UITS User Survey

2021 UITS User Survey IUPUI – Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the following question of the UITS survey:

(At start of the survey): As you get started, please take a moment to share with us any thoughts, concerns, issues, and/or ideas that you may have. What positive experiences with UITS staff or services have you had? Are there concerns or negative interactions that you want us to know about? Do you have recommendations for new services or improvements to existing ones? (You will have a chance to review, amend, or add to your comments before submitting your responses.)

(At end of the survey): If you entered comments at the beginning of the survey, they are displayed below. If you would like to edit your comments, share recommendations for additional services and support resources, or add additional comments or suggestions please enter them below.

The responses are listed by respondent case number. Case numbers, in which the respondent did not leave any text, are not included.

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with “[IRD]”. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate students, and Graduate students.

Faculty responses:

Overall, I have had very positive experiences with UITS staff. I think the one negative is response time and/or follow through with requests.

The UITS staff that help me with issues are typically very friendly and provide me with viable solutions. However, the recent Exchange migration was executed very poorly. It was not announced to the users. It has caused countless hours of my spending time on the phone with the help desk attempting to get my calendar and email on my iPhone. None of the offered solutions worked. There is no concrete answer when this problem will be resolved. It has been and continues to be a disaster.

None at this time.

They are generally quite fast to answer, not necessarily will solve the issue, depending on its complexity and even during the pandemic very responsive and helpful to have all of us to function working from home.

UITS staff is very well trained and always came with a solution for any matter that I have contacted them about.

Great help during the switch to remote working and teaching. I anticipate need for guidance on best tips to consider as we decide how to "return" to campus work/teaching.


I want to thank the folks who work the helpline 24hrs, seven days a week. They have been so helpful with quickly fixing problems during this complicated time of working remotely and from home.

4 hours is too long to get help for IT issues.

Email response to request for help is difficult to read.

I have always gotten a very good experience with UITS staff. My only concern is our WIFI connection which is almost undetectable in our lab in the third floor of the [IRD] building. If you can do something about it that would be appreciated.

UITS staff is wonderful and very helpful! I am a bit concerned about Big Red 200 and when it will go online. It was launched almost a year ago, but we still don't have access. Is something wrong or was the "launch" more of a groundbreaking?

Overall I am satisfied with the service quality of the UITS.

The IU systems were largely successful through the covid, which brought about unprecedented challenges. There were some blips along the way, but these were resolved in a reasonable length of time.

My frustrations are threefold. I would noted that I am less than certain about the division between UITS, Educational technology, and the information technology at IUSM, which is my home school,

The first concern is for me to do my job I need to purchase out of pocket a number of devices and monthly services. The cell phone is one example, but there are others, including personal computers. These are essential for my work, and there are a number of apps that are on my phone that are expected for faculty. I use my cell phone about 75% for work and this is a cost that I cover out of pocket.

The second concern is largely tied to the applications of the on-line systems at IUPUI and expectations about faculty use of their valuable time. Educational technology were always pleasant to talk to about potential problems, but were arguably inflexible about the course goals and arrangements. For example, the amount of Canvas memory for a class was nonnegotiable as were organizational arrangements with Kaltura, which I thought was problematic for many reasons. There were lots of help to explain to faculty how they could use lots of their valuable time to adhere to preferences from the technology people and not enough about how best to achieve faculty goals and utilization of faculty time. Faculty time is an important resources, and unfortunately IUPUI and IUSM view this as a limitless asset to use to save costs.

The third concern is the information technology at IUSM, which is centralized at IUSM. This system is painful for the faculty. At one time, departments had a IT person to seek help from and there was a personal connection. Overall, a good value for the department. I think that this was largely lost with the restructuring and creation of the executive associate dean position. This is a perspective that is largely shared among faculty colleagues. This dissatisfaction extends to the maintenance and problem solving with hardware and software, department and lab web sites, as well as the centralized systems. Overall, I think that this structure and centralization provides poor service for faculty.

The move away from Box has been a total pain, and I hope the cost savings was substantial because the time cost and extra steps are very frustrating.

The change with Exchange over the past two days is still messing up my phone. I can't get my emails.

I don't think you seek enough faculty input before changes are made. All the Canvas changes that were made started for the summer without any warning or training available. I never saw anything to help until August for the fall, and I needed to know it in April before summer started. I would be willing to help with a focus group but I will be leaving IU.

Sometimes I feel when I call the UITS call center, I know more about the technology; I wish there was a specific option for people that use technologies to get help. Many of my issues need to get through a second-tier and email my issues, which can sometimes be difficult.

I think that UITS has done a great job of helping faculty transition to online teaching. Kudos to all that has been done throughout this academic year, and last spring and summer; it has been very difficult but you all have made it a lot more bearable.

I've had zero issues with UITS staff. They always find a solution one way or the other.

I've had excellent service.

I always had good/positive experiences with the staff over at UITS, whether on phone or on Chat (they are very responsive).

As a physician dually employed by IU and IUH, I have many issues that come from firewalls and limitations of access when I am working in an IUH hospital. Generally speaking, I cannot always log on to IU versions of software when I am on the IUH network, or have trouble getting IU email on my phone, which is registered via IUH.

For the most part, working with UITS has always been a positive experience. However, my main concern is that all the security constraints that are put in place make it somewhat difficult to install and use specific software tools and, hence, hinder research. I wish a middle ground could be found where users are given more direct control over their computers, operating systems, and software to permit a more efficient process and enhance research activities.

Would like to see certain users granted admin privileges on their own work stations (even if it means going through some kind of training, etc.). I'm sure UITS has better things to do than grant overrides for the esoteric one-off software I use in my daily work.

Please bring Box back-- the Microsoft Teams interface is painful and obstructive.

positive interactions- I have had questions about Zoom - all handled efficiently! Thank you!!

The roll-out for ceasing support of the Box was abysmal. I still have problems accessing data lost in that move. PATHETIC.

Generally helpful. Takes a while to get help sometimes .

People on the help line are generally very good. Field service people who come to the offices are not that knowledgeable about what they are doing.

School of E&T has a dedicated Computer Network Center team that deals effectively and responsively with school-specific concerns. This model works very well. I have found my few interactions with the broader UITS organization (most commonly about classroom technologies in general inventory classrooms) to be much slower.

Although I know upgrades to classroom technologies last summer were made under a tight timeline to enable hybrid teaching, I was disappointed it did not include cameras that would show the whiteboard in the classroom, which I use extensively under normal circumstances.

Any time I have had a personal problem with tech, Helpnet and the folks at the IU Help line ([IRD]in particular) have been very helpful!

I have so many incoming emails daily that I don't do a great job of following all of the ones that look like bureaucratic tedium. For example, I must have ignored the recent Outlook migration, which caused a minor heart palpitation.

It would be great if you could differentiate emails that require my action from those that are FYI in the subject lines.

Please keep the free 24/7 call-in UITS phone line and please keep it staffed by live individuals trained in computer technology and software used by IU. I have found it especially helpful to talk with individuals who have a lot of experience working with a broad range of tech issues.(i.e. they have their own business perhaps as well or used to; have institutional memory or "technology memory"). Please keep the phone options. It is really beneficial to be able to select 2 and talk to someone who is well- trained and has experience using Canvas. My ability to help students and fulfil my other duties would be noticeably and negatively impacted if the service was automated or I had to rely solely on the KB. It is also helpful that the support staff can go in and see my account and even view what is going on in Canvas when we can't figure out the problem verbally.

I.T. strikes me as one of those services that people just assume will work well, so perhaps you are not hearing all the good things you should. The fact is, I think my experience with UITS is probably 90% positive. When a unit works like it should, people don't even think about. The 10% negative can really hurt though if it occurs at key moments. For instance, this transition of email to a different platform has been disastrous for me. I'm one of those caught in limbo who has lost email, calendar, etc. Why must UITS make this change in the middle of a semester?

When I have a specific person I can contact, I have gotten very good response and help.

The emails sent describing digital concepts are often written in vocabulary that is IT centered, and not understood by those of us who do not understand IT -- like what does HTML mean and what does it have to do with me?

The classes advertised by IT to learn the software are a great idea. But my job has be teaching or on a clinic floor most of every day so I cannot ever take off to attend all the classes it might take to let me learn the programs.

Group is knowledgeable and responsive to needs.

Dealing with IT via email is a frustrating process. Whoever helps on the other end regularly reads only part of my email and then asks questions already answered in the email they failed to read. In addition, the system for some reason doesn't allow successive emails in a chain so that I only see the most recent email in a chain. While I believe IT has access to the entire chain, I am also led to believe people on the other end fairly often only look at the most recent email in the chain as that's the one I was forced to respond to.

In addition, it should not be allowed for IT to close a ticket without permission from the original ticket submitter. This is a very bad policy and very often ends up with closed tickets when issues are clearly not "resolved". I'm not sure why but IT seems to be afraid of picking up the phone and just getting the issue cleared up...much easier than sending a barrage of misread emails back and forth. IT needs to seriously reconsider its trend towards emails instead of just using the phone.

In general, IT takes a long time to help. On occasion they take weeks to respond to certain issues. This might be ok for certain issues, but they never contact me throughout those weeks making me think they have resolved not to deal with the issue. If I try to help, they get mad and never apologize for taking those weeks to respond. In general, I have not had good experiences with IT.

The IT folks have been outstanding this year!!!!!! Honestly, they are great - [IRD] has helped me so much. My only struggle is with the email responses. Sometimes it is tough to see where [IRD] has commented and if the email needs a response or not.

My interaction with UITS staff has always been positive. The only "bad" experience I had was during our Covid transition to online, I submitted a question/issue that took several weeks to resolve. The time was based on response time versus a technical issue. However, I understand we were in a difficult time, and I am sure UITS was swamped with requests. Overall, I think UITS staff are very efficient and I appreciate the services available.

Nothing at this time.

The UITS staff's services have been very helpful when needed.

No concerns. Issue was quickly addressed.

I don't interact with UITS staff all that often, but there have been a few times when I've had to call about technology issues in my classroom, and the response has been swift and helpful.

I have needed classroom support once in Spring 2020, and the tech support person was patient, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.

Mostly positive interactions. My first instinct is always to check out Knowledge Base before requiring direct assistance.

The UITS staff person was very knowledgeable and was able to address my issue right away. There was a long wait time however to get a person on the phone

On [IRD] I was running an online event from the IUPUI campus and we had technology issues (specifically, one of the conference rooms in [IRD] did not have working audio). We tried 3 other conference rooms ([IRD], [IRD], and [IRD]), and none of their technology worked either. I called HTS and was initially routed to UITS. The technician was not not able to resolve my issues over the phone, so they dispatched someone to my location. Although I am extremely grateful that someone drove to campus to help us, it did take more than 3 hours from my initial call until I was able to receive help. I do not fault the technician, but I would appreciate more on-site support, especially as more employees and students are returning to campus. Also, the rooms listed above (except [IRD]) are still not operational.

The way the migration of files out of Box,--and particularly the slow, incomplete, and at times inaccurate information (in the kb and other places) about the alternate storage options was handled-- is by far the greatest frustration I have had with any of your services in my 14 + years at IU. The information about OneDrive changed, and there was no real guidance about Microsoft Secure Storage vs. Google Secure storage. In the end I now operate in OneDrive with a group out of Bloomington (yes I know it's not supposed to be used for that, but I'm not in a position to change their mind). The CTL and Canvas people use Google Drive. And my School unit is looking like they will adopt MS Teams.

It's incredibly frustrating to have no leadership on the direction of where to go, and now to have to interface with all of these various entities who have chosen to go different directions. Oh, and medicine and dentistry are building out full blown Sharepoint sites, which is yet another different way of handling storage of files. Again, the lack of guidance has resulted in various units on ALL of the platforms, and I find my self wondering where in the world the files are that I need with any given group.

The IT guys at IUSD are great! They are all very friendly and knowledgeable and get issues rectified quickly! They listen and get to the heart of the problem without being judgemental!

During my time at IUPUI, my interaction with UITS has been overwhelmingly positive.

The main concern, in the School of Liberal Arts, is that, with our in-house tech staff soon retiring, UITS service, based on a horrid ticketing system, will become completely depersonalized, with personnel hard to communicate with meaningfully, and hard to relate to because that personnel is little likely to be sympathetic to humanities faculty needs. Humanities research centers (as opposed to department and programs) will be in great trouble because UITS treats them as though they were not headed by departmental faculty (and yet they are), and charge them exorbitant costs they are not budgeted to afford. UITS, it is hoped, will understand never to charge humanities research centers for UITS personnel compensation (since that personnel is on UITS payroll and not on research center payroll). UITS should always remember that humanities grants are generally very small. The distinction between the type and conditions of service to departments/programs vs. to research centers need to be abolished on grounds of arbitrary discrimination and illogicality.

One of my courses was Zoom bombed in early April, 2020, and the UITS team (especially at the School of Public Health, IUB) was fantastic in helping me cope with and resolve the problem.

Not sure if this is the right place to provide the following feedback:

-           IU Zoom was just updated on my computer yesterday, and the Box that indicated that students are in the waiting room has changed. :( Now it's smaller, black (blends in with the background), and no longer flashes. It used to be orange, large, and flashed. Yesterday I didn't see that two students were waiting, and I never admitted them, so they missed class. Also, I'm used to locating the admit button on the bottom Zoom toolbar--now the toolbar and button are at the top of the screen--and I didn't see it because I was used to looking at the bottom. It's hard to notice everything at once when I'm already teaching and showing PPT slides, plus I have two monitors, so there are at least four possible places to which the toolbar seems to randomly move: screen 1 top, screen 1 bottom, screen 2 top, screen 2 bottom. Why the change in the admit notice/button? It just adds to the frustration.

-           Outlook email is imperfect. If I scroll down in my email in-Box to previous weeks, the entire list goes haywire, jerking around, back and forth, and won't let me click on any email.

