they are somehow out of order at least once a month. I feel like it is Russian-roulette when printing hoping that it will work. Just this past week they were broken down twice! It is aggravating when you need to print something off quickly. I understand that technology breaks down but on a consistent basis? Other than that I am happy with IT services.


I'm a [IRD] that uses a computer and specific research software quite often. Usually, IT is good about getting information to me when I request it or helping our office get the licenses together that we need. Recently (last 2 weeks) though, I put forward a question and a request that was replied to but never taken care of.

I have high confidence in the UITS staff to step me through any issue I am having. They are dedicated and work well with one another. I think it would be terrific if some kind of IT event was held where people could bring in their devices and the IT staff would help explain how to set it up with University utilities.

I think overall that the existing equipment and technology that is available to us students is overall good. I think there may need to be updating on certain programs and software that is being used.

I'd really like it if the Wi-Fi was more accessible.

The few and short interactions and conversations I have had with UITS staff have been delightful.

They're great.

Positive: I received help in setting up my school Wi-Fi and email when I got a new phone.

Comment: Wi-Fi is very spotty on the Sciences side of campus.

I think UITS is doing a great job.

UITS helped me with several small computer issues I was having and it was a very positive experience.

Everything with the Information Technology services seems to be fine. I do not have anything constructive opinions to offer. Except that I am not a fan of Dells whatsoever.

I have had only positive experiences when directly going to IT.

I have had good and pleasant experiences with my professors. I have received individual help from several when needed and no negative experiences. I have no recommendations.

I have never used UITS while attending IUS.

I've had a lot of help from UITS staff in recovering my duo login information and getting access codes in order to sign into canvas.

One of the major issues I had was the printers not working. I would send my papers to be printed but they wouldn't pop up on the release screen.

No I feel like IUS is a very good school but recently we did have a case were a non IUS student was caught looking under women stalls. I'm a little uneasy about that.


I have always had an amazing experience with all staff at IU Southeast from IT. Danny is great to work with and they are always so understanding when you need assistance.

The Sophos Software has saved my MacBook.

I love all the staff. I think we should have a nurse office or somewhere we can go if we were to get hurt or need medical treatment like Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, etc.

The internet connection could be better and computers could run a little faster and/or be updated.

The staff has been very nice and helpful. They are always there to help me when I need it most. No negative comments or recommendations.

They have diagnosed start up problems with my laptop and told me the actions necessary to fix them.

I have always had positive and outstanding results with IT! I once asked a representative of laptop preference, which helps me decide my laptop. Another time, I asked IT if they had a screwdriver for my Xbox remote, to assist in my public speaking class. And just recently, I purchased a desktop with them, which is what I am using to participate in this survey. They are very responsive, well-attentive, and manage the networking capabilities quite fashionably. I couldn't ask for a better UITS team!

Charge as printing is used, not an allotted amount at the beginning of the semester.

I do not have any recommendations for new services or improvements. I have always had a great experience.

Nothing at this time.

I've had nothing but good experiences and any trouble I've had with printers or computers, IT has taken care of immediately.

So far I have had a pleasant experience with all technology services provided to me! There has been little to no trouble accessing any online resources provided to me.

You do well, not too much I can think of criticizing other than the requirement of basically having to have your phone to log into canvas if that even applies here.

I've had very positive experiences ranging from software help or password help. I think the staff does a great job!

I will say that I really like that we as students are able to do prints and get all homework we need to print "freely" because is free! That is really helpful. The negative thing would be that in my case, the music department has very slow computers. It's super hard to get in computers systems in 084. We as musician students are indispensable to have Mac computers running well and fast! And we don't have that. Music programs on the Mac's sometime get stuck, and our teachers have problems with giving the class. Also, in the lab, computers between knowview hall and ogle vente on the second floor are even slower! If we want to print something or do any homework and use those computers it very difficult to use them. To get in your session sometimes takes 8 minutes or more.

There are instances of students getting locked out of their accounts with no apparent reason--I have had this happen to me and it is frustrating. I had to spend 15 minutes on hold with IT to be able to log into my email, Canvas, and clock in for work--all essential functions.

Many students, like myself, are always on-the-go and need technology issues fixed quickly. We have to have reliable technology to do homework, read e-texts, take quizzes/tests, etc. Having a way to assist students in a quicker, more efficient way would lessen frustration.

