UITS User Survey

2021 UITS User Survey IUN – Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the following question of the UITS survey:

(At start of the survey): As you get started, please take a moment to share with us any thoughts, concerns, issues, and/or ideas that you may have. What positive experiences with UITS staff or services have you had? Are there concerns or negative interactions that you want us to know about? Do you have recommendations for new services or improvements to existing ones? (You will have a chance to review, amend, or add to your comments before submitting your responses.)

(At end of the survey): If you entered comments at the beginning of the survey, they are displayed below. If you would like to edit your comments, share recommendations for additional services and support resources, or add additional comments or suggestions please enter them below.

The responses are listed by respondent case number. Case numbers, in which the respondent did not leave any text, are not included.

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with “[IRD]”. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate students, and Graduate students.

Faculty responses:

UITS have always been in our work in the Writing Center. They respond promptly, and their questions are generally on target in resolving the problem. The redesign of computer spaces in the Writing Center was very helpful.

I just want to say that I think UITS has been pretty amazing this year. I don't know about the other campuses, but the IUN team has gone far and beyond what I expected.

UITS is one of the high points of being employed at IU. The services provided are exceptional. Everything almost always works as it should and makes my job easier. The one problem point I am currently experiencing is checking my employee Outlook email through the web-based application on my phone. Every time I attempt to login that way I am informed my inbox does not exist. Another thing I have noticed is that the eDossier system is extremely slow to load a dossier for review. It would be nice if it could be speeded up.

I have had a few problems with opening emails. UITS was right there to help me with all the issues. I appreciate the time they spent with me. Last semester, I had a student that had difficulty navigating Canvas saying that I locked her out of the modules. The student called UITS and sent me an email with the ticket number. I then proceeded to call UITS, worked with someone, and she said that she would contact the student directly, that everything looked fine on my end. She did as she said she would and everything seemed better after that.

Usually I have positive interactions with UITS staff. The only area I have a concern with is the software that is no longer offered on IU anyWare that is usually replaced with an inferior alternative.

I have used support often. Sometimes response can take a while.

I prefer UITS staff on my campus. It is discouraging when I call and am forwarded to the Bloomington campus for help. The Bloomington campus is less familiar with our specific technical needs.

They are always helpful.

I've heard students have had a great experience getting connected with Zoom in a timely manner. This is much appreciated!

I have had positive experiences with UITS staff helping answer questions and fix problems.

IT staff have consistently been helpful whenever contacted.

UITS has been a tremendous ally over the last year. My requests and interests are responded to with urgency and positivity.

Very responsive and polite team.

Staff responses:

I have had nothing but excellent interactions with the IT staff on day-to-day issues; even the migration from Box to the cloud drives went so much better once we were able to work with our local IT staff and move away from the downstate people (that wasn't rolled out very well in terms of training, imo). I have two central concerns: one is the proliferation of apps and new systems and the lack of any real training for those new platforms; it seems most of the trainings consist of not much more than self-tutorials which feels really inefficient. Secondly, we have SO MANY programming needs on our campus - so much need for systems to talk to each other, and finding real programmers who will address those issues is impossible. We spend countless hours trying to develop little apps on our own via excel that it is really, really frustrating. Oh, yes, and one more thing: all of those apps in Decision Support? None of them are really useful in that they are too narrowly defined, and it is really difficult to download anything to put into presentations. How about strengthening the good ol IUIE? I love the IUIE and would welcome more flexible reports there where we can choose parameters and download second- generation data! Tableau kind of sucks.

The service I have always received has been exceptional! The only request I would make is to have the person who is answering the phone identify themselves if they are not from our home campus. Example: I called UITS at IU Northwest. Because of their high call volume, I was "sent" to Bloomington, which I did not immediately recognize. The caller had the same name as an IUN Support Team Member, so I started by asking questions about their family and how they were doing. It took me a few minutes to realize I was not talking to the person I knew.

I have found the UITS staff very helpful and the service great.