-           I haven't yet integrated Modules on Canvas; I've tried and given up. In particular, when I tried to link Discussions to a specific module week, the link would not work, and students couldn't access the required discussion. I was probably doing something wrong, but I couldn't figure it out. Now, I just create a Page for each week (in Pages) and upload the weekly page onto the Home Page; I think this procedure basically duplicates the intention of the Modules feature.

I constantly have great experiences. I am so impressed!

Appreciate the support received from UITS during the pandemic- resources available were great and support.

The old machines, controlled by WinXP and below should be allowed for continued use.

There are some folks I talk with at UITS who are AMAZING. When I get them when I call in, I am so relieved. I know that they will help me with what I am looking for help with, and they do. But then sometimes I get someone who really doesn't know anything and can't help me at all. I often have to hang up and try calling again to get someone who is more knowledgeable.

I haven't had many interactions with UITS staff. I'd like to see more campus swag stations with info on new projects

When calling the Help Desk with Canvas issues or Box (prior to 2021) or other software, the person answering the call responds as if they are knowledgeable and is reluctant to advance the issue with someone more knowledgeable but is lacking in expertise to solve the problem. Thoughts: I love that you have this service available 24/7 to all students, faculty, and staff. Concerns or negative interactions: Students have a lot of technical issues that interfere with their learning and require me as an instructor to address, since they are not willing to contact UITS. They generally contact me in anxiety and expect me to solve all their technical issues and do not seem to believe me when I direct them to UITS. It needs to be very transparent to students that they NEED to use the UITS service for all their technology problems and NOT rely on the instructor or fellow classmates for this. This is highly problematic in online courses. Issues:Students should also be required to post a profile picture that appears with their name in discussion posts so we know who they are and can see their face, unless there is a privacy concern. In a face to face class, we see students' faces, so in the online class this seems like a reasonable request, especially to connect better through discussions. Ideas: Having a UITS or technical expert do videos on how to use the basic technical tools in Canvas is desperately needed. Students and faculty do not have time to read long narratives of how-to steps; a video with simple visuals and instructions is all we need and will be much appreciated. Recommendations for new services: Increasing the UITS consultants will help students out a lot, especially the purely online students. They struggle with technical know-how and get very upset about it. I think they need more UITS support. Recommendation to improve existing services:Canvas tools can be improved so it is easy for instructors to grade. inbox emails are difficult now since we have to select 'favorite courses' and then choose the class and then select the student from the list (which takes a long time), and this process is just too long; it needs to be much simpler. Also, quite a few times some of the UITS consultants did not seem to know how to solve my technical problems and seemed to be just guessing. This could be improved by offering more professional development for the consultants. I had to ask family members who knew about computers for help to fix issues. It would also help for IT consultants to not speak very softly since very often I could not hear them. Some of us have hearing problems and need the consultants to be a little louder and more clearly articulate their words so communication is better. Lastly, after completing this survey I saw so many things I had never heard of before. The availability of these important services is great, but if we do not know about this, it is an issue. i feel that this information needs to be communicated to faculty, staff, and students in a more organized and regular fashion. Maybe sending out a BRIEF email every month with reminders about services and what they are or new services and links to videos will be helpful. I like the pop-ups that appear above the courses on the dashboard, but I often do not read them since they are quite wordy and I do not have the time, but a brief email can be a better communication tool. It can also help educate us technically which is a plus!

Our department used to have our own dedicated IT person; however, the administration felt it was better to remove that IT person and reassign them to the general IUSM IT personal. Because of that, I felt that IT service has declined in our department. I believe this decision was based primarily on cost effectiveness, but while it may cost the administration less, it actually just shifted those savings further on to the department, so worse IT service now costs us even more. That said, since I have started nearly a decade ago, I have had the feeling that overall IT service has declined, to the point where I really do not like having to contact IT about anything. When I do, problems are often unresolved, and so I just leave it be. The data storage policies are haphazard and constantly changing, which makes lab consistency difficult. The best option I had was simply having local network drive access and maintenance; however, I believe the administration felt this was not cost effective, so went with IU Box, MS OneDrive, and Google Drive, none of which I feel give the reliability and ease of access as the locally administered network drives. Nor do I think they are as secure, which is very serious considering the need for HIPAA compliance. I am also not looking forward to the continued "tightening of IT grip" on computers, and the possibility of limiting my access and oversight of my own computer. As a PI, I believe I should have full administrative rights over my own computer. If that is taken away, and considering the terrible data storage options now, I am seriously contemplating trying to withdraw from any kind of IT involvement in my lab operations.

Anytime I used the UITS services they were very efficient. Not sure if with you, but at the School of Dentistry the infrastructure is really outdated, network old, internet speed very slow. Team there is great for IT/UITS/CAITS. Canvas is not easy to use. Kaltura has better competition software available

Box is much better than OneDrive. Overall wired internet and network speed / conditions at the School of Dentistry very low.

Have been here 4 years and still find something new every day at the Campus that I could be using; maybe improved and more frequent communication can help.

I have had very positive one-on-one experiences with UITS staff in the past. My major concerns are with Canvas and especially the phone system. 1) Canvas is not user friendly and 2) I have never received a decent voicemail message - the phone system is all screwed up. I do not like the phone system tied into my computer.

I didn't use the UITS very often, but every time I used them, they fixed my problem or gave me instructions how to fix very quickly and efficiently.

ASL Interpreting program has some issues with technology. Minor assistance was no problem, but this program truly needs a dedicated technology person to work with us. We have a test pilot e-course (free), and we have had a difficult time trying to explain our needs to install a dictionary in our Canvas. Every time I and or another coworker called, we get different people, and they do not know what we were talking about. We had to re-explain our situation. It has been an ongoing issue. Frustration.

In the past we have developed and edited videos on our own- we are not trained in the area, but we had to. We wish we could have someone in the technology dept that will assist with creating, installing assignments, etc.

The UITS staff, especially those related to HPC, are not qualified for their job. I had a simple question regarding running the models using the supercomputer facilities. However, no direct answers were given after multiple communications. This should be UITS staff's responsibility to instruct users how to run the models, not my job to figure out the computational system since I don't have the administrator's permission.

Remote work and remote teaching with technology have been challenging; it always seems like there's never enough time to keep up with all the changes.   I'm not a digital native, but I'm noticing that even my younger colleagues are getting caught by surprise or flummoxed by some of the changes, i.e. Box migration (I realize UITS had no other choice), MS Teams and how things are interwoven with Sharepoint, and Office 365. I think having an onsite/departmental LSP would be beneficial - but understand that's not always feasible.

To be honest, compared to my colleagues at other Universities, IU has an abundance of technology available - so much tech, and it seems not enough time to get to use it fully! Please keep up the good work.

For important information or any changes that may alter or impact our ability to use any of the services, could you email all people instead of relying on others to forward the email? Thank you.

Most recently I had a service call with UITS that was awesome! The technician kept asking if there was anything else he could do, so I went through several issues, and he resolved them all. My requests for service were stuck in my department's IT, and they were not getting resolved there.

Not happy with the phone system and hard to get help for it. Skype is often difficult to use and have never gotten the business one to work.

Not sure how much you control parking services, but I was unhappy how my permit was handled this past year (I complained to them but they did nothing).

Our group joined hts this year, and we have a great new IT person who has been helpful in solving issues.

Quick response is what I like the most.

-           Excellent experience so far with support staff.

-           One Drive can be more user friendly and intuitive. Currently it is difficult to find correct folders, as the organization when transferred from IU Box is a bit confusing.

The UITS staff at the IUSON are great. You needed a selection of "satisfied." There were many things in the survey that I was more than "somewhat satisfied" but less than "extremely satisfied."

I have had positive experiences with UITS staff and am generally able to find answers to my questions on the website or other help pages. My lower scores are for in-classroom technology - Cavanaugh Hall needs massive updates.

As a School of Liberal Arts faculty member, my main concern is losing the extraordinary support we have received from in-house technology leaders, [IRD] and [IRD]. I hope the transition to Tech Select is smooth and they provide the same responsiveness and creativity. In addition, it was a big blow to lose the IUBox system. I understand that we were priced out of losing it. I hope the new arrangements with Microsoft Teams and Google Drive prove to be more permanent. Permanence really helps with collaboration.

I really appreciate the around-the-clock support UITS provides and have always had positive experiences interacting with the people responding to help-desk calls. Even when the issue I called about couldn't be resolved, I was satisfied with the attempts made to help me and the recommendations for next steps provided.

Does IU subscribe to digital photo repositories, like Shutterstock, so faculty can download and use photos in their Canvas courses?

I think the UITS telephone help service is the most outstanding help service of any kind that I have ever used or encountered. Not only have they almost always had a ready solution to my questions without fail but have sometimes identified prospective issues to avoid and suggested more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks. On rare occasions where they didn't have an answer, they escalated the issue quickly and I was contacted promptly with a solution.

Canvas - good but functionality could be greatly improved re inbox and Quizzes

Kaltura - great improvement in past year but functionality could be improved re returning to My Media after accessing files and especially organizing files.

Zoom - excellent; just what I need, and I use it all the time.

Creative Cloud - Also use it all the time but very frustrating in giving me frequent messages that my account has expired (when it hasn't), requiring logging out and then logging back in

Thanks for asking. 

I have to say that UITS as an organization appears to strive for the best services for its customers. Having said this, I do have to say that I have been very disappointed with the number of changes in supported software and how they have been rolled out. As a researcher working on large multi- institutional projects, I find it decidedly inconvenient that UITS shifted its cloud based storage model from Box to GoogleDrive and/or OneDrive. After having spent more than 3 years working on Box contributions, our team was forced to switch to these sub-par solutions, and as such our team's productivity has suffered. My major complaint is that UITS did not ask if users wanted to change, but instead were told that this would occur. This "like it or lump it" attitude does not align with the organization's model of customer support. I would hope in the future that the leadership of UITS would reach out to the broader community to seek feedback before making drastic changes that impact the entire campus and the employees who have to use this new technology.

We have in-house tech support, so my support has come mainly locally. But support for things like Canvas has been good.

My biggest concern is too much flux and transition between software and storage providers and routines. For instance, the transition from Box to OneDrive and Teams has been very disruptive. It's created a number of problems with collaborators within and outside IU, and for members of my department (I'm a chair). It seems like an organization the size of IU should be able to provide these services internally and create more stability. Or have more leverage to access better and more durable platforms. 

  1. I am not sure about the "fair share policy". Some labs are focused on computationally costly work. If these labs are funded to do such work, wouldn't it be reasonable to enable allocation of more machine power at their request? Submission of job script is ok, but it is not easy to figure out the actual wall time ahead of time, and it is a sheer waste of time when the job gets killed just because it's timed out.
  2. Too many shuffling of tickets. Please stop this practice. For example, I got the following message not long ago: "I would recommend contacting our High Performance Systems team about this issue. You can reach them at hps-admin@iu.edu". Why don't you forward this email to them instead of "recommending"?
  3. Package upgrade and install are so conservative and slow. Even basic tools like R don't work well on Research Desktop because numerous dependent packages have been optimized for a more advanced R version.

Staff answering calls is knowledgeable, very helpful, and professional. Every interaction with UITS so far have been very positive.

Not presently.

I am still relatively new to campus so my interaction with UITS staff has been somewhat limited. However, I will relay one experience that was disheartening. Upon my arrival to campus, I was dismayed that there was literally NO FORMALIZED ON-BOARDING PROCEDURE or TYPE OF CLASSROOM ORIENTATION PROCEDURE with the basic tools, equipment, capacities etc. available in a "generic classroom". Everything I had to learn was "off the cuff", the result of asking colleagues or trial and error on my part. :(

I am not sure where the disconnect is ---whether this is a UITS fail, a system-wide gap, an "individual school" fail, or even a "departmental leadership" fail. Or perhaps it is a systemic issue that is compounded by any number of these factors, combined.

Regardless, I found that to be unacceptable. I literally had no idea what to do with ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT for the better part of three weeks. I wasn't directed anywhere. I was got given contextual materials. No orientations. NOTHING.

Granted, I would have not expected any type of "mastery" regarding anything with a quick acclimation to the classroom standard equipment (control panels, projectors, screens, computers, remotes etc.) But still  and since we have been forced to work remotely due to the pandemic (with only having had about 5 months ON SITE BEFORE THE BIG SHIFT) I would imagine that upon returning to campus next academic year  I will be in need of "memory jogging" for sure.

I know many on campus are confused by the transition from Box to SharePoint, Google Drive, etc. I also tried to understand from going to kb.indiana.edu, and it was not helpful. I think UITS should have some sort of advisory board that knows nothing about technology, and this board should help with disseminating new initiatives to the masses.

The help desk is exceptionally good - the best IT help desk on the planet!

When you refer to mitigation testing, I first think of COVID-19. I don't think that is what you are referring to.

UITS has always been very responsive to any questions or concerns. Would like additional information on reporting (and avoiding) phishing and other types of internet attacks. Would like readily available help guides for using Adobe Creative Cloud and other cloud-based applications.

None at this time, I appreciate the work and resources that you all provide.

Sometimes there have been delays in response to IT Help requests, but that has been better over the last quarter.

Every time I have called, the staff has always been very knowledgeable.

The transition away from Box has been challenging.

In general I am so satisfied about UITS service.

Help desk personnel were nice.

I do not like how you change software, servers, etc. during the semester.

For the most part, my experiences have been good and staff has been quick to respond to my issues. My biggest issue was when I upgraded to my current computer. The staff member ordered the standard laptop instead of matching the specs from my old laptop since I utilized special imaging software that required higher specs. Then the IU OS image had issues and required reinstallation; however, COVID stay at home orders arrived and delayed all IT services that required touching the laptop, and I had to wait around three months before the staff member could reinstall the OS image. This was far from ideal especially since I was working from home two to three days a week.