None at this time.

I have had no experiences with technology team. The website could be a little better to navigate. I find Canvas to be difficult to find what I am looking for because there are so many tabs to go through.

I like how you have created the site. Very easy to follow and all the instructions are there if you need them.

I have had several positive experiences with the UITS staff through the walk up support center. They are very knowledgeable and always know exactly how to help me with my computer questions about browsers, downloading software, help with technical issues, and many more. I have no concerns for the staff and I am very appreciative for their ability to help.

I have never personally interacted with anyone. However my Biology Professor had to call an IT guy and he came fast & fixed the issue fast. Then about 10 minutes later it did the same thing but she didn't call him again.

My only complaint is that the school's Wi-Fi cuts out a lot when using it on my wireless devices. That is the only slight issue I've had in the last 5 years that I have been at IUS. My overall UITS experience has been great.

They are always quick to answer, super nice and sweet.

I have no complaints or recommendations for UIS IT department. I'm not sure if this survey is only about the IT department, or if it includes online class feedback. If it includes online class feedback I must say the Math classes are terrible and for that reason alone I do not recommend friends or family to attend IUS. Not only are the classes an enormous amount of busy work that students who work don't have time to do, but I am not learning much since I spend the majority of the time cramming to get the work done instead of taking my time and learning the materials. In addition, Examity is the worst way a student could take a test. The proctors do not know what they are doing, can't communicate very well with those who speak English, there's always a horrible connection, the company is untrustworthy, and most of the proctors are rude. All of my other online classes still have test that the student can do without the aggravation of Examity, and without risking their safety by using Examity.

Better internet connection.

UITS staff are great. Resolved issues professionally and quickly.

I've had very positive experiences with UITS staff and services. I wouldn't change a thing.

I've never personally had a bad experience with UITS staff at the Southeast campus. Everyone is generally helpful and considerate.

Everything is great.

I've only ever had to use the IT department when I had to get a new student ID. I've seen them come and help a professor in using the projector and they have been very good at their jobs.

The Wi-Fi is extremely unreliable and cuts out on my phone as many as ten times in one minute during some nights. This is very inefficient and has ended up costing me a lot of money in data costs as a result from its repeatedly cutting out. It can also cut out on my computer daily, though to a lesser extent than my phone.

I like having the computer room in Crestview and having different options like quick print, bring in your own laptop, etc.

My suggestion for UITS is to better promote the wealth of information and services that are available, as well as to better demonstrate the use of and uses for the various resources.

I've had a couple of positive experiences with the UITS staff. Whenever I was going to start my first semester at IUS this semester, they helped my mom and I with login information regarding the placement tests. The second time I went there I had help with using my flash drive. And the last time I went there I had help with my laptop screen fully turning on. I've never had any concerns or negative interactions with the UITS staff. I don't have any recommendations for new services.

I had a good experience as when I created an account to apply to ius and already had one for my ap bio class had to be combined and they managed to do it.

This is my first semester of college in almost 21 years. I have no opinions or suggestions at this time.

Graduate responses:

The IT services at IUS are great. I especially like that we get software that we need for school for free or at a low price. I also like that there are people to help download the software. I also like the computer sale that occurs every year at the beginning of the spring semester.

I am pleased with everything.

They are always quick about fixing technology issues. Thanks.

I think there are fewer computers in the library now. Last year there were more.

One.iu is not managed in a proper way. Many things are scattered. Once I use any application, I don't get an option to go back to the homepage. I have to open a new tab for that.

I don't have any specific comments other than overall it has been a good experience. It has been very limited too.

I have only had a few interactions with IT "staff" (usually students in the labs) and for more simple issues (need more paper, is this computer/printer working, etc.). Generally they have been helpful. As for other IT services, additional downloadable or for sale software would be nice (such as creative types of stuff - corel draw, Photoshop and similar types.)

So far, I have not had any negative interactions outside of normal computer/IT glitches. Seating in lab environment classroom is not comfortable nor ergonomically correct. As a shorter person, the tables and computers are too high (in classrooms). Need lower tables and/or chairs that rise (a LOT).

I have not had many interactions with IT services, but the one that I had recently was a positive one. I had to go get a new ID card because I still had the old one. They were more than helpful and it was quick and easy.