[IRD] has been an asset this year to IU Northwest Athletics and Student Activities. She has helped us transfer and move files from Box to OneDrive and showed us how to use it. She also helps with any questions I may have.

Institutional data are helpful. (e.g. Data Handling & Sharing DSH tool, Data Classification Matrix, IDS Checklist, Critical Data Guide, KB, etc.) should be easier to locate and easier to share for part-time employees (easier for them to understand).

Skype has been very helpful and useful. For the phone system, I am concerned during a power outage that we cannot call out to university police or other offices.

All of my dealings with UITS have been positive; they are responsive and always willing to help as needed.

IUN UITS is a wonderful team overall. They always go above and beyond when assisting with issues, no matter how big or small. One suggestion i would add would be to offer a designated person to handle senior leadership issues. I realize all are available to help; however, when urgent matters come up, it would be helpful to have a connect that handles these types of calls for the Executive Administration.

I am extremely satisfied in general.

No comments at this time.

I have had nothing but great experiences with UITS

UITS staff is helpful and always quick to solve problems. The staff is courteous and patient.

Would like to have more assistance with web page management content--a bit more user friendly training.

IT has been very responsive to requests for assistance. I am very disappointed that UITS has decided to no longer make Mathematica, Maple etc. available to instructors and their students free of charge.

[IRD] and his team are always open to work with us on any of the areas we are in need of-- moving computers etc. We recently were trying to move through many rooms in the Arts & Science area and Raintree doing floor work. This requires removing all items from the room to strip and wax. Although we ran into many snags on which ones we could get in, we were able to complete many due to the awesome help we got from the UITS team. Even when we were not able to completely get to some that they had moved faculty lectures out of, they were very polite and understanding. We will try to do a better job planning ahead for their sake so that it will run smoother for them also on their end so they will not have to return or have the confusion we may have caused. [IRD] was very understanding and offering anything his team could do to help in anyway. Great Job to them all.

On some of the questions I put somewhat agree is not to the fault of UITS but my own understanding of computers.

I typically have positive experiences with UITS staff.

I've been happy with UITS staff and services.

I have not had any negative interactions with UITS staff or services; all have been positive experiences. Always willing to assist and prompt in providing services when needed.

Undergraduate responses:

I haven’t had any experience so, I believe that they are doing a good job.

No issues, all good.

I have had nothing but great experiences with UITS Staff.

All the staff have been very helpful with directions and helping me transition into my first semester.


I have not experienced any negative interactions at IU.


I don't have any thoughts, concerns, or ideas. I haven't had a lot of experience with the UITS staff or services, so I haven't had any negative impressions of them. I did get help at the beginning of the fall 2020 term because something happened while I was taking a test, and they were able to solve the problem for me, and afterward, I was able to retake it. I use the services provided, like Zoom, Gmail, and others pretty much every day, as well. So any impressions that I do have are only positive.

I have not had any interactions with anyone from UITS.

All interactions have been positive. I have no recommendations at this time.

I have only had one experience with the IT department, and it was a very pleasant exchange. She helped me figure out what was going wrong, and she was very polite! I have not been a student on campus in many years, as I am currently enrolled in all online classes. But the campus has always been well-staffed and easily accessible in regards to computer and technology access. Any issues I have ever experienced have been quickly resolved with help from staff.

When my teachers post to Kaltura, it takes forever for them to actually post to Canvas. Last semester, it was taking days for it to post to Canvas for me to see.

No negative feedback.

None at this time.

I appreciate the technology resources available at IUN. The only comment I have is that when researching topics for the school of education, it can be difficult to find relevant articles.

Graduate responses:

I have had nothing but great experiences with UITS. Not only are my problems addressed in a timely fashion, but everyone who works there is so professional and friendly. I feel comfortable bringing my tech problems to them. Cant say enough good things about this department!

I once called the IT department to help me gain access to my email address. They were very kind and helped me fix my problem very quickly!

Very friendly, accessible, and helpful