My experiences with UITS staff have been good so far. I've been part of the IU community since 2010 and have no complaints the IT staff-help desk are VERY helpful!! for the last several years they have helped me solving all problems I faced. They are worth every penny the University pays them.

UITS assistance is very timely and helpful.

365 migration is a disaster, sorry.


I work at an IUH clinic, which means that there are specific challenges that aren't "owned" by UITS or "owned" by IU Health. We have had many delays in the process of getting technology worked on/upgraded because neither group takes ownership. This has negatively impacted medical education.

It seems like real time assistance is sometimes hard to get. It would be great if IU and IUHP technology worked better together. For example, I've had lots of trouble using my IUSOM laptop on the IUH network.


My most positive experience is with 274-HELP! They are wonderful. I think UITS does an excellent job with security and providing IT help. It is their core function, and I appreciate these services.

I understand the need for MS Outlook for delegation and scheduling; however, I would very much appreciate the interoperability of Gmail with Google Workspace. This would be especially useful for communication with students, scheduling 1:1 sessions, scheduling Zoom sessions, and file sharing. I appreciate the Bomgar sessions to keep my Mac software up to date and install new programs.

However, I tried to join the IU Desktop pilot without successful installation. [IRD]is a great resource, intelligent, practical, and very approachable. He brings all that and more to the IFC Technology Committee. The IUSM/IUH CME cloudCME software program is terrible, does not permit hierarchical/tiered access levels, and requires time-consuming manual data entry - please find a replacement. Also, consider how Google Meet and MS Teams recordings can be readily available via Kaltura or similar.

In general I have had very positive experiences with the UITS staff and once I get ahold of them have my issues improved efficiently. However, I sometimes have a hard time finding the page or number to place my request for contact, and there is no way to Google and find them.

The basement of University Hospital sometimes has very unstable wifi. My mac computer and iphone consistently loses connection, and diagnotes and text messages are often delayed. This represents a safety risk since IU requires us to use the diagnotes app for paging purposes.

My school has its own technical staff, which is very helpful and responsive.

The wired and wireless internet are terrific. I have had positive experiences overall when calling UITS for an issue with Canvas. I did not have success when calling for help to use Teams for a committee meeting outside of IU.

My overall experience with UITS is satisfactory. However, they are slow in responding to some of the deliverables.

Most of the time the UITS is helpful and tries to answer and/or address issues promptly.

IT has always been very helpful and responsive in fixing computer issues in my office.

Positives: Staff tend to be friendly and try to be helpful. Negatives: Unevenness in the ability of staff to solve problems.

I know that you are overwhelmed with calls lately, but it might be nice to bolster the people power until things settle down again. The wait times are longer than usual.

UITS does not have a great track record (with me) of following up and following through on resolving IT problems.

The UITS service is prompt without much wait time usually. The staff is knowledgeable and almost always has a solution.

My experiences have been positive with staff. I've gotten prompt responses when there was an issue with my computer or software. I have had issues understanding how to get license numbers/passcodes to download and install software on my personal computer.


Staff responses:

[IRD] is always super helpful and knowledgeable. He is usually my (and my team's) go to when anything IT related is going on. Thanks [IRD]!

All tickets/questions have been quickly followed-up on and resolved.

We do not many of the services, and it would be helpful to get more information.

I had a great experience with [IRD] when I couldn't get Campaigns to work in Adrx. She proactively reached out when they saw the errors I was generating. Other than that, it's been sometimes frustrating with the change from Box because my student employees are struggling to learn Office 365.

I appreciate the quality service I receive from UITS. Problems are addressed quickly and almost always resolved to my satisfaction. I had have issues with Kaltura in the past (lengthy processing times, for example), but that is beyond the scope of what UITS can assist with.

Our CTO IT folks are very helpful, and I have only positive things to say about [IRD] and [IRD].

I am concerned about how IU school of medicine and IU health will be integrating Microsoft teams. So far it seems like as a SOM person, I won't be able to join the IUhealth Microsoft teams groups. This is difficult for my specific job role since I need to [IRD] and IUH Microsoft teams is used (which I'm excluded from seeing).

In 2020, I didn't have any issues to be addressed, so I don't have any recent comments.

-The move to OneDrive from Box this year has been stressful for some in my group with loss of data.

-           I loved the access to LinkedIn Learning!!

-Crimson card services annoyed me with a fee or charge no matter what choice I selected to do with the money left in my account.

-           Functioning of Zoom Conferencing went smoothly when working from home.

There have been many frustrations since we have switched to all IT being under UITS control; however the most severe ones I can think of are:

1)         Being put into a queue instead of being able to be dealt with immediately.

2)         Probably the most concerning is restarting my computer without giving me a chance to get to a save point. At any given time, I may have as many as 10 spreadsheets with manipulations that I don't want permanent. I used to be able to compare the "last saved" version to the "auto-saved" version and see what needs changed. It was still time consuming, but since the most recent update, I haven't been able to see the "auto-saved" version of any file. Not only is this frustrating for me, but I have had to reach out to faculty members embarrassingly to confirm what information is valid.

I have recently had two positive experiences with Tech Select, which services my department. One time, quite a while ago, I contacted them and never heard back. As far as software offered and logging into the VPN, I've had few issues since working from home in the last year.

I've had to contact and talk with UITS staff and services multiple times over the last year and every experience I had was extremely positive and efficient! I got the impression that everyone was very invested in making sure that any problems I was going through were resolved quickly. I particularly like the service where I can provide my phone number and continue working until I receive a call back; that way I don't have to spend very much time on hold.

I don't have any thoughts or recommendations on how to improve.

individual staff I talk to are always helpful and can solve issues right away. It is a little unwieldy at times to figure out which office (UITS, OCSS, etc.) or which help ticket form I need to use depending on the issue, but overall things work pretty efficiently.

I am very happy with UITS services

I have pretty good experience with UITS desktop help staff. They are very helpful and normally get the issues resolved in a couple of email conversations.

When I started, I had a wonderful experience getting my new employee IUSM laptop. We have had several issues with using Eduroam in our office with no improvement. There are also many barriers to integrating between IUSM and IUH.

I have nothing to add.

Working with Tier 2 services is great; [IRD], [IRD] and [IRD] have their teams running well and working with those is always great. I would say Leveraged Services Printing and SSSP/DHRs would be my biggest complaints; LS because trying to order a new Ricoh printer is a protracted and painful experience, and the SSSP/DHR because it seems like things disappear when they get to the data stewards, and it can be weeks before we hear anything back.

I wish IUAnyWhere desktop would have Adobe Cloud capabilities. I can utilize STC virtual desktop but it does not preserve any settings. It works wonderfully for Adobe suite and other programs. The Outlook email signatures and templates do not carry through, and thus creates an inconvenience when sending emails. IUAnywhere desktop preserves the settings in Outlook but it does not have Adobe suite flexibility. The sound is an issue too.

On an individual basis, I have enjoyed working with UITS staff. As a whole I have been very disappointed with how the migration from Box was handled. I understand that we needed to get out of Box before being charged more but the process felt too rushed, and I felt we were flying blind.

Information seems very scattered, especially all the different training that is offered.

Responses to tickets are always prompt and helpful. I know if I have any IT issues that whoever I speak to will be helpful as well as kind and patient.

Generally, I have had positive experiences.

All in all, I believe UITS does a great job. What might be nice is a portal where regular users like me can log in and see a history of their previous tech issues and any notes from previous reps on what worked or didn't. Because we have different reps every time we call with an issue, it could help troubleshoot in the future. It might also eliminate the need to call the helpdesk unnecessarily. I also think it would be cool to have a video chat option when someone is helping me remotely. It's just nice to put a face with the voice over the phone.

I deal mostly with PEDS IT most of the reps are easy to work with and always professional. Some are funnier than others, I like that, you can and I want to joke around, it breaks the ice and if what you've been dealing with has been very frustrating it helps with that!

The EWA group with UITS is awesome to work with; they always go above and beyond what is asked for to make sure our servers are working correctly and secure. The only problem I have had with UITS is knowing what department to submit a ticket to when I have an IT issue. I am not an IT professional, and when something doesn't work I don't always know which group to submit a ticket to, and if I submit something to the wrong group it doesn't always get directed to the correct group. With all that said, I think UITS is great to work with.

Extremely frustrated with all of the "updates" which have disrupted my service. Additionally, new programs introduced with bugs and incomplete applications/data have added to an already frustrating work experience.

Overload! Historically IU Launches IT "systems" and/or software before training. Non-intuitive and I'm unable to figure out on my own. From campus, should not take 3-5 minutes to send email. Current complaint January 26, 2021) Outlook = "Not Responding". Emails stuck in OutBox and I wouldn't have known it without the warning upon logging off.

UITS has always been helpful and quickly solves issues when I call.

Although I don't like always having to reach out to UITS for assistance, when I'm in need they have always been timely, professional, knowledgeable, and have resolved whatever issue(s) I present them with. I am truly grateful to have them as a resource! :)

While working from home UITS worked with me to make sure that I was able to log in and showed me a couple of different ways to get logged in.

In general, I appreciate the work UITS does as a whole for IU. It takes a variety of highly skilled individuals to take responsibility for the depth and breadth of everything UITS manages. With that, though, I wish UITS took a more collaborative and transparent approach to the development of resources for the university. I think part of the responsibility of managing IT for such a large entity is being able to translate the work being done for the laymen so we understand and feel like we can easily communicate needs and frustrations without feeling like we're "dumb." I don't think this is a widespread issue, but I know there are individuals who hesitate to reach out to UITS or representatives in UITS because they either feel like they will be patronizing or that their problem won't be seen as a priority.

In my role with IU, I work extremely closely with several UITS student success tools. I will say this as a general statement about collaborating with UITS: I continue to be amazing and humbled by the genuine interest in collaborating. I have been here for a while and know that responsibilities between UITS and campus units has evolved to meet the institution's needs, but it is the ridiculously caring nature of their staff that still floors me.

The staff I have interacted with have been very helpful and prompt.

No concerns. [IRD] always does an excellent job of providing tech service to our department!

The customer facing groups within UITS are very willing to help. I do find the roll out of some applications to be lacking communication to end users. Not sure if that is an IT pro communication issue or a communication issue between the group making the changes and the IT Pros. More information needs to be sent to the end user.

There needs to be more transparency about the goals and strategic plan for UITS.

Have had nothing but good experiences with the UITS team.

I usually rely on our staff IT support, but did call UITS once and got prompt assistance.

Sometimes when notices are sent out about IT issues, I don't understand what I'm reading because it's written in "tech." When sending emails, please include a section that explains the issue in layman's terms. I think I often get things for systems that I don't use, so I don't understand what you are talking about, but I'm not confident that it is safe to ignore the notice. Perhaps include some wording that explains what that particular system does or what groups would likely be using it.

I typically have great experiences with UITS. I love the chat feature. It's nice talking to someone in real time. Recently with the transition from Box, I have had a difficult time getting answers about specific behaviors of the new systems or getting new problems resolved. I've gotten different answers depending on who I talk to and gotten passed around from person to person. So overall at the moment, it seems that there is a lack of communication or knowledge about the new stuff. That's to be expected to some extent, and I'm sure it will improve with time.

I would love to see additional integrations in teams such as Smartsheet. In addition, I work as a researcher, and we are constantly looking for or trying to adapt systems for online engagement of participants. We're looking for something where we can post prompts and participants can respond utilizing multi-media and can have discussions amongst one another. We want all of this to be PHI/PII compliant. If something like this exists at IU, that would be great to know. Otherwise, it would be nice to have something like that. Qualtrics is great for surveys but folks can't engage with one another.

It would also be nice to be able to easily find other people on campus who are doing work that we need but can't do ourselves. So, for example, finding programmers or videographers or whatever across campus quickly when we need to contract. Perhaps UITS could help develop a system that can facilitate this kind of matching. Or maybe it exists and I just don't know.

More generally, I assume there are all kinds of technologies available that I know nothing about, and there's not a good place to find them based on what I need to do. When going through the survey, there were a lot of things I had never heard of. I'd basically have to know what the tool does already in order to find it, versus knowing what task I want to accomplish and then being able to search for tools based on that.

IT-topics/issues, sadly, are one of the worst things about working for IU/IU-affiliated hospitals. Because I work in a hospital, I need access to various IU and IUH programs/networks/etc., which has always been a struggle. The IUH helpdesk would say it's an IU IT issue, and IU would say that IUH would need to solve. I believe the IT groups are now merging, which absolutely needed to happen, but response times (and successfully troubleshooting issues) have actually gotten worse. I've submitted tickets in 2020 that took more than a month to get a response to. This is unacceptable. I acknowledge everyone is struggling trying to work remotely, and I can only imagine how swamped IT has been, and now more than ever, IT needs more support staff. Tickets should be responded to within 24 hours.

I'm also incredibly aggravated by all the IT changes during the pandemic, i.e. Outlook exchange migrating. When these huge "work interrupting" events happen, EVERYONE WITH AN IU EMAIL should be notified. Not just people on the right mailing lists. It's incredibly frustrating to be blindsided by changes/issues when it could have been communicated better.

-UITS need more staff.

-Help tickets should be responded to within 24 business hours.

-Help tickets should NEVER automatically close without confirmation from the user that the issue has been solved. Too many times, I've submitted a ticket and get no response (or get a response but not help/a fix) and the ticket is randomly closed.

To assist in saving time for the UITS staff, I suggest a checklist that individuals be it faculty, staff or students review before contacting a UITS representative. The check list may state something - have you visited the knowledge base? Please check all wire connections to be sure they are secure. Have you recently restarted your computer? Questions along these lines can assist UITS to fine tune any issues as often the concern is something that could be resolved quickly.

Definitely need better WIFI connections in Emerson Hall, especially on the lower level IT services has never failed to provide me professional, timely, and skilled services. Anyone who complains needs to switch jobs for a day. They are miracle workers. The dental school is a very precariously varied IT environment. The technicians do the best they can without proper appreciation from the faculty and staff most of the time. Keep up the great work.

I have had positive experiences every time I have used UITS staff or services. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Poor reception for wireless service Apple iPhone in VanNuys Medical Science Building.


Concerns-when I was hired at orientation they told our large hiring group that IT services any device we own, including our children who are at college. My daughter had an issue they wouldn’t help, & my home laptop had an issue they wouldn't help.

Positives-All issues with work computer are resolved typically within 24 hours, & staff are professional & personable.

Overall experience has been positive; however, it does seem as though major changes are implemented at less than ideal times. An example would be the server migration that took place over Christmas of 2019, or the upcoming email changes.

UITS SCT2 has been a valuable resource to me in managing nearly 50 websites. Their support is friendly, helpful, and patient. Sometimes, I run into issues that are hard to communicate with SCT2 about via the ticketing system, however. Perhaps this is an option and I don't realize it, but being able to meet and discuss this instead of trying to talk via email would provide even better service.

I use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to communicate with current students to support retention goals. The most significant barrier to doing this effectively is the limitations of Salesforce CRM for enrolled students. While I am excited that the UITS CRM team is beginning work to expand the CRM for enrolled students, I am not optimistic. There are crucial factors (e.g., staffing resources to adopt and use the CRM, data privacy, communication policies, governance/approval of ability to send mass comms, etc.), that are not being considered. Because the appropriate stakeholders are not in these conversations, these considerations are dismissed whenever they come up. We are focused on building something with no planning toward how we will actually be able to use it. If this continues, significant time and resources will have been spent, and we will maybe have a tool, but we will have no means for it to get used.

The general technological resources at IU are phenomenal. It is because of these resources that remote work during COVID has been so possible. I also taught an in-person class this past fall, and relied on the classroom technology to also incorporate virtual participants to class - not many universities had the means to do this, but IU did. I have been grateful time and time again for these resources.

I have had very good experiences with the UITS staff members. They are always nice and helpful. The people are the strongest asset of UITS. I don't necessarily like all of the tools or systems. Chrome River is awful. The UITS personnel are the highlight and strength of the department.

EASE OF DOING BUSINESS. As a staff member It is not easy to find the right part of IT to troubleshoot an issue. Your teams are more concerned with what THEY CANNOT DO than understanding how the user is down or the issue is affecting scores of users.

UITS CHAT SUPPORT. The people who answer the UITS chat support are courteous, helpful and persistent. I am impressed with the communication skills and subject matter expertise.

KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLES. The Technical Knowledgebase articles to which UITS sometimes refers you , seem to be written for machines to read and interpret, not people. Does UITS use anyone with marketing, public relations, or human writers to review their KB publications? Why not engage your human users as people, and not computers waiting for subroutines to process?

TELECOM. If you are having a problem with a phone, why are you directed to a passive ticket taking system? Why don't you provide live phone support? Our business has a call center within it.

NO SENSE OF URGENCY. Business issues affecting scores, yes scores of users, do not appear to impress any sense of urgency on UITS or HTS. Worse, not supporting your business users, because you don't understand the product or did not procure it sets up hundreds of people for failure. Perhaps if you were in our shoes you might perceive what it's like to be told no assistance is available to you and left twisting in the wind.

I have had nothing other than positive experiences with UITS whether that was for issues with my personal work computer in the office or with tech issues in auditoriums. They always got back to me quickly and attempted to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Our assigned IT support person, [IRD], does a fantastic job for us.

I really like that the IT department can fix most of my requests within 24 hours. There is also one IT specialist who will Skype message me after he has fixed an issue to make sure it is still working. This makes me feel like he truly cares about his job and goes above and beyond to make sure my IT issue has been resolved. If the problem is not fixed he will try his best to fix it in a timely manner.

No negative experiences. Everyone is highly professional and helpful. UITS has expanded so much, that it is a bit confusing to find answers easily. it would be helpful to maybe have some visuals that would help one to navigate the vast landscape of UITS and maybe some pathways leading to each group, and ultimately to their main point of contact.

I would like to recognize [IRD]. He is so helpful and goes out of his way to make sure my computer issues are resolved.

I don't know if this pertains, but when new software is added for the use of everyone, then it would be nice to know. A recent service was added that would save us a lot of money each year, but I found out about it by accident, and no one in our school was aware, but it was something that is beneficial to us and that we use often. More awareness of what is available to us would be nice.

The one.iu app and Outlook email on Apple products doesn't seem to always work correctly. This was made even harder when not on campus this year.

UITS is always helpful when I reach out for assistance.

I have had a great experience with UITS staff. Very helpful!

IT Staff is very approachable and pleasant. Sometimes the wait it a little slow, especially when you need something to function at work or when they have to keep coming back; it disrupts your work flow.

Opportunity- It is constantly a struggle to know where to go for help with computer type issues. IUSM CAITS does some things but not everything, UITS is not also aligned with CAITS. It would be great if we could have a single source request for help that was triaged and directed to the appropriate team for resolution.

UITS and their techs have been great across the board in the almost five years I've been with IU. It's really nice / comforting knowing that when I submit a request or need some help they cover, I never need to worry about the quality of the service provided or their willingness to make this as smooth a process as possible.

Thanks for that to all of you on the UITS team!

All of the interactions I have had with UITS staff on campus have been very positive.

Generally positive.

It is difficult to get and keep internet access throughout the day. I would like the Wifi to be stronger. It would also be helpful to have computers attached to machines in labs be able to connect to cloud services for data transfer, and auto scan for malware.

The new chat line is a joke. They can never help, and I have to call. And it seems like every problem I have calls for admin rights so then I have to be re-connected to HTS. Very frustrating.

I also hate being treated like I'm an idiot. I will tell them what I've already done and the advice back will be to do the things that I've already done.

There have been very few times in my career that UITS staff haven't come through with flying colors when I've had questions or issues. The KB, the "coffees," and Slack are invaluable resources. I'm beginning to love the Support Center Chat function more as I use it more frequently - much easier for a quick Q&A than waiting for email to pass back and forth.

Very infrequently, I've wished that some of those consultants answering calls at the Support Center were more knowledgeable and not so quick to assume that every caller was a newbie, but those were rare.

At the moment, I do not have any issues to report. Communication about the recent changes to UITS services have been available, which is appreciated.

I've interfaced with SAV and Campus Networks, and they have just been a dream to work with, especially SAV.

Thank you for always being so patient with me. I do not know much, but you all have walked me through issues. Going step by step.

My biggest current frustration is the two-way communication between AdRx and Outlook. I am spending significantly more time monitoring and adjusting my schedule to prevent double booking. I also have to spend time explaining to non-advisors how to read my schedule so they know when they can and can't arrange meetings with me. I had to do that with my dean just this week.

Since there is no drop-down list of appointment tags, a list of all the tags being available in KB would be really helpful. I tried searching for one when the transition to pre-approved tags happened and couldn't find anything. I dug through email for a message from [IRD]and made a reference for my office, but this should be something readily available.

Most of my 'somewhat agree' answers are that so many changes happened at once that it is hard to keep up with things and figure out best practices for my day-to-day. I really can't assess how helpful they are. My regular workday is swamped already, so adding navigating new platforms and random notifications that this is shutting down and that needs to be attended to before migrating is just extra stress. I have no idea what things really need attending to and what are just making sure I know.

I also find it frustrating that we made decisions about one drive and Google drive a year ago but my impression of new developments is that all the one drive accounts will be much more seamless with this new email transition.

Overall, the staff is great when you need help. One issue I have had a couple times is just having someone available on campus who can turn my computer off and on when it loses connection. It would be helpful if there was a more direct way to find someone who could help in those situations. In my office, the approach is to message around the office in hopes someone happens to be going in that day. It's not very efficient when you need to get things done.

Prompt customer support from Tier1 and Tier 2 is critical.

The UITS and TechSelect teams have consistently been responsive and helpful. I appreciate them very much.

All of my experiences with UITS have been positive. My issues are always taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. Staff is always courteous and patient.

If HTS is part of UITS they have been extremely helpful!

I have had helpful interactions when calling the UITS help line. As an academic advisor, I absolutely hope IU puts priority and money towards revamping the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). It's such a valuable tool that could be much more user friendly/visually appealing. The registration system on the Student Center also feels outdated and old. in ADRX, it's difficult/cumbersome to schedule appointment campaigns. I know there's a long to-do list for tech priorities, but these are mine.

While working remotely at home I have been very satisfied with the assistance your staff provides in a timely manner and with professionalism.

Especially during COVID I was able to contact help and they got back with me in quick fashion. That helped during time when I worked from home. Well pleased with the service and the friendly and knowledgeable staff.

I have had only positive experiences with UITS over the years. When I have an issue, I am always pleased with the communication and service that I receive.

IUPUI help desk needs call staff more familiar with Zoom. if you're lucky, you get the right person, but too many times I have received support that seem not to know how to proceed with Zoom and referring you to conference services. I appreciate the referral, but some of the conference services techs need to speak on layman's terms. Plus better headsets/mics needs to be purchased for those people. Half the time you can't hear them as they cut in and out.

Also, when new pc's are configured, why is it the employee's responsibility to configure the programs used? I would think that it would be up to IT to do it. I know everyone is stretched thin; however, I would think this is their job.

I do believe a better network between IU and IUH support desk needs to be implemented. Working with some IUH programs presents problems with IU computers. Especially Cerner etc. Such a nightmare. At least our support teams at IU do not close out tickets without completing them. Thank you.

On a positive note, I have received continued responses to how to proceed with software purchases etc. and kept informed on the status of tickets. I truly appreciate that.

Response time hasn't always been convenient; however, my experiences working directly with individuals in UITS have been great. They are helpful and patient with me, even if it takes a bit of time to resolve my issues.

I have been satisfied with the individual support I receive in regards to support for issues with my computer or access. However when it comes to project work, there are repeated and predictable issues. For example to get a new data drop at a location, it takes the requestor contacting multiple different people to get the work completed from start to finish. There needs to be one person of contact who then ensures that all the work required to make the drop usable is completed in a timely fashion.

No more multiple requests to get the next stage of work completed. One and done.

  1. Positives - Chat response time is excellent, and each time they have been very helpful in answering my questions.

In the past staff have been responsive to tickets, but in the past few months that has no longer been the case.

  1. Negatives - Response time for a submitted ticket is down. I've had tickets submitted with no response for a week or more. I've had tickets where the issue was worked on but not 100% correct, and further inquiry has taken a week or more for response. I've had 1 issue that I had to escalate to the supervisor in order to get help after a week of waiting, and I could not work without my issue being addressed. I know the structure and team has changed recently but the current configuration does not seem to be working at 100%.

I call UITS before I call my LSP. They are always helpful and rarely make me feel dense.

UITS staff have always worked diligently to solve any IT/computer issue I had, ranging from installing software to troubleshooting my laptop soundcard and find a way to make it work for me.

As a gradate student, I think it would be helpful if UITS provided more resources to faculty members with little technical experience to build and develop their Canvas courses. This would greatly improve

the quality of the education and ensure that professors are adequately leveraging the tools in Canvas.

Overall for this 2020 year, I've only had to reach out a couple of times for help. Every time TechSelect has been able to help me by taking control of my PC. Just this week, due to the migration to Exchange Online (EXO) I had to contact TechSelect for assistance on [IRD] and again today [IRD]. I received excellent and fast support from [IRD]! He's very patient, kind, professional and helpful. All excellent qualities. I'm always glad when he's my direct Tech support. In the past, with a few other techs, I haven't always had a good experience.

Overall, my experience with UITS as a staff has been positive. I have experienced a lot of barriers recently with the transition to OneDrive which has directly impacted my productivity.

I don't have any major complaints by any means. UITS' support center is generally helpful for most Tier 1 level issues, and if the tech can't help, they know where to assign the ticket. I use the Knowledge Base articles on a daily basis, and those have been so tremendously helpful to navigating the plethora of resources offered by IU. This doesn't mean that I don't think improvements can't be made, but I find our resources and various support teams helpful.

I have had mostly positive experiences when working with the IT staff. [IRD] has always been very receptive and helpful when I have interacted with him.

We have a good ESTECH department in DEM. They take good care of us.

I am satisfied with the service and the Tech assigned to our building. However, if an admin in a different building submits a request, the Tech for that building receives the request. An improvement will be for requests to be taken care of by the Tech for the building that needs the service and not the

Tech at the admin's location.

When I was due for a computer replacement, it took me several trips to campus - during COVID - to successfully get the new computer. The first two times I went to get it, I was unable to. The first time, the IT person cancelled the pickup after I was already on campus. The second time, we started the pickup, but the IT person was unable to successfully set up the new computer and had to keep it to work on it more.

I have been working with different factions of UITS since the beginning of 2018 on my [IRD] online education program (IUSM Continuing Medical Education Division), which is housed in Canvas.

Everyone I have worked with at UITS has been amicable, capable and eager to assist. These employees include: [IRD]

Back in 2018, we had no idea what we were doing. We wanted to offer an on-line course to [IRD] healthcare teams nationwide and globally. We didn't even know if we could use the Canvas platform and who was going to do the design. We started off by talking to [IRD] and it just took off from there. [IRD] was able to assist us with getting our courses on IU Expand. [IRD] , [IRD] and [IRD] worked with us to help us come up with a design model for our courses as well as create branding. [IRD] recorded new video for us to include in our course. [IRD] helped us develop a course gamification component via Tableau.

Because of the success of our initial course, we were given funding for an additional six courses. This success could not have been achieved without the partnership with UITS eLearning Design and Services.

[IRD] and [IRD] worked with us on the social login process for Guest accounts. [IRD] , [IRD] and [IRD] addressed my concerns about client support.

Starting with Course Three, we transitioned into working with [IRD] and [IRD] for design who are extremely easy to work with and very friendly and open to all ideas. Their expertise has been priceless. Being able to work so closely with [IRD] has invaluable. For us, each course has just gotten better and better. With the recent implementation of social login for guest accounts, most of our learner issues have been resolved.

Overall, wonderful job! We definitely had some stumbles along the way and I had a lot of questions while we worked to figure things out. At every turn I found folks who wanted to help and did everything they could to figure it out.

Thank you!

The switch from offering downloads of Office apps to Office 365 is very inconvenient. The similar subscription form of Adobe is frustrating as well.

My experience was pleasant, and I learned new information.

Most of the time, I have had quick responses and resolution to my issues.

All is satisfactory to needs.

I only contact UITS a few times a year for assistance with technology needs. The staff are helpful most of the time. There were a few occasions where the staff member was unable to assist, but the person also did not bother to refer me to someone else for further guidance. For instance, I once contacted UITS about a problem I was having in entering student ID numbers into a spreadsheet. This was when the university began using ID numbers that started with 2000, and the zeros in the numbers that started with three zeros disappeared whenever I entered the ID numbers. The staff member did not know the answer but did not connect me with anyone else, check with a colleague, or give me any advice on how I may be able to find the answer. I had trouble finding the answer online myself, and a co-worker eventually found the answer after Googling for several minutes.

I can think of nothing at the moment that I need further assistance with, nor have I had any negative interactions with the UITS team.

Your staff have always been quick to respond and provide assistance.


All of my interactions with UITS have been positive in the eight years I have worked at IU.

My biggest difficulty is lack of communication. I have put in help desk requests and get an auto reply and then sometimes nothing for days. The last request I put in mid day on a Thursday received a response that it was being forwarded to the appropriate team, and then I did not hear anything until the following Tuesday afternoon. This was a problem that made our system not work at all, so it was very problematic to be out that long with no communication.

It would be helpful if live chat was available for all computers.

UITS staff was great with assisting in pandemic work -from-home issues. Some slow response times, but overall pleased with the outcome.

UITS should, if it's not already, fully engulf CAITS.


The latest roll out of the Exchange was disappointing. Not helpful to be sent Knowledge base articles. My e-mail on my phone is still not right.

After working for IU for almost 12 years and having had a dedicated IT person in our department for all that time (until about 6 months ago), i can tell you that my experience in that regard was stellar. Our entire department was happy with the support and expertise of our staff member, and we all benefited from that relationship. With that staff member being devoured by HTS about 6 months ago and us no longer having that personal support, it is clear that dissatisfaction is the main experience both faculty and staff have with the new way our IT support is being managed. It is NOT improved, it is NOT better, and we are all less able to navigate the maze of our daily IT needs. Losing the person who had years and years of experience working with the specific needs of our faculty and staff is not something that can be replaced with a Help Desk.

I rated Skype for Business as "dissatisfied" because, as a new IU employee, I found the knowledge base materials very unhelpful. After one year, I am still uncomfortable answering my phone, and don't even ask if I know how to transfer a call.

I always have outstanding service when working with our DUE IT staff. They really understand my lack of technology knowledge and are always patient with me.

I realize that it must be very hard to take care of a predominately remote workforce, and I sympathize. I admire the effort and hope that things are going well for the UITS staff.

Nothing but positive experience with the staff of UITS. The only system I still hate, even after trying to get used to it, is Chrome River. Hate it.

I want to thanks UITS staff very much for the services.

Recent positive experience with setting up new work laptop

Seems as if the few IUSM employees get lost in the shuffle. I'm the only one in my area. The ability to access ELMS from an IU computer is terrible.

A way to mount OneDrive to thinlinc client for transfer from server, as Box once was.

I wish it were easier to know what software is available from IU and how to use the software. For instance, recently Microsoft Teams was made available; however, I was unaware, and then when I did find it out, I wasn't sure how to use it. It's very different than other software, and I still don't feel confident using it and am unsure how to do a lot in this application. It's possible I somehow missed the communication about new software and training on it too not, knowing I would need to use it.

I haven't had any negative interactions. UITS staff is always helpful.

Would like a better contact method than just the help desk request. Would love to get rid of Buy.IU and all the related junk with that. Would also like to do away with Chrome River.

Not at this time.

None that I can think of presently.

While I understand the necessity for leaving Box within a short time-frame, I have found this transition to be one of the worst transitions undertaken by IU.

Always have a positive experience when interacting with UITS personnel.

EITS is very responsive and helpful! I've appreciated working with them this past year.

I have always had positive interactions with the IT teams, and my issues have always been resolved.

I have appreciated working with UITS Techselect staff regarding IT support issues in my unit directly. I greatly appreciate when pages in the KB are actively updated and when questions get answered from them; I noticed some go unanswered. I am grateful tech support is available in some form 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I have had a good experience with UITS.

The return time is a little long. I have had an issue with my database for months now, and no one can seem to fix it; the person who has rights to it is on leave. No one can figure out how to get in to fix it due to him having rights. I feel there should have been something in place for when this issue arose.

Google drive is not as robust as Box; I would ask IU to reconsider and restore Box. Please keep Zoom

- especially while much remote work and learning needs to happen.

Hello! I've had really positive experiences with UITS staff. [IRD] and [IRD] are the best! Also, the e- Learning staff at IU is awesome too. The people are awesome. The resources you all provide are awesome. UITS is great!

I want to say when I had to switch to a new laptop I had the best help. [IRD] and [IRD] went way out of their way to help me solve all of my issues. Having to set up everything at home was a little bit of a challenge. Since my laptop had a fan that went out, it was difficult to retrieve certain items. [IRD] and [IRD] retrieved everything that I needed. Just can't say enough how much I really appreciated their help.

Is there a live chat? It would be really helpful to have an instant messaging feature for UITS because sometimes something will go wrong that will prevent me from doing my job efficiently or at all until it is fixed.


All IT staff have been amazing especially in their assistance in helping me transfer from working in the office to home. They have assisted in getting equipment and any issues I've experienced.

I have almost always had a good experience when contacting UITS for assistance. The staff are patient and helpful. I also feel confident sending students to receive assistance with any technology issues especially when they are new to our school and might be unfamiliar with our systems or how to access them or get them set up. However, I've recently had an issue with my access to send email to our student list serves being removed, and I don't know why and can't seem to get it fixed.


I have had extensive problems with my IU owned hardware and I'm never quite sure if my problem will be resolved until I see which technician is handling the request. I have found that there are 2 technicians that seem to really know a lot and others that know just the basics (e.g., just enough to get someone off the phone or to solve the issue for the moment, only to have the concern reappear in a few days). In these times where everyone is working remotely, it is essential that the technicians are able to troubleshoot concerns efficiently and understand that not everyone has the same internet speed at home as they would if they were on campus. This is also something that IU/UITS should be considering when rolling out new software.

I haven't had any positive experiences with UITS.

Service has always been great- prompt and issues resolved. Since IT is not my area, I don't really have anything to add except, as an end user, problems I have needed help with from IT have always been resolved.

Not so happy with the move to Google drive from Box. Besides that, I am happy with everything so far.

Been working on campus for a year, and everyone i have come in contact with has been very helpful.

To be fair, I am not sure I am an objective reviewer, as I also work for UITS. I have had almost universally positive experiences with my colleagues at UITS. I particularly appreciate the folks at Mission Critical who help figure out what is happening when there are patterns of errors happening or when there are issues that come up that are more in depth than what we can handle on the front line. The only negative interactions I know about come as second-hand reports from faculty that I work with, and often I suspect they are calling the support center with vastly unrealistic expectations of what the front desk can do versus the teaching centers. I know the support center does have turnover, so I would definitely suggest making sure that they are trained to be patient with stressed-out faculty and to refer them to the teaching centers during business hours. I have no doubt they are doing their best in trying times; COVID has us all on edge.

Staff have been friendly and helpful.

I have had only positive experiences with UITS staff. They are responsive, helpful and timely.

TechSelect has been very helpful.

All is good every time I call the help desk; UITS has been outstanding. The KB is awesome too.


Staff is always willing to help.

I rated SIS poorly because I feel that the system is very outdated. As the graduate coordinator for our department, I would like to see this program somehow integrated into HRMS so that it is easier to manage our student academic appointee and student fellowship stipend payments and benefits. Many manual processes are involved when it comes to managing student stipends and accounts when HRMS and SIS operate as two separate systems.

I'm sure this is nothing new to hear, and perhaps there's nothing to be done about it, and perhaps it doesn't even pertain directly to UITS -- but the users are constantly in service to the technology not the other way around.

I understand that large scale contracts with various software platforms etc. are an economic matter, but the atmosphere at the employee level is just a constant state of continuing education, certification, recertification, trial and error, painful switch over -- all to stay abreast and accommodate some technology move that is ever at best a side ways move to a new different system. While things largely don't get worse, they don't get better... they just get more.

I have only had great experience with UITS staff, particularly [IRD] from the SOShelp account. She is my go-to help when it comes to UITS. She's the best.

The roll out of Microsoft Exchange to online was a cluster! Needed much longer notice than a week.

I enjoy working with TechSelect for my desktop needs and other system issues.


I have had only good experiences with UITS.

It would be beneficial to know what services are covered by our department MMGE IT, HTS, and IUTS. As a user I spend a great deal of time getting a request to the correct person.

PLEASE find a way to integrate IU and IU Health IT.

[IRD] is who has been my UITS staff contact, and he is always wonderful. He is on time, responds with helpful information, and is always doing whatever it takes to help us navigate these always changing times. We are so thankful for him!

My only qualms with Kaltura is that it is more of a media dump to the best of my knowledge. I wish it were a little more organized. This may be a function we just are not aware of or using to the best of its ability.

I ranked the parking portal low because when the pandemic started I tried to get on there and ask some questions about parking, and the only option was to pay a ticket. I never really got my questions answered. I admittedly didn't put a lot of effort into follow up, but it was just frustrating at the time because the actual office was closed.

UITS has always been very helpful with issues that I’ve had in the past. In regards to issues out of their control, I’ve never received negative or unhelpful support from UITS.

No negatives, staff always respond online fast. Greet when in person.

They responded to my request quickly and provided the correct link I needed to request something be changed with the phone. When I attempted to fill out the request form at the other link I received errors twice. So I have not been able to submit the request to the appropriate department.

[IRD]is amazing. He helped us with our first Zoom webinar, and I truly wish you could clone him for all of your UITS staff!

My interactions with UITS staff have been almost universally positive. They're usually available quite quickly, they're helpful, and they're great at using non-tech-speak with laypeople like me. I've worked at other organizations that didn't have this level of support, so I know what a valuable resource UITS is.

I have never had a bad experience with IT, They are always ready and willing to help!

Overall, all IT staff that I have interacted with have been gracious and friendly in dealing with my work's IT needs, which is greatly appreciated. Our local IT staff is incredibly responsive and friendly to work with!

I have also at times had poor experiences with UITS staff as well; however, these are typically few and far between. I once interacted with a very lax and unprofessional staff when calling to ask for help over the phone and another who made me wait 35 minutes for a very simple request at the walk-in center when I was the only person there, to the point I had to leave without the information requested.

At times, it is difficult and frustrating to know who/where within UITS you need to direct specific questions. I often feel that UITS is rather disjointed, and it's hard to find experts in the particular platforms and services needed. It seems that often UITS staff doesn't even know about other departments within the system. Additionally, some departments seem to intentionally make it difficult to reach them, especially for emergent and immediate needs by not listing a contact phone number.

The KB in my opinion is not at all user friendly and far too clunky and technical for someone who is looking for quick help.

My interactions with UITS staff are fine. In regards to services, I get very negative feedback from colleagues in regards to Box being retired. Most users find One Drive horrible and confusing. I'm a bit more tech savvy than most and I can say that it does NOT work as an effective file sharing system as effectively as Box, or even Google Drive. However, I work for the IU School of Medicine, and they prefer we use the One Drive system - which is extremely inadequate for our program's needs.

The biggest issue I have noticed is that now all of our IT requests are pretty specialized to our department, and UITS main hub can't address our concerns. This means every request gets routed to the main hub before being forwarded to our IT department. This means now every request takes longer than it did previously.

I have been working with [IRD] and [IRD] on the transition from using Inlighten to IU Expand. They have been beyond helpful in getting this set up under a tight deadline. I really appreciate all their time and effort.

I believe the staff are attentive and try to answer the questions as best as they can. I do really appreciate this resource and having the ability to call if need be.


I have been using VPN to connect in remotely since mid-March, and there have been issues with it being slow, or crashing. I understand that there was a huge uptick in use with everyone working remotely, but it has been frustrating, especially during deadlines. I do not have a work laptop, so I have to rely on VPN to connect in to my desktop on campus, so I can access my files.

The staff is very responsive with questions or problems.

Some of the services response time lacks efficiency. You may get a ticket, but sometimes you may never see a response until it is too late.

No issues I can think of. Transition from CAITS to HTS was different.

The most recent issue I have was within the past week, the network speed has been extremely slow in the IB building. I placed an HTS ticket, not sure if this is escalated to UITS. Being able to access shared folders seems to take longer than usual.

Positive experiences with IT - usually very quick response time, and overall I've always been pleased with the service.

I realize the overall challenges that you have in keeping all systems up to date, but the amount of system/platform changes that were forced on us during this pandemic and working from home is so so so frustrating. The web server, Box, group accounts, Exchange, forms, etc. - too much.

Overall, very pleased with service! UITS staff is very friendly and patient. Only in a few circumstances did my issue not get resolved, and I needed to follow up again.

I love our IT staff, they are always helpful.

I feel like the occasional email updates from UITS are helpful—they are not sent too often and are simple to read.

Everyone has always been very pleasant and helpful. I don't have a problem with anyone at UITS; I just wish they would've had a mandatory date that everyone had to migrate to use IU.edu email instead of IUPUI. When the Office 365 migration took place it messed up my computer, and I am still having issues which hopefully will be fixed after this weekend. The technician that is helping me has been great!!

I have not had a lot of experience with UITS team members, but I do appreciate that they are quick to solve problems and get me whatever I need! When ordering my Work from home equipment, there was lots of communication, and I appreciated that!

I have not used UITS services much, but I had a positive experience while trying to build a website for our research team. I do not know anything about building websites, and the UITS representatives I spoke with over email were very kind, patient, and helpful about the process. I am still in need of more guidance and will be reaching out to UITS again for help soon because of this positive experience.

I will say, however, that the DIY knowledge base is quite confusing for someone who does not have a lot of computer experience, as certain terms are used interchangeably, and it is confusing why there are multiple different accounts for the same purpose (for example, with sitehosting). Video tutorials of common issues like this would be super helpful (sorry if they exist and I just haven't seen them!).

The UITS Support Desk team has been remarkable over this past year. I work on the frontline for the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning and have to report that I no longer receive the comments from faculty "I called the Support Desk and no one there could help me with my Canvas questions." Even when a faculty or staff is referred to the CTL now, they are very positive about the Support Desk person they spoke with and can usually better articulate what they need with the help of the Support Desk person.

I also work frequently with [IRD] and other embers of the UITS Telecommunications team, and they are incredibly responsive and helpful.

One serious concern I have is that the Skype messaging has been a nightmare since the migration began. I manage the frontline email and telephone for the Center and changes to the Skype messages has made my job much, much more difficult. I can no longer track who has answered a call, and I no longer can see or track the information that used to display on answered or missed calls. I'd really welcome the opportunity to share examples. Hoping that this is being given a high priority to fix since I understand from colleagues across the campus that our office is not the only one who is struggling with the loss of functionality.

I think the current system in facilities is great. I have been told team leads may be taken away. I feel this is a mistake. The team lead position is a minor advancement to help both the upper management and the employee to find out if they are management material. I have noticed when a position from upper management came available it was filled by a person from outside. I admire a company that promotes from within and dropping the team lead will just make it more difficult for an average person to move up.


IUAnyWare and other institutional software is very beneficial and appreciated. UITS itself is too big, with too many units that do not communicate with each other. One group may be asked to investigate a solution while a decision is being made to move forward with another solution, thus wasting time of others. IU needs a centralized file storage system capable of storing all levels of data so faculty and staff do not have to look in multiple locations for their files. Moving from Box to Teams, Sharepoint, Google, etc. has made things much more complicated for most. Also, there are too many changes and migrations happening all at one time, at very inconvenient times of the year.

Have a UITS reprsenative for each school.

UITS seems so vast that I'm honestly not sure when I have worked with them directly. We have worked with our CC IT contacts for many of our needs. Some of our IT help has been absorbed by HTS -- and this seems to be successful, but if I'm in a hurry I like to call directly.

I also worked with IU eLearning Team to assist with finding out about using Adobe Sign for research signatures. If that does not fall under UITS, then this survey can be disregarded. Knowledge base was useful in this regard.

The new Hiring Manager site is not super easy to navigate and I wish it would not default to viewing candidates for such a brief time period.

My experience with UITS (and EITS) is generally positive. The staff are flexible and helpful no matter what problem I throw at them.

I have had positive experiences working with UITS when I previously utilized their support at the IT 129 (pre-pandemic).

I have used IUANYWARE and IUWARE along with the Knowledge Base.

I felt that the services are excellent though more guidance on utilization of IUWARE software would be helpful.

I thought the Knowledge Base covers much of what I wanted, but many times my issues were not resolved --especially recently with the migration from EXCHANGE.

I thought the timing (winter session when many of us were remoting in) and the continued issues I am having with the migration caused challenges for my daily work operations.

I have had positive interactions with UITS staff. They have been helpful. My top priority right now is successfully faxing from home. There are mixed messages about the security of it and how to access it.

Generally when I've reached out for tech support the team has been very helpful. They are resourceful and find the answers needed. One of the technology issues I, and I think many people, am struggling with is all of the places documents can be stored now. It used to be just our office drives and Box. Now it's office drives, OneDrive, and Google Drive. And when I login to Google it can be a struggle to distinguish between my personal gmail account and the IU account. We selected OneDrive as our office primary account but the files that transitioned from Box only seem to be ones I own. I lost connection to other shared folders. It's just a mess.

I have always had positive experiences working with UITS.

Are UITS staff and IUSM IT the same group?

UITS staff have always been very courteous and helpful when contacted in the past.

I have worked with several workgroups across IU. I have found them very helpful overall to the issues my center may be facing.

All of my interactions have been positive and helpful.

The switch from department IT to school IT has been difficult. When it was within the department a relationship with the IT staff could be developed.

I believe there are systems that are available that we don't use that could be useful. I also feel that we don't optimize the systems we use.

Information is often presented in such a broad way it is difficult to know if it applies to my group.


We have expressed communication and slow response times with our IT support here recently. As well, when getting SSSP submitted and reviewed, it took way too long, and way too many follow-ups on our part to get an answer. WE work in research, and a lot of what we do is time sensitive, so it hinders our research work.

During recent mitigations, not much information was sent out, and when it is, it isn't really in lay terms to state how it will impact us, so it is frequently overlooked by our Center faculty and staff.

Everyone at UITS has been professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

EITS has been very responsive to my needs whenever I have any computing issues.

There aren't any negative experiences. I receive emails about updates, and there's clear instructions to receive support if needed.

I have had positive interactions with UITS, mainly with issues that can be fixed via phone and remote connection; however, issues that require in-person services often take quite a while to set up/coordinate and complete.

Generally quick and friendly assistance with any requests or issues.

Generally, the UITS staff is helpful and pleasant to interact with.

If there had been more informational videos and guides for the migration of files from Box to One Drive or Google Drive, that would have been appreciated.

I have had nothing but good experiences with UITS staff members.

Centralized IT help is not helpful for the IUSM or DOM. If I fill out a request and the person who answers/responds is from another campus, it's very frustrating to try and decipher what the problem is, because i have recurring problems, and if the technician has handled it previously, it is handled more efficiently.

I am unable to access Eduroam wifi on my phone when I'm on campus. it will not take my credentials. I am unable to sign into IU Google because it says I do not have authority.

The system will ask for my credentials and then lock me out of the system without notice, and I can't get back in, nor can I reach anyone to resolve.

These issues have been raised previously without resolution or resolve, then reoccur. Very frustrating and inefficient work environment.

No interactions for awhile.

Undergraduate responses:

I am happy with my experiences with UITS staff.

All my experiences with IT staff have been positive and helpful.

No, I have not had any interactions with the UITS staff or the services provided, so I have no thoughts on the subject.

Late to respond to concerns.

Many technical difficulties with the fall semester lock down browser and Canvas sites.

Most of my experiences with IT at IUPUI have been positive, and I have few recommendations to make in that area. However, I would like to suggest that the IT department hold some sort of training for professors to instruct them how to use cites like Canvas more efficiently and in a way that improves the student experience with it, and also to create a more unified experience.

IT is helpful but could explain things better.


They always have an answer when I have called with questions in the past.

I once had an issue with my email that they resolved pretty quickly. They provided me with necessary steps and contact information of anyone I needed to get ahold of.

Overall, I have been very happy with the IT staff. They have always been prompt, courteous, and super helpful, particularly when my issue may have been a bit complicated.

I think that UITS staff are very helpful. I also think that they are very knowledgeable about IT related things.

The service had been good.

UITS staff was quick to respond to my issue and explained it in a manner that I understood.

The UI in most of the one.iu features are not user friendly or easily navigable. Explanations for each button upon hovering or on the side would be nice. Similar with parking. Desktops needing to be higher performance for VR are slow and memory is uber full.

WIFI can be slow in ET, LD basements on personal devices--sucks for using DUO. Using tophat for tests should be illegal; its pretty buggy even in normal use.

ET 3d print lab has never responded to emails .

I have gotten help connecting to Zoom and with my email address. I am satisfied with the services that UITS provides. WIFI on campus can be a little patchy at times, and duo and Zoom don't always function properly. There is no option to change my on campus meal plan even after emailing about it. One.IU is a little hard to navigate, and I don't know who to contact when things do not run as planned.

All are good in my opinion! There are just a few things that need to be improved.

They took awhile to get back to me, but I feel like that is understandable because of how many issues people are probably having this year.

UITS has always been very helpful in sending reminder emails about files transferring from Box to Google Drive, and I have never had an issue with Zoom during virtual learning. I am very satisfied with the software available through IUWare and IUAnyware, except that I recently learned that access to PRISM software would be helpful for me in the lab I work in.

Many positive interactions with UITS staff!

I also really liked how the IT building used to have a 24hr computer lab. It was really helpful, and the people working overnight were really helpful in helping whenever there were issues with Canvas and whatnot. I know this service closed a little before COVID started, but I would really like the reconsideration of having a 24hr computer lab opened up again for students that may need access to printers and computers in hours of need.

I have not had any direct contact with UITS staff, positive or negative. Therefore I have no ideas or suggestions for how to improve.

At this time I don't have any recommendation to make. I like the current way UTIS staff is doing things.

some positive experiences that I had with the staff were that the staff was quick to chat online if we had any problems. Also, they helped as quickly as possible and were very helpful.

I haven't really had a reason to use UITS yet, but I am glad that I have it as a resource.

I've honestly never had any trouble and have always had positive interactions! They're very nice and always do their best to solve the problem for me.

I haven't really had any interactions with the UITS staff since I am a freshmen, and I haven't really been on campus that much. I use a lot of the online resources provided by UITS for my classes and am satisfied with everything.

The UITS have always been very helpful and the location in the IT building is very convenient. My only complaint is internet connectivity issues outside of buildings. Whenever I have to Zoom out there due to space, I always break up, more specifically outside of the Cavanaugh building.

I would also suggest making a list of where all the printers are on IUPUI's campus for when students have to print something in a hurry.

I was having trouble with figuring an application and someone helped me quickly! Really recommend.

I haven't had to use many of the UITS services, but what I have used has been satisfactory.

It's awesome.

We having problems logging into Zoom by using our IU account and Gmail. Besides that, everything is good.

The majority of my semester was fine with the UITS staff, but the internet in my dorm was quite poor. I live in the tower where there is supposed to be high internet speed. My room had an 8 Mbps download and upload speed. I was plugged in with an ethernet cord and also used WIFI, but the results were the same. My roommate and I contacted the UITS, but no changes were made to the internet speed.

For every 1 in 5 times I contact UITS they are actually helpful and solve my problem. Most of the time I’m passed off to multiple departments, and then my problems are not fixed. I had issues with Zoom that I was passed off three different times before not having the issue fixed. This issue resulted in me missing part of a class and losing points in a class for something that wasn’t my fault.


The Wifi availability and reliability on campus is ridiculously bad.

I have not been on campus that often lately so I haven’t had any interactions so I don’t have any concerns or issues. As for online items and IUWare and apps, everything is running good so far.

How can I activate cookies on DuoMobile?

I have no complaints as of now.


I think they are helpful. However, I think that more should be required of professors especially with Covid. I think it becomes less of an UITS Issue and more of a professor issue. I also think we should work on the class scheduling platform; its not very collaborative between the pages. I understand security issues but not being able to switch easily between the menus makes it difficult.

I’ve interacted with UITS before, one time via phone, and the other via online chat. Both times were in regards to setting up a university email. Both times, the staff was very thorough and helpful! I don’t really have any complaints from either of those interactions. I do have a complaint though that “setting up my first IU account” doesn’t include ANY information for setting up your university email. I never would have known the first time to go to Email Management from one.iu if I hadn’t contacted UITS. My girlfriend, who I helped with setting up email for the first time, also did not know this information. A new student should NOT have to contact UITS to figure out how to do this. There are articles online, but the process should be automated in some form and IF a user ever wants to change anything, they still have the option through Email Management. My suggestion would be in the my first IU account portal, include a question that asks, “which email extension would you like your email to contain? .iu.edu, iupui.edu, etc.” AND “which email extension would you like to be your PRIMARY email to be reached at? iu.edu, iupui.edu, etc.”

Those two questions would have made it so I had never had to contact UITS. Fix this.

I have had very positive experiences with UITS. When one of my account was not working, I received various emails and calls from workers, trying to help me out. They even left voicemails so I would know who was calling. I really appreciated the relentlessness of help they were trying to accomplish. Even after a ticket was closed, and I reached out for more help on the topic, they opened it again and helped me some more. It was never difficult or confusing to contact them. They made it very easy for me to get the problem at hand solved.


I have found IT at IUPUI to be very helpful. Anytime I have a problem, there is always someone that can help me.

Not at this time

I'm not sure I have had any experiences or interactions.

Haven't had any bad interactions and they're great help. :)

I have had great experiences with UITS. I just wish I had more time to utilize the training modules that are offered. They look amazing and helpful!

One thing I am uncertain about is how my software access will change after graduation and how much time I have to secure my own Microsoft, Zoom, etc. products. Are there discounts available to students to purchase these products prior to graduation?

I have not had any personal experience with the UITS staff.

Great services so far.


No concerns or issues at this moment.

I enjoy using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

I do not have any.

They've helped me fix many of my problems

The one.iu system could really be streamlined. I felt very confused when first dealing with all the IU digital services because they aren't all on the same platform. It can be hard for new students to navigate the system. iGPS is especially unintuitive and needs improvement.

There are not any concerns


I have had positive experiences with the UITS staff. Last semester the wifi network IUSECURE did not work with my login, so I called them, and they reset my account, and it started to work. Sometimes when the Canvas site or Zoom doesn't work, the UITS staff take a while to answer the phone, so my only recommendation is to offer faster service.


They have helpful information all the time.

They have not been open because the IT room was being remodeled.

Gets reply really fast. And helpful reply.

I think they have done well to help students and staff

I haven’t had many encounters with UITS, but when I did everything went smoothly, and the staff were able to help me with my problem.

I havent had any experience with UITS prior to this survey.

UITS staff is always very helpful and quick!

Had to contact UITS twice in a day for a single issue and experienced very little wait times.

I dislike that we cannot connect our television to wifi in the dorm rooms of Tower. I had bought a smart tv so I would be able to access what I would like to watch on Netflix, hulu, disney+, etc. But because the wifi is not strong enough or at least available, my roommate and I do not get proper use of our tv.



UITS staff have been friendly and helpful every time I have had contact with them. I am very pleased with how I am treated by them.


Hi, I have not had any interaction with UITS to my knowledge.

UITS has helped me this year as well as last year. Some positives I had is that they were able to look and see what the problem was and carefully, while also being polite to show me what was the problem.

I do not think I have had any experiences with UITS beyond asking someone for a push code button.

Frustrated I lost access to Microsoft to-do list via my @iu.edu email.


I think the calendar could be improved a little; it sometimes doesn't show all the assignments that I have due on a day.

I am a Computer Science student. When I contacted them with an issue I had, they couldn't help me with the issue, so they referred me to the SOS help department for the school of science. The issue was resolved :)

I was happy, but it was hard to find exactly the department that would help us students in CS. Maybe I do not know of one existing. Hence, I would like that there should be a technical issues department specifically for CS students that can help with issues with Tesla, etc.

I feel like UITS is very unfamiliar to many students and needs to be explained to us when we begin school at IUPUI.

I have never had a problem with the UITS staff or ever had to contact them. With this being said, I have used on.iu and classmates to help me find their troubleshooting and FAQ for the problems I was having with Kaltura media on my Macbook.

I haven't had any interactions with UITS staff but I use their services, which are an integral part of my education.

I think UITS does a good job and doing everything that they do, especially now in new situations.

There are spaces on campus that kick me off the internet and won't get any connection, so I'm obligated to use the guest. Which can be slower.

The staff made me feel worthy and comfortable when I felt like I was asking stupid, obvious questions. It was very nice to have that safe environment present when dealing with such services.

I love the IU anyware connection to the Engineering Technology Computers at IUPUI. It has been really helpful to be able to access those computers to use the software on the computers.

I've honestly had very little interaction, though the amount I had was efficient. The only thing of note is that the wifi (looking at you, basement) can be spotty at times.



Regarding DUO: it would be nice if the default verification method would be device dependent instead of user dependent. As an example, touch id as default on MacBook, but user face ID on iPhone.

I have a positive view on UITS services.


They have helped me multiple times on figuring out issues with DUO and Canvas-- very helpful and kind and helped calm me down when I was worried about it.

I had some trouble with printing last semester, but everyone was very helpful in guiding me to figure it out.

I haven’t talked to the UITS staff much. The technology works fine but can be hard to navigate sometimes.

Always had good experience.

I have had a really positive experience with the UITS staff--very fast and responsive.

None at this time.

The staff has helped me to get an issue with my computer fixed when I could not log into my IU Zoom account.

It seems like the printer in University Tower is broken or out of paper when I try to use it.

Most of the issues I brought to the IT staff were resolved but the ones that weren't, I had to figure out on my own.


I think that UITS could do a better job informing faculty/staff/students what services they provide. I work at the bookstore, and I cannot count the number of times I've been asked if we sell Microsoft word when it provided free by UITS. Other than that, I've had a very positive experience.

UITS has helped me many, many times. If there is still a centralized location that answers the number for students, this might need to be re-thought since we could be calling from any campus (and the call taker might assume we are in Bloomington). Overall, the IT team does a good job.

Add directions for uploading Kaltura video to Canvas when the embedded links do not work.

The game room needs upgrades and Canvas.

I have personally worked for UITS in the past, and I believe that it is a very helpful service. I put my all into my work, and I saw many of my co-workers doing the same.

UITS has always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. The website is an incredibly useful tool for new students who aren't aware of the technology available to them. I did have trouble finding a simple answer to, "Can I print from my computer?" The UITS site is a little confusing on that aspect.

Also, it would be nice if the North Hall printer could be fixed. It hasn't been working since the start of the academic year.

I have no recommendations.

I have neve really needed to have help from the UITS staff, which is saying that I've never had any issues with technology or services. I also have never heard any negative reviews from friends or classmates.

On the portal for accessing your schedule, viewing financial aid, and registering for classes there are many dead links in which you have to refresh, or back up completely to do another process. The way it was designed seems very poor and leads to a lot of user frustration. Online classes are only as good as the professors who choose to post material from the previous year and not update any of the due dates, or expectations(very prevalent in music history classes).

I have had nothing but good experiences with UITS and the staff. They have made my troubles easy and explain them in a way I understand and can have success.

I have personally never contacted UITS but I have heard that they take a couple of days to respond which may be frustrating to some students.

It is good.

I've had simple and easy experiences with UITS getting my printer and electronic devices connected to the correct wifi services. Have had a few times that I've had issues at my apartment complex (Riverwalk Apartments, Honors House), where it was building-wide, rather than just me. In this case, I personally resorted to using my Mobile Hotspot since I have unlimited data on my service plan, and it managed a lot more effectively than IU Secure, eduroam, Device Net, or any other IU-associated networks for the time the internet was down to about 1 bar per service. I believe this has happened either 2 or 3 times now, since the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, and usually took between 1-2 days to repair/correct. Not a terrible experience, but I can't imagine my colleagues were happy about it either, especially if they had no source of reliable connection at all.

I'm sure they have helped me before, but I can't recall an example.

I haven't really had many experiences with UITS in particular, but more within my unit of KSBIT

Printing services on personal computers is 50/50 chance of working. We can no longer access color printing. Several computers in the campus center lag over having very little signal. All scheduling systems struggle on mobile devices.

I thought everything was very well organized for the online semester we had, and I knew where to go if I needed any help!

Don’t have any concerns.

I love how fast Admissions responds to my emails, and great service. Very good with their job, but it’s a little bit complicated for me to use One.IU and contact with a counselor because counselors wouldn’t respond to even a short and basic question on email unless we make an appointment.

So far so good with all my experiences. I have had some issues getting some programs downloaded in the past that some representatives have helped with and others not so much, but overall a positive experience. Additionally, I wish that Gmail and One.iu would allow you to stay signed in for the week- long periods and not make you use Duo every single time.

UITS Staff has been helpful whenever I need help or concerns about technology. They especially helped with setting up my DUO on my new phone.

I’m really enjoying all the softwares that IUPUI has to offer. Sometimes I don’t have any connection at all to WIFI in campus center, which can be pretty annoying and not helpful when trying to do work there. Other than that, everything is cool.

I do not have any immediate concerns, negative interactions, or recommendations to provide at this time. I find that all systems I use work well and effectively for what I need to get done.

They always fix everything.

Your help desk staff have always been helpful and assisted me well. I have used the chat option and the call method. Both service options resolved the problems.

Nothing negative

They are nice and helpful. No negative encounters.

I was able to have a problem with my Canvas fixed through UITS. I wasn’t able to upload images into a class discussion. Though they couldn’t solve what the problem was the moment I contacted them, 24- 48 hours later they were able to correct the issue.

You guys have been very helpful to me when I needed your guys assistance!

They have fixed my computer multiple times!

I really enjoyed how patient and kind the person I was speaking to was. They were able to give me clear and concise answers. I would’ve liked for quicker responses, but I realize they probably had other people to talk to and they needed time to figure out what was going on. So it really wasn’t that big of a deal! And it wasn’t long enough to make me frustrated at all. Overall, it was a great experience!

I haven't encountered anything bad with UITS staff. All good things.

I haven’t had much experience with UITS honestly.

I have had to use UITS several times for help with various things, and each time they have been very helpful.

I have not had any technological troubles.

I really do not like trouble shooting, so I avoid technology as much as I can. I am sure there are many resources that I am not taking advantage of because of this. If teachers were educated on this to share with their students, that could be helpful.

I am satisfied with UITS services. UITS helped me download a few software applications onto my computer.

I haven't really had an occasion to use UITS recently.

I have had one of my classes that had a book where I was able to listen to it via Audible. It would be extremely beneficial for more Audible options for books. The hardest thing is to keep up with all the readings; working full time so having that as an option to be more on the go and listen to books would help.

My experience has been great with Canvas!

I had one experience with UTIS. He was very nice and helped me solve my problem with submitting an assignment around 9pm. Very responsive and super helpful.

They responded to the issue i had really quickly.

Recently I was switching phone plans, and since my phone number was temporarily out of service, I was unable to access my Canvas! I called IT on a Friday night and was not expecting any help, but they helped me get duo set up and gave me a backup password that would work for a few days so that I could get my homework done, and I am very grateful.

So far I have enjoyed my experience.

The Wi-FI works nearly everywhere on campus.

Some websites like the IU Secure site where we upload financial aid documents do not support mobile browsers.

Navigating the university's home page is an awful experience. Even with so many people online, Canvas and Zoom still work well.

I have not used any UITS services during my college experience so far.

It's been some time since I've been there, but the 24 hour lab and its workers were always very useful.

Every time I call them they are always helpful.

I have not had any negative interactions. All of them have been positive for the most part!

A thought that i have is to exempt the Butler students from covid testing. I have only had positive experiences with the tech department. I haven't really talked to anyone.

I have not yet interacted with the UITS staff, so I cannot speak about them.


You guys are pretty on top of things! No complaints.


So far i have had nothing but positive experiences with UITS. Everyone has been very kind and helpful!

They usually have solved my problems within that same day. The only negative comment i have is that the waiting time to get in contact with someone always takes longer than the actual call.

I have no negative concerns or feedbacks regarding the UITS service yet. In fact, the Duo Mobile which may be managed by UITS is super safe.


I cannot access my school email on my mobile phone at all; that is probably my only complaint.

All my interactions with UITS have been very positive! I appreciate the help from the staff.

Graduate responses:

Everything went well last semester!

Overall, I have had a positive experience with UITS staff and services. The only thing I can think of that is a little frustrating and has yet to be resolved is that I cannot access my academic plan. My advisor has reached out for assistance with this, but I am still unable to access it.

I am a new grad student but so far all my interactions have been very good. I only have one issue right now and that is every time I log in to Canvas it comes up with a message that tells me that I don't have access to that service. But, I can still get in when I click on courses or all the other tabs. Just wondering if that can be fixed.

Overall UITS has been wonderful in my experiences.

I have contacted UITS a few times before beginning the semester since I am a returning IU student to ensure all of my information was up to date and where it needed to be. They were professional and helpful and answered all of my questions in a quick and friendly manner. I have no concerns or recommendations.

Better understanding of all the software that can be downloaded as well as allowing more than one download. This makes it problematic when you swap out a laptop.


I really liked my interaction with the UITS. I had an issue with using DUO login, but the person explained really well. I got to know that what I was facing was not an issue, but rather I got to know how exactly the DUO login works. And I was pretty impressed by this kind of a security feature. When I used it, it was pretty smooth and easy.

I keep on getting blue screens while on Zoom (and only when on Zoom), even if the device and Zoom are up-to-date. It's frustrating.

In this whole year I have only faced 2 problem with UITS. At some point last year, the IU exchange email was not working in Google Chrome due to some technical issues. I was trying to open my IU exchange, but I was not able to access it. Then I called UITS; they guided me and told me that there is some issue going on with exchange so it can not be opened in Google chrome. Later on, next day I started receiving emails and notifications on portal stating to use IU exchange either in Firefox or Internet explorer. I think it would be better to inform students beforehand if there are these kind of issues in a feature. Because I was worried at first when I was not able to access my exchange, I thought someone hacked my account. And my other friends were also worried when they were not able to open exchange. So it is better if these kind of issues are informed before.

In the past, I have had many positive experiences. Response times were very good, and UITS staff attitudes were positive. Please bring back the customer service that UITS had in the past.

I would like to see more desk and school computer areas around campus both indoor and outdoor.

I do not have any recommendations at this time.

They are always knowledgeable when I can regarding passwords or getting access to certain IU sites!

It would be good to add a student access printer in the EL building or at the end of the SL building, It is difficult for students in the SL/LD/EL complex to print when the only option is in the atrium between SL and LD and frequently has a line.

I only had 1 experience, and it was positive.

I had them help me with Microsoft Exchange, and they were very polite and helpful!

I've had a frustrating experience with IU Gmail lately. I typically leave the email page open in my browser on my computer all the time (though I do periodically sleep and shut down the computer itself). Lately, the IU Gmail page will prompt me to login again after 24 hours have passed (despite me setting my CAS settings to every 7 days). Once I log in again, I get a page that tells me that my request has expired. When this happens I have to open a new tab for IU Gmail or refresh the page and login again. This doesn't happen with any of my other Gmail accounts.

UITS have been helpful whenever I’ve had computer or software issues. They were usually quite accessible.

Sometimes the support staff just read through a checklist of things to try even after I've told them that I tried those things already.

I've had multiple instances where they just tell me to call Microsoft or Dell.

The 2 step login for some reason doesn't send me a push notification on duo mobile. Every time I have to enter manual passcode. The rest of all the services I've used are satisfactory.

I was really impressed with the availability and ease of printing on campus. At my previous University it was much more difficult to navigate. I also prefer Canvas and the simplicity of one.iu compared to other systems I have used at another university.

First, let me share that due to a previous university experience at a different University I did not have high expectations when I came to IU. But I have to say that I have absolutely been blown out of the water with 'everyone' at IU. My experience has been exceptional; I have never met such a professional and skilled team anywhere. I am a [IRD] who has spent the better part of the last [IRD] years finishing my degree. I have an [IRD] that made Canvas impossible for me to successfully navigate since it was put into service. However, the IU team has completely through their teamwork and expertise removed all of my navigational and access issues. I feel like a child on X-mas morning. Kudos, they have no idea the doors they have opened for me!

The Wifi struggles at my campus is many rooms. It frequently interrupts my Zoom classes.

I enjoy the ability to use technology in the classrooms after hours for other studying activities.

I didn't need their help many times but probably many of the services probably cannot stay online without their work.

I have taken support from UITS and I'm completely satisfied with the response.

In the past year, I've used UITS when there was compatibility issues between Google Chrome and the Outlook Web Application. The interaction was straightforward, and it was nice to have someone acknowledge that a problem existed and when it was probably going to be resolved.

I did not use UITS yet this year.

I’ve had to contact UITS for password issues, and they were really helpful.

I've had primarily positive experiences with folks in IT. I do not know how feasible this is, but I would appreciate needing less accounts. I know that at IUPUI we are a joint campus, and I am enrolled in a Purdue graduate program, but needing separate accounts for IU and Purdue services is a bit of a mess. Similarly, needing a Gmail account, an Outlook account, a teams account, and a Google drive account gets a bit messy as these systems do not always communicate well with one another. I will have conversations hop between my Gmail and Outlook account, and it can be a bit tiresome to track them down.

I feel like there's a general problem with dissemination about available resources as well. Generally, unless someone has told me about an available service (e.g. the adobe Creative Cloud, supercomputing, etc.) I do not know about it or know where to read about it. This may be more of an onboarding issue than an IT issue however.

The available space for deep learn server is very low for students, and it is hard to do the projects.


Always had positive interactions with UITS staff when in Bloomington. No issues in Indy either

Everyone is very nice and understanding when helping answer even simple questions. Make sure all new students are aware of IT services offered by IU, as they are not discussed often enough.

I cannot recall any specific experiences with UITS staff.

I had a positive experience with UITS. They helped me for over two hours once to figure out what was wrong with a program on my computer. If anything, I think that if there are any kind of outages or programs that fail a lot through citrix, there should be some kind of campus wide announcement. That

way professors are made aware of the issue.

Any time I've called, staff have been very helpful. I would like to see more self-serve resources in locations easier to access by the student. Most students are not well versed in how to navigate outside of Canvas and SIS (even these sources take a bit of getting used to). Having a more user-friendly interface from the student's perspective could reduce the volume of help desk requests coming to IS/IT support.

It is disappointing to know students are being charged for UITS services that are not readily available or cannot be physically accessed by them. Simple areas that are limited in accessability (such as library and printers) are not student friendly, as the current method to indicate the library is closing is to turn the lights off & on while students are still studying. In addition, the library hours are so limited, students in the evening division can’t stay after class to work on projects and utilize these resources for which they are subject to payment.

I have had positive experiences with UITS when I have communicated with your team regarding software services and updates to our IUSM website.


No recommendations

Most of the time when I have needed help, the UITS has helped me.

UITS staff were always quick to respond and helpful.

They actually helped me with finding parking services before I started my first class. They were helpful in setting up my IU e-mail, Canvas, and one.IU. I started classes before my official orientation, and they ended up being a large amount of information. I have found that getting something minor, like the keychain code for Duo, was hard.

All the UITS staff have been friendly and helpful.

IU Secure wireless is always weak in the MS building 4th floor. I frequently have internet issues during Zoom meetings.

I have always had a positive experience with UITS staff, and services have always been helpful

I've been an undergrad, grad student, and employee for the past 11 years at IUB and IUPUI. I've never had a negative experience with UITS. Every single interaction has been helpful and friendly.


My interactions with UITS personally have been fairly positive. I have luckily not had many technological issues. The few times I have needed to contact UITS I was able to get my questions answered.

Wireless connectivity, particularly at and surrounding the law school, is spotty at best. That is incredibly frustrating, especially during the Fall 2020 semester when I spent most of my time between classes sitting JUST outside the law school and was unable to access WiFi.

Thankfully I have had few IT issues; however, the few times I've reached out to UITS I have gotten a timely response and the help I needed. I think I am just tired of all the virtual learning, but I'm also thankful it is available. I have never been very technologically inclined, so it gives me a sense of peace knowing I can reach out to UITS if I have problems. Thus far, virtual learning has worked much better than I thought it would. I know a lot goes on "behind the screens" to make our online learning experience as seamless as possible, and for that I am very grateful. Please keep up the great work, and God bless!!

No negative comments so far.

I do not have any at the moment. I have yet to have any experiences with them.

I have been at IU for 5 years now (4 in bloomington, 1 in indy) and have had all positive experiences with UITS. Nearly all issues have been solved efficiently and effectively.

For Zoom communications I rated it as very satisfied, because I am, but with the virtual learning going as long as it has, I highly advocate for the university to cover Zoom pro for graduate students. We are frequently needing to host meetings with multiple professional individuals, and this is a large expense to have to cover from a personal budget.

I have not had too many interactions with UITS.

What does UITS stand for? I don't know what I am doing a survey on.


Over the phone explanations/answers are usually easier to understand than e-mail ones.

Staff is helpful and patient, but I do not always get the help or answers I need.

I hope UITS helps me with the OS installation. But i have called the UITS support and no possible help.

As a staff member and a student I am not always clear on what I have access to as a staff member vs access as a student. It seems that students have vastly more services available to them, but I don't know what they are, as I am an online graduate student, and it seems the majority of these are introduced in orientation programs I did not have access to.

Because of that I don't have suggestions for UITS.

As a Master's degree student that has been out of undergrad for many years, it would have been helpful to have a basic webinar or pre-recorded video showing the new systems IU is using.

First of all, I would like to appreciate the UITS for their vast collection of software, which would have been a huge burden for students if they were not available here for free. It has only been a month since I started in IUPUI, and the UITS facilities available in library have been truly helpful.

UITS is a great platform for all IU users to get instant assistance for any technical issues they're facing. Since it is solution based, there can be various ways to provide assistance, such as via ticketing. You may always adopt the process that solution-based IT companies follow to offer their own infrastructures to various clients and provide support for the same.

I use a lot of UITS services/clients, including KB, IUAnyWhere, and Skype for Business.

The Student center area is difficult to use. It is very small and only uses part of the screen. The information is usually buried, and a user has to go and search for what they need.

My experiences with UITS have largely been positive. My concerns are often addressed quickly, and, if a solution can't be located, the UITS staff is always good about following up with other options or attempts to correct a problem.

I think part of my concern with UITS is just that there is so much available it can be overwhelming at times. There were some services included in this survey that I had no idea UITS even offered. I don't have the time or mental energy to sort through all the different services and programs available, even if some of them would probably be helpful or useful. I like the UITS homepage because it's slick, minimal, and easily navigable, but you might consider adding some simple blog posts/user guides (maybe something similar to what the library offers) providing a brief overview of the programs UITS offers, perhaps tailored to specific majors, schools, or graduate levels.

My only interaction with IT was about an issue logging in to my email. It was very quickly resolved because it turned out I was trying to login on the wrong site. The person I spoke with was very understanding of my confusion and very helpful in getting me on the right track! I also use the Microsoft at IU which is very helpful, as I can't afford the Office 365 on my own, and without that, I wouldn't be able to do work on my tablet, which is the closest thing I have to a computer at home currently.

I've had some pretty positive experiences! Nearly every time I contact UITS the staff are kind, courteous, and don't talk down to me at all. There was one time when I couldn't access OneDrive via the usual Office 365 link in One.IU, and I contacted support for it. They gave me a link to follow that did work, but they said that it was listed as an IT notice. I remember the notice saying "several web services were down" or something along those lines, but it didn't explicitly say Office 365 was down or anything. It felt like they thought I should have known that already.

Sometimes difficult to know which person to contact, or end up calling one and getting forwarded to multiple people until someone decides the task is within their job description and they are able to do it

There was a lot of communication about the switch from Box, which I really appreciated, but when I had trouble and had to call UITS, I couldn't get any answers, and the transition didn't go well for me.

The UITS staff has been working so hard to ensure the transition to more Zoom-based learning has gone very smoothly!

The staff has always been helpful, and they are quick to get back to me when I do contact them.

Not a huge fan that my unit no longer has dedicated IT support staff.

My UITS experiences are always very polite and friendly.

I have had nothing but positive experiences when I have called the help desk. Likewise products have been ready and easy to use.

The few times I have utilized UITS services the staff was professional and was able to facilitate my issues.

Gets quick and effective response.

The UITS staff are always quick to respond to emails and are helpful in communicating both verbally and through email how to solve problems. With my minimal technology knowledge, the staff are able to explain how to solve issues in language that I can understand. They are also great about offering easy, potential solutions (especially during COVID) that can solve problems without requiring in-person contact.

-           very available

-           wifi access across all IU facilities is not always reliable. Specifically, as a medical student in some of the hospitals (methodist, eskenazi) I am unable to connect to the wifi servers (eduroam).


UITS staff were exceptionally helpful when navigating problems with IUAnywhere and SAS software around March [IRD] 2020. Technician [IRD] was excellent!!

I've had great experiences with UITS staff when I have needed to print posters for work.


To date, I have gotten a very positive response from UITS; people are so warm here. I like to interact with them.

I have had an experience with UITS technical support team via web chat.

I haven't yet interacted with UITS staff but I have been overall pleased with the services that are provided.

Keeping some places/ UITS labs in Universities open, particularly one week before or during semesters.


I have not had any issues so far.

I got locked out of my Canvas account and the guy on the phone helped me and was so sweet.

I am satisfied with UITS.


The services offered are why I still attend IU. Other universities do not compare to our IT.

I have only had one occasion to interact with UITS staff, and they were able to point me to the information I needed to fix my issue with Canvas.

I really appreciate the live chat to solve technological issues right away.

One time at IUB I was having trouble with a printer, and a really nice UITS employee helped me install the extension that let's me print without having to go through the IU mobile print site.

My experience was mostly good. It was nice having such an easily-accessible resource available.

I appreciate all the secure sites using Duo to log in. But it can be a bit annoying when, for example, I am already logged in to the One IU page, but when I click to see my financial aid or the library page, then I have to log in again. I know we have to take precautions because of crazy hackers, but maybe there's a way to connect everything or for the system to recognize that I am already logged in.

I'm very very new to this school (started this semester), and I'm taking classes remotely, so I really have had no interaction with staff or really had a need for services/help yet.

UITS is good and efficient. I face problems mostly with Kuali time on One.iu and Atlas systems.

I enjoy the phone service. They are always able to assist me.

I was helped by the UITS staff with getting my graduate email set up. I did not know that I had an Exchange account as a graduate degree student (I thought the email account was through gmail), and they were very helpful with getting me access to my email account.

Canvas video posting is always very time consuming.

We should be able to upload documents on dentnet.iu without having to change the format from our phones!!

I remember in the beginning of the school year (first year dental student), we had to contact UITS to make sure our laptops were encrypted and everyone was extremely helpful and kind.

One aspect I do find irritating is the Two-Step Duo - I understand its importance, but having to re-do it once a week and sometimes a few days apart from each other is problematic at times.

No I do not

It’s nice that there is the 7 day log in option, so you don’t have to keep putting in your password.

My experience with UITS staff and services has been positive. I can't really think of any negative experiences.

I'd suggest adding a way to vet the accessibility of third party vendor products. Many of these products lack true accessibility even when vendors claim accessible products through VPATs (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). Too many products seemed to be adopted without determining their level of accessibility, particularly how they work with screen readers.

I have not had to use UITS at this point but have heard good thinks about the prompt service provided by UITS from staff and other students.

They are quick and able to solve issues I have brought up; however, there was an update to Zoom that had a new sign-in method poral (SSO) that students were not informed about. I know of several people, as well as myself, that had to contact IT because we were not made aware of the update.

Additionally, the WIFI conversion from IUDeviceNet to IUPublicNet for Roku TV owners (for on campus housing) is difficult. While you can connect the TV to IUPublicNet directly, it switches off after 5 minutes (repeatedly). Unless you directly call UITS to register the device, this remains a problem.

I find UITS staff and service perfect. I really appreciate the convenience I find in using the University apps and exchange. The staff are very helpful when I encountered technical issues. Thanks.

Great services. Responds quickly.

They are always helpful when I request specific help.

In general, there is a lot of information and it can be confusing. Having worked here for almost three years, I'm not confident I know all of the resources available / how to use them.

Switching storage platforms etc has been complicated for my department.

Every interaction that I've had with UITS (staff and services) have all been very positive. The staff has always been helpful and non-judgmental at my lack of technology knowledge. I do wish that there was a larger space dedicated to UITS in the campus center though; the lines can get pretty long at times, considering there are only a few staff present at one time.

The reliability of printing services could really be improved in the campus center.

Everything is great!!

I have been unable to access SPSS through the school since August now, which has been frustrating because it has forced me to pay for the service, when I had been informed that it would be included.

They are very responsive!

Overall, I have had a pretty good experience. When I have had issues, tickets were responded to pretty quickly and my issues were resolved.

Canvas is a bit confusing, I don't like how you have to switch back and forth between modules and assignments and announcements to get all the information for one project. It requires many tabs and lots of switching between them. Something a little more stream-lined would be nice.

I had a wonderful experience with a UITS staff member. Helpful and friendly.

I had an issue with Canvas, and it was quickly resolved through speaking with someone at the ITS support center.

It's hard to say with COVID and not being on campus for me regarding any issues with physical IUPUI equipment, etc. I will say I love having access to Qualtrics and Google drives/docs which have helped me to complete my doctoral capstone in my graduate program this semester. I don't have many technical issues if anything to be honest. I've been familiar with Canvas, One.iu, etc. since I started in my undergraduate studies in 2014 at IU Bloomington, and it's the same system at IUPUI. If I have any issues, the support pages usually have enough clarification to help me troubleshoot